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DIY Makeup Setting Spray Without Glycerin

Depending on your personal style, whether you’re heading to an event or a special occasion, and a number of factors – your makeup can take a while to apply. For the beauty-obsessed, this can mean a whole lot of products, tools, techniques, and patience. Naturally, once your process is complete, you want your gorgeous creation to stay put.

Majority Contain Glycerin

If you’re committed to locking everything in place, there are a variety of product setting sprays available to aid in this endeavor. The majority of setting sprays do contain glycerin though, which is an active ingredient in having everything stay put, but it’s also incredibly poor clogging and for those with oily skin, it could mean even more of a sheen. It’s a natural lubricant and adheres to the skin, but the outcome maybe a little too oily for your complexion. Not to mention, if you have sensitive skin this could be a recipe for disaster. With so many skin types and skin needs these days, beauty brands have expanded their offerings to include products that don’t contain certain ingredients. The downside is that these products can be really expensive and some have other harsh ingredients such as alcohol, which will dry out the skin.

You Can Create Your Own

The reality is that you can create your own setting spray at home with carefully selected ingredients. It can be as simple as purified water and a cup of aloe vera. This method not only works, but it will also help you save a little coin too.

It’s Almost Foolproof

If you’re not exactly the DIY type, this is pretty great news because it’s almost foolproof. And actually, there are several DIY articles and guides that use a variety of different ingredients. It just depends on what you have lying around and how much time you want to spend creating the spray. And even if you aren’t a huge makeup fan, just spritzing this on your face can feel incredibly soothing as it hydrates your skin.


There are a few things to be conscientious about though. If you’re using tap water for the mix, it may contain or grow bacteria quickly, so try to use purified distilled or bottled water. And if possible, you’ll want to opt for a glass bottle as some of the essential oils used in the DIY concoctions can destroy plastic bottles. Setting sprays will vary based on the different ingredients you plan on adding and it might take a bit to get your spray perfect for your individual needs.

You should always keep your mixture in a cool, dry place to avoid early expiration from sunlight. While you may want to add some essential oils to your setting spray, proceed with caution as these can cause photosensitivity if you have sun exposure. The result could be irritated, red, itching, blistering, and burning to the skin. When possible, try to avoid any sunlight for at least 24 hours after applying the spray to your skin, just to be cautious.


Don’t let all your hard work disappear! Use a setting spray to improve the longevity of your look and feel confident in any environment.

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