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The 2000’s Makeup Guide

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about the early 2000s? 

The year 2000 marked the beginning of the new millennium. The New York Yankees won the 2000 World Series, and the American population topped 282 million. 

Apart from the thriving internet economy, the makeup industry was evolving at a great pace. Celebrities and icons like Britney Spears, Beyonce, and Paris Hilton established numerous ground-breaking trends. 

The fashion and beauty industry adopted various trends from the 90s. However, the decade also played its role in introducing various makeup and beauty trends. 

Bangs, heavy lip-gloss, and bleached lips were common in the ‘00s. Women preferred ‘scrunching’ their hair and sported stick-thin eyebrows. Other popular 2000s makeup and fashion trends included frosted eye makeup, purple eye shadow, and frosted lips. 

What was so Special about 2000s Makeup Trends? 

Every model or celebrity we remember from this decade embraced at least a few of these makeup trends. Popular hairstyle trends were a mix of different looks. Teens and women experimented with curls, colors, and bangs. Britney Spears popularized crimped hair while Aaliyah impressed us with her layers and bangs. Considering the variety of makeup trends and hairstyles, the decade seemed to offer something for everyone. 

If you want to follow the most popular 2000s makeup trends, here is a guide just for you. We will also give an overview of some of the hottest celebrities and fashion icons from the decade. 

Let’s check out some of the best 2000s makeup and fashion trends.

Top 2000s Makeup Trends 

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to see how we celebrated the beginning of the new millennium. 

  1. Purple Eyeshadow

Nothing looked better with skinny eyebrows and rosy cheeks. If you come across any old picture of Britney Spears from this decade, you will usually spot her wearing a purple eye shadow. Now you know why older brands launched so many purple eye shadow products. 

  1. Colorful Eyeliner

Another great way to highlight your purple or color eye shadow was to use colorful eyeliner. That’s why wearing brightly colored eyeliners was an incredibly popular makeup trend. Celebrities often chose colors that matched their accessories or outfit. However, women chose different colors according to their outfits or preferences. 

  1. Defined Lips

While defining lips initiated in the 90s, the makeup trend trailed into the 2000s with elegance. Pick any fashion magazine from this decade, and you will see models with clearly defined lips. The lip art could be subtle or noticeable. 

  1. Brick Red Lipstick

No makeup look was complete in the 2000s without applying a brick red shade of lipstick. Even today, many women who want to emulate the decade’s top makeup style choose a brick red lipstick for shooting videos on YouTube or Tik-Tok. 

  1. Shiny lipstick

Frosty hues and brick red lip shades weren’t the only makeup trends popular in the 2000s. Women also sported shinier and warmer shades to copy their favorite celebrities –for example, Jennifer Lopez and Kate Moss. 

  1. Lip Gloss

Applying a shiny lip gloss was another way of adding shine to your lips. Who can forget the famous glossy lips of Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, and Jennifer Lopez from the decade? The best thing about wearing lip gloss was that you could look both chic and natural. Using glitter was also popular among teens for adding a shimmery effect. 

  1. Skinny Eyebrows 

The 2000s bid farewell to the bushy eyebrows of previous decades. Fashion icons like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Halle Berry, and Avril Lavigne sported neatly plucked and arched eyebrows. The use of eyebrow pencils and eyebrows brushes was also popular for taming unruly brows. 

  1. Frosted lipstick

Another popular 2000s makeup trend, frosted lipstick, was on top of every stylist’s checklist. No makeup look was complete without adding an icy finish to the lips. The whole idea was to make the lips more lustrous. Women applied frosted lipstick the same way as a regular lipstick. The only difference was that you needed a brush for a professional application. Adding a bit of shimmer to the lips allowed celebrities and beauty enthusiasts to flaunt shiny and glossy lipsticks. 

  1. Tanning

Using a bronzer or getting a fake tan was incredibly chic. Beauty brands started manufacturing spray tanners and a whole new variety of tanning products. That’s why you will see most models and celebrities from the decade looking like hot tandoori chicken on the red carpet. 

