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5 Best Anti-Cellulite Creams – Review Page

Cellulite (a.k.a. lumps, bumps, cottage-cheese skin, or orange-peel skin) happens to everybody, young people, old people, petite people, plus-size people — none of us are immune to it, and we all develop it at one point or another. 

Our bodies store fat in different ways, which explains why cellulite is more common amongst women than men, but we all develop cellulite differently. With that, there are countless different creams available to reverse its appearance. 

In our review guide, we talk about the best anti-cellulite creams so you can find one that works for your unique needs and achieve firmer, smoother skin. 

Adonia Organics LegTone

One of our favorite anti-cellulite creams is LegTone by Adonia Organics because it harnesses the power of plant stem cells to boost skin cell growth and give your skin a firm, tight appearance. Cellulite occurs when the skin loses elasticity and fat cells protrude through the tissue below, so by strengthening and firming your epidermis, LegTone effectively reduces the appearance of lumps and bumps. 

Boasting countless organic ingredients, including neroli, lemon, carrot seed oil, and ginger oil, LegTone is gentle on even the most sensitive skin. It’s also paraben-free, too! 

Its non-greasy formula absorbs in seconds and has been proven to improve skin’s texture in only 9 minutes. While fast-acting, LegTone’s effects are only temporary, lasting 12 to 24 hours. That said, when incorporated into a beauty routine and used daily, LegTone can actually reduce the overall appearance of cellulite by up to 72%. 

Key Skin-Boosting Ingredients: Plant stem cells, organic neroli, organic lemon, organic cypress oil, organic carrot seed oil, organic ginger oil, organic grapefruit oil, and more. 

While LegTone is one of the most effective anti-cellulite creams to fight existing lumps and bumps, we also recommend this for people looking for creams to keep cellulite at bay. We love this product because it improves your skin’s overall health, so it can be used as a preventative cream to keep skin looking smooth.  

Price: $79 

Plant Collagen Body Mist 

Another anti-cellulite product we recommend checking out is not a cream, but rather a fast-acting spray. Plant Collagen Body Mist by Adonia Organics uses nanotechnology to penetrate skin cells in seconds, boosting texture and correcting lumps and bumps. 

We are fans of this product because it uses all-natural ingredients and is very gentle on your skin, which is not always the case with anti-cellulite creams. Developed by researchers with years of experience in the skincare industry, this body mist is designed to stimulate collagen production and drastically diminish the overall appearance of cellulite — so you can expect to see lasting results with continued use. 

Key Skin-Boosting Ingredients: Plant glycerin, bamboo, whole algae protein, artichoke protein,  aloe vera extract, cucumber extract, vitamin E, sodium hyaluronate, and more. 

So how is this spray so effective? Let’s talk about some of its combination of powerful ingredients. Plant glycerin counters a loss in elasticity to improve skin tone, aloe vera and cucumber keep your skin feeling firm and taut, vitamin E shields against free radicals, and moisturizing ingredients provide hydration and prevent dry skin. 

The Adonia Organics Plant Collagen Body Mist is great for people with mild to moderate cellulite and can be used to prevent lumps and bumps from surfacing. 

Price: $79  

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream 

Almost every anti-cellulite article mentions Sol de Janeiro’s Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, which can only be an indicator of its great quality. Chock-full of moisturizing ingredients, this cream evens texture and boosts tone creating smoother, brighter-looking skin. 

A blend of açaí oil, cupuaçu butter, and coconut oil hydrates and firms your skin, absorbing quickly and locking in moisture. The key ingredient, guaraná, is what really helps this cream pack a punch. Guaraná contains a high amount of caffeine, and caffeine (when applied topically) is proven to temporarily tighten your skin’s tissue to prevent lumps and bumps from surfacing. 

Key Skin-Boosting Ingredients: Guaraná, açaí oil, cupuaçu butter, coconut oil, Brazil nut, Guayusa, glycerin, carrot seed oil, sodium hyaluronate, and more. 

Its temporary effects can last up to 24 hours, so it’s perfect for days on the beach, date nights, or really any special occasion where you want to enjoy lump-free skin. 

The only downside to this cream is that it’s not proven to produce long-lasting results even with continued use — that’s not to say some may not experience overall firmer skin, but it’s not guaranteed. When you begin using this cream before cellulite develops, though, it can help prevent it from ever forming. 

Price: $45 

StriVectin Crepe Control™ Tightening Body Cream

StriVectin’s Crepe Control™ Tightening Body Cream is another impressive product on our list. Reviews of the product are consistently positive, and 94% of people who have used the cream have seen improvements in skin tone and texture. 

We love this cream because it’s not just for trouble spots, it’s a full-body cream that’s lightweight, super absorbent, and can be used every day to enjoy firmer, more radiant skin. 

This cream is so effective because it contains peptides to act as building blocks for collagen and elastin production, two key proteins acting to keep your skin plump and smooth. Using this cream on a regular basis can help you reduce the overall appearance of cellulite, too. 

In addition to peptides, StriVectin’s Crepe Control™ contains hydrating and brightening ingredients to boost your skin tone and protect against environmental damage. 

Key Skin-Boosting Ingredients: Peptides, jojoba seed extract, turmeric root extract, a blend of butters (including shea), cranberry seed oil, rosemary leaf extract, sodium hyaluronate, and more.

The StriVectin Crepe Control™ Tightening Body Cream can help smoothen mild to severe cellulite, or also be used as a preventative cream. In addition to cellulite, it can even help fix saