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Top Fashion Blogs of 2022

This article was updated for 2022 – currently reading latest version

Blogs are simply a piece of the blogger’s world curated for the audience to follow and emulate if the need be. However, fashion blogs are a bit different because of how they can easily turn into influencers and help people find styles that resonate with them.

For that reason, it’s important to ensure that you follow the right people to make informed and befitting decisions relating to your fashion lifestyle. Here are some of the fashion blogs of 2022 that you can turn to to find inspiration and get creative with your fashion items and general style!


Try naming fashion influencers with a Ph.D.  in fashion and see if Victoria Magrath doesn’t make the list. Victoria is multi-award winning fashionista who runs the British fashion blog, In the Frow for a couple of years now. Her fashion blog preaches luxury, femininity, elegance, and class. And in addition to her high-end fashion style, In The Frow also shares everyday looks and advice on general makeup and beauty trends. Although her fashion influence is hinged on her blog, her Instagram account, @inthefrow is also blossoming with fashion-related content. She also puts out creative and inspiring reels regularly on her Instagram.

Victoria Magrath also has a best-selling fashion book and ambassadorships with major brands like Dyson and Balenciaga. She also deals with product sales, brand collaborations and earns from affiliate links on her blog. Her affiliate links hook her readers and followers up with other fashion and style blogs to create a pool of influencers. Ahead of next autumn, you check out this post which is one of her most popular posts.


Danielle Bernstein’s blog, We Wore What is a perfect mix of effortless cool-girl style with structured looks and laid-back casual fashion. She also highlights her beautiful hairstyles which are always enviously sleek and shiny on her. The We Wore What blog has everything from managing stress and fashion finds under $130, to more whimsical trends like feather pieces and the obligatory fashion blogger gift guides.

A major highlight is a fact that the blog highlights daily outfit inspiration for the followers. Danielle isn’t just a blogger, but also a designer, CEO, and author. Even a mere look at her Instagram will offer you gorgeous daily style inspiration as soon as you need it. Danielle also doubles as a fashion influencer, one of the top ones for 2022.

Lorna Luxe

Lorna’s probably one of the most followed fashion bloggers and influencers today, and there’s a lot of reasons why that’s not surprising. It’s not only that she has one of the best fashion blogs that work for her, but also because Lorna Luxe is an incredibly down-to-earth, authentic, sweet blogger that answers all of her messages, questions, and comments.

She radiates light through her styles and pushes styles that are always super wearable with a mix of high street and designer brands. She also has great interior design taste, her own clothing line collaboration with In The Style, a love of rosé wine, travel, and adorable pets. Again, she probably has so many loyal followers because she does a number of Instagram giveaways and charity sales.

The Lorna Luxe blog shares a lot of savvy style inspiration, but in addition to that, she shares her life story as she does on Instagram feed. Again, she doubles as a top fashion influencer.

Fashion Jackson

If you aren’t looking for anything extra, only an everyday style inspiration and something you can work around with your current wardrobe, then the Fashion Jackson blog is the right choice for you. Amy Jackson, owner of the blog is a traditional everyday style fashion blogger. She infuses low-key everyday looks in an effortlessly stylish way to give her followers super wearable and beautiful inspiration to work with.

She uses the regular – from mom jeans, and simple tops, to scarves, trench coats, and statement black sunglasses with a structured bag of the moment – to inspire everyday styles. Her blog reeks of neutral colors, laid-back style, coffee runs, and Chanel bags on a daily basis.

The Fashion Jackson blog offers the typical lifestyle feel that most women can relate to. Stylish, effortless chic that makes us want to throw on some cute jeans and killer heels and go grab some coffee.

The Blonde Salad

Chiara Ferragni is one of the top fashion influencers in the world today and has maintained that stand for at least 10 years and counting. The 34-year-old Italian beauty has allowed her passion for styling and the popularity she’s gained through the years to lead her to launch her clothing, shoes, and accessories line – Chiara Ferragni Collection. But aside from these, she also stands as the most influential digital entrepreneur in the world. She started out with her blog, The Blonde Salad in 2009. There, she dishes out fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content for her followers and uses product sales as a source of income.

Ferragni has appeared in Forbes’s list of Top Influencers and 30 Under 30 while the Blonde Salad is still considered to be one of the best fashion blogs of all time.

High Low Luxxe

As the name depicts, the High Low Luxxe brand looks to make high-end fashion and style attainable for regular people. Jenee, the owner and curator of the blog, looks to help her followers mix both high street and luxury brands to achieve exquisite looks. High Low Luxxe is about finding the balance of what’s attainable for you personally. According to her, the best way to achieve a good level of luxurious and chic look is by shopping for styles that are a high low luxury – luxxe.