  1. White Eyeshadow

It seems we are still pretty much in love with this 2000s makeup routine. White shadow was an easy way to look unique, and that’s why fashionistas loved this makeup trend. If you want to copy this trend, first use a light concealer on the lid. That will make the white color pop off of your original skin tone. 

Use a full-coverage formula to get this step right. Now use a quality white eye shadow from brands like NYX and Loreal. Don’t forget to pose like your favorite stars from the 2000s to emulate this look accurately. 

  1. Emo makeup

For those who don’t know, Emo makeup meant creating a look featuring dark eyes using cat-eye-shaped eyeliner through a smoky eye technique. The cheeks and lips remain natural or simple. While some would confuse this makeup look with Goth, emo is different because you don’t wear dark purple or black lipstick. 

The emo scene thrived in the 2000s, thanks to celebrities like Avril Lavigne. All you need is a neutral lip shade, thick black eyeliner, and some matte foundation to recreate this look. 

  1. Glossy Lips + Smokey Eye Makeup

Smokey eyes with a shimmery gloss resulted in a naturally beautiful look. This trend from the 2000s involved using long-lasting pigmented eyeliner and a soft lip shade. For example, you could pick a pink tint or a subtle peach lip-gloss. 

  1. Smudged Eye Makeup

Do you remember Lisa Bonet’s signature eye makeup? The trend definitely had a moment in the 2000s. What’s best about this easy makeup trend is that you don’t need a special type of brush to create this look. Simply smudge the eyeliner out with your fingers. 

  1. White Inner-Corner Shadow

Applying inner-corner eye shadow is still a happening makeup trend. However, it was one of the biggest makeup trends back in the 2000s. Women used heavier and brighter eye shadows for the remaining part of the eye. The trick is to avoid blending it for a defined look. 

  1. Sparkly Lids

Two decades ago, sporting sparkly lids was the coolest thing on earth. Although we can’t say the same today, the use of glittery and sparkly eye shadow was a popular trend for celebrities and models. Brands came up with up several variations to make every eye shadow unique. That’s another reason why we always think of sparkle and glitter whenever someone brings up the 2000s. 

  1. Rosy Cheeks

No teen or female could imagine a life without a pretty pink blusher in the 2000s. That’s because every celebrity or fashion icon flaunted rosy cheeks. Be it on a red carpet or at an award ceremony, pink and rosy cheeks remained a staple makeup trend of the decade. We can’t blame the women of this era because using a pink or peach blusher can make you look younger and fresher. Even today, we observe many reputed brands offering different varieties of this shade to give a rosy tint to your cheeks. 

Top 2000s Makeup and Fashion Icons

Let’s take a look at some of the most successful beauty and fashion icons of the 2000s. 

  1. Britney Spears

The iconic pop star dominated the late 90s and the early 2000s. Her natural beauty and trendsetting hairstyles influenced millions all across the globe. With popular hits in the decade, Britney continued to introduce chic beauty and makeup trends. 

As her songs continued soaring through the charts, her off-duty fashion sense was as sexy as her music. 

  1. Sarah Jessica Parker

You can’t talk about the 2000s makeup and fashion scene without mentioning this iconic star. Sarah Jessica Parker gained immense popularity for her heels and makeup in the famous TV Series, Sex and the City. Fans copied her elegant and feminine beauty styles and embraced many trends like slit skirts and dainty chokers. 

However, her smokey-eye makeup and nude lip shades established some of the most popular makeup trends of the decade. 

  1. Beyoncé

Before Beyonce became Queen Bey, the singer was part of a music group. Who could forget the impact of Destiny’s Child on the pop music scene of the 1990s? But after the group members went their separate ways, we got a chance to see the unique style of every member.

Beyonce rocked matching outfits and accessorized like no other celebrity. Looking at her pictures from the 2000s, we can safely say that the star was quite ahead of her time. Thanks to her fashion sense and makeup choices, Beyonce always ruled the red carpet like a true queen. With her toned body and healthy skin, everything looked great on Beyonce. Her signature look from the early 2000s included bronzed lips, glowy skin, and glossy lips. 

  1. Christina Aguilera

One of the first female pop artists of the decade, Christina Aguilera, stole everyone’s heart. With her natural good looks and beautiful blonde hair, she popularized the good-girl image. However, her makeup style evolved in the later years of the decade as she embraced daring and bold makeup trends. 

