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Top 6 Skincare Products our Readers LOVE for Summer! [2024]

Welcome to our comprehensive roundup of the best new beauty products we tried each month. From undisputed favorites to brand-new releases, these are the things our editors loved.

Best Ranked Cellulite Cream:


Cellulite sucks. It seems like there are a million cellulite-correcting creams out there and while testing each, our faith was starting to diminish. Enters LegTone, one of the first skin treatment formulas to NOT use caffeine, and that is backed by an independent clinical study. What we assumed was a pipedream, we found to be actually legitimate. No more dimples or cottage cheese. Certifiably, this serum can reduce the appearance of cellulite by 47% in 9 minutes and up to 72 percent in just six weeks according to a clinical study performed by AMA Labs.

When we did some snooping, we found that Cosmopolitan has applauded this cellulite serum, so we were a bit more eager to try it. Gladly, we can reinforce what Cosmo’s beauty editors found – this plant-based potion can fade those unsightly dimples and give you the confidence you need to step out bare-legged. Not to mention, The Doctors also tested the LegTone product live on their TV show and as we watched the results happen in real-time, we were mesmerized by this amazing skincare product.

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Best Ranked Anti-Wrinkle Serum:

Athena 7 Minute Lift

Can forehead wrinkles be gone in a matter of 7 minutes? According to an independent clinical study, the anti-aging experts at Athena 7 Minute Lift claim “yes.” In a world full of FaceTime, Zoom calls, and other means of virtual communication, we are all striving to still look our best. We landed on this “cult classic,” Athena 7 Minute Lift, and it reached the very top of our list for anti-aging.

This celebrity-favorite serum has been firming skin and lifting confidence for every event, photoshoot, and interview under the sky. It has been tested on Rachael Ray, among other hit television programs, and continues to wow viewers in real-time.

There are classic, go-to skincare products for a reason, and this tried-and-true anti-aging serum is one that will be around for a lifetime – just ask our friends over at the top-rated UK news source CloserAthena 7 Minute Lift has been the prime pick for anyone who wants to tap the fountain of youth in a jiff. No crazy needles, no burning chemicals, this 100 percent plant-based serum will change the form and feel of your face after it’s been aged to perfection. Just an almond size, applied with a very soft brush (included) will up your beauty game in – you guessed it, less than seven minutes.

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Best Ranked Collagen Serum:

Plant Collagen Serum

Plant collagen? What? Here’s the deal: animal collagen is out; plant collagen is in! Animal collagen has been the standard over the years, but did you know animal collagen doesn’t even absorb into the skin? It’s just a big, hefty price tag with no real results. Upon vigorous testing and comparing, we saw results in just a few days with plant collagen. The result? Firmer, lifted, and more hydrated skin in just three days.

The small molecular size of plant collagen cells absorbs so easily into the skin that your own epidermis can start working overtime to replenish collagen and give your skin a healthy boost and nourishment factor that is unrivaled by a run of mill products. Not only the editors at Allure have loved this product, but since the collection’s launch in 2020, consumers simply cannot get enough of this skincare, skin-plumping serum.

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Best Ranked Self-Tanner

Blue Saint

Nearly all of the self-tanning products we reviewed were stinky, sticky and resulted in a horrific orange color. Trust us, we tested them all. Then along came a new brand product, Blue Saint, that knocked our socks off. We learned about this unique formulation based on probiotics and a blend of botanicals that promises a “Zero Orange” guarantee.

Naturally, we thought it was too good to be true, but we were shocked with our before and after comparison. This hydrating, streak-free and non-smelly body foam is the bronzing solution you need if you want a vacation glow from the comfort of your own couch.

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Blue Saint Self-Tanner Tan Lines Results

Best Ranked Lash Product:

Lash Alive

You’ve done the false strips, the lash extensions, the over-promising mascaras but once you begin using Lash Alive, you’ll realize you can have thick, long, lush lashes naturally! That’s right, you can grow your own lashes to perfection with this skin probiotic serum. An independent clinical study found in just 28 days you can experience a 64 percent difference in the appearance of your lashes.

What’s even better? The longer you use this serum, the healthier they will grow. The study saw an 88 percent improvement in 44 days and a 92 percent increase in 56 days. The product actually works on eyebrows, too!

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Best Ranked Face Cleanser:

Daily Cleansing Gel

Washing your face is a pain, especially when you have to do it after a long day, or when you are groggy eyed in the morning. But you’ll start looking forward to your twice a day cleanse with Daily Cleansing Gel. It glides on ever so smoothly and ultimately feels like a spa treatment. The product uses 14 botanical anti-aging oils to remove dirt, debris, dead skin cells and makeup in one fell swoop!

Because it is so gentle and the fact that it is paraben- and sulfate-free, it’s safe for any skin type. No more vigorously scrubbing with irritating products (which really don’t remove much). Once we tried this luxury cleansing gel, we realized it is a staple in any beauty routine.

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Beauty Takeaway

And there you have our best, trending products!

Our ensemble of beauty experts at Organic Beauty Report is always sampling, testing, and challenging the claims of the most popular products. We’re always interested in what actually works versus the products who can’t live up to our hopes and desires. If you’re a serious skincare enthusiast (we know you are), you don’t want to shell out tons of cash on products that can’t deliver – so we’re happy to tell you what is worth the spend.

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