The High Low Luxxe blog covers every level of fashion, from beauty, and lifestyle, to travel, and home décor. The blog is also popular for making fashion listicles for people to follow. She’s also taken the same approach to her Instagram – a proper mix of all of those and what feels like a peek into her everyday life.

Glamazon Diaries

Glamazon Diaries is owned by Brooklyn-based blogger and fashionista, Makeda. Makeda is all about glamorous and fabulous fashion. Her style is vibrant and chic, and it’s one of the things that keeps her followers glued to her blog and various social media platforms. Makeda is your plug if you’re looking for

Makeda is a Brooklyn-based blogger who makes fashion glamorous and fabulous. She’s so chic and vibrant, I could scroll through her feed all day. If you’re looking for an audacious and sassy feminine style, then the Glamazon Diaries is your plug to timeless styling inspiration.

The Glamazon Diaries blog was launched in 2007 and since then she’s remained a pathfinder in the fashion blogging industry and will continue to maintain her relevance for as long as she intends. According to her blog, she intends to encourage and inspire the modern woman, with a feminine, contemporary and adventurous point of view.

Helena Bordon

Helena Bordon brings a bit of a new twist to fashion blogging, especially in 2022. Helena introduces new style inspiration to the current fashion climate. She fills her blog and website with colorful photos, exotic locations, flowy dresses, and every dreamy fashion item you can imagine. She uses her blog and Instagram as an opportunity to tell her refreshingly real and colorful life story.

But aside from owning a blossoming fashion blog, Helena is also the Co-Founder and CEO of HELA beauty which is a cruelty-free and TheSocietyNYC management company. Again, other than fashion and business, she invests in stunning and flawless skincare and taking beautiful shots. Her fashion blog and website Helena Bordon also incorporates her Brazilian roots and gives full high-end editorial style photography and laid-back fashion vibes.

Camila Coelho

Camila Coelho is a household name, at least amongst fashion enthusiasts and those that know their way around the fashion industry. Camila is one of the top fashion influencers in the world with over 9.2M followers on Instagram. She also owns her fashion line with Revolve and is involved in philanthropy movements such as being a board member of the Epilepsy Foundation of America where she advocates for the rights of epileptic members of the society.

However, while she’s using her voice and influence to advocate for a cause, she’s also using her style to set the pace, especially with her Fashion with a Cause blog. On her blog, she covers a lot of lust-worthy travel, unboxing hauls, makeup, and skincare routines that’ll be exciting to the regular person.

Fashion Steele NYC

If you’re an Instagram fashion regular, particularly in the New York City-style section, then you most likely already know Monroe Steele. But you may not know that she owns a successful fashion blog which is probably one of the best blogs in 2022, the Fashion Steele blog.

This blog presents its followers with everyday fashion looks for the modern woman, from sleek buns, to red lipstick and everything else we’ll typically have on, she deals in it. Monroe Steele also styles loungewear to look upscale and has a love of Chanel like most of us do.

The fashion blog started out in 2010 for Monroe as a creative outlet to showcase her thrift fashion items. However, it has evolved into one of the best fashion blogs for everyone who’s looking for inspiration to look stylish with ease. She rebranded to Fashion Steele NYC and started adding more designer brands to incorporate her looks. She also covers travel vlogs, YouTube tutorials, and video fashion haul.

Harper & Harley

One new trend that’s come in and maybe here for a while is minimalist fashion. Minimalism is now the new cool of styling, and that’s what Sara Donaldson had in mind when she created the Harper & Harley blog.

This blog is your go-to if you’re on the lookout for chic, playful, and minimalist styles. Harper & Harley is a fashion blog that presents you with a long list of effortless and playful, but still elegant style ideas. There’s a wide range of categories of blog content you can find on Harper & Harley to suit your needs. From travel and lifestyle to health & fitness, runway ideas, and advertorials, Harper & Harley should be your choice. Check out this post where she gave tips on preparing for a shoot.

Mia Mia Mine

Maria is a fashion fan favorite. She’s been able to convert her Instagram followers to blog subscribers and life-long loyal fans because of her gorgeous and outstanding fashion preferences. Mia Mia Mine has a signature high contrast in her photos and relatable everyday style. She also uses the best lighting and compositions to make the simplest outfits look stylish and polished. She creates a really seasonal and stunning feed on mia mia mine where she includes her handbag collection which in our opinion is to die for. Her blog also covers styling tips and product reviews.

Maria’s color palette is pretty neutral, with lots of black, white, brown, and grey with the occasional pop of red. She finds a way of including every fashion statement she makes on her blog to ensure that she’s ably represented and portrayed to her followers.

The list of the top fashion blogs of 2022 is one of those listicles that are quick to get updated because of how dynamic blog content is. However, we can assure you that this list will stand the test of (the 2022) time as they are blogs you’ll always refer to for timeless fashion.

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