Her edgy makeup raw sex appeal quickly made her a rival to Brittany Spears. The singer’s typical look involved pairing a posh and pink look with thick dark eyeliner. She also wore feminine heeled boots with boyish and sporty cargo pants. 

  1. Paris Hilton

Without a doubt, we can consider Hilton as the Princess of the 2000s. With her beautiful looks and makeup looks, Paris could pull off any look. The fact that she owns her own beauty brand is proof of her artistry. Hilton was a big fan of glittery and sparkly eye shadows. She also seemed to have an undying love for the color pink. 

  1. Charlize Theron 

The star’s effortless hair-dos and flawless skin set new beauty standards in the decade. No wonder Theron was an incredibly popular beauty icon in the 2000s. 

  1. Megan fox

The famous actress flaunted her brows and pout with mesmerizing fashion looks. From the day she arrived on the scene, she grabbed the spotlight. Such was her influence and impact. 

  1. Halle Berry

Our favorite start from the 90s and 2000s, Halle Berry, was a runner-up in the Miss USA beauty contest. While that was in 1986, the star never disappointed us with her iconic hairstyle and natural makeup looks. 

  1. Rihanna

Rihanna was a trendsetter in the 2000s but she continues to introduce several new trends. Her impeccable style and edgy makeup looks make her among the most desirable divas of the industry.

Fans love her hair-do, her flashy clothes, and her daring makeup looks. That makes her one of the most popular makeup and fashion icons of the decade. 

  1. Miley Cyrus

Although many consider Cyrus as a controversial pop star, the singer was a Disney star way back in the 2000s. Fans remember her from the popular show Hannah Montana. During the decade, Miley’s style was a blend of rock, pop, and country styles. She also flaunted glittery tops, studded belts, and cowboy boots. 

Throughout the 2000s, Miley Cyrus was popular because of her looks and style. Her bootcut jeans, black leather jacket, and shimmery makeup influenced many of her fans. Her style attracted teens and younger women particularly. 

  1. Kate Moss

Kate Moss is the epitome of style and natural beauty. From her no-makeup looks in the 90s to her liquid liner days in the early 2000s, Kate Moss ruled the beauty industry. Teens of the decade copied her chic and natural style, but only a few could look as gracefully beautiful as Moss. 

  1. Angelina Jolie 

From her blue eye shadow in the 90s to a more chic and cool look in the 2000s, Jolie continued impressing us with her dramatic eye shadows and lip shades. She was among the first ones to grab the spotlight at any award function or movie premier. The actress is still giving us some serious beauty goals with her impressive makeup looks and toned figure. 

  1. Jennifer Lopez

If there’s anyone who rocked the 2000s makeup and fashion scene, it was none other than Lopez. In the early years of the decade, the star’s ultra-voluminous curly bob and nude lip shades were quite popular. However, her looks evolved over time. By 2005 she was flaunting false lashes and peachy nude lip gloss. By the end of the decade, she was popular for pairing black eyeliner with a nude lip gloss.

A Recap of the Most Popular Makeup Looks of the 2000s

The economy was booming in the era, and so was the makeup and beauty industry. Brands benefitted from various manufacturing technologies to give birth to natural and eco-friendly makeup products. 

Pop artists, movie celebrities, and ramp models continued to launch new fashion trends. Fans and consumers recreated styles of their celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Brittany Spears, and Lindsay Lohan. The whole idea was to adopt a playful approach to makeup. Makeup stylists experimented with lots of makeup trends. That’s why this decade offers a mix of different makeup and beauty trends. The idea was to leave out the ‘cringe’ and adopt the ‘cute.’

Bottom Line

The new millennium introduced numerous trends and styles. Although the decade had its share of ups and downs, the decade managed to offer various styles that still inspire us. Recreating makeup looks from the 2000s becomes easy if you emulate the style of the most popular icons of the decade. 

Now you know about the most trending 2000s makeup and beauty trends. Follow our guide if you want to relive the magic of the decade and look just like your favorite movie star from this happening decade. 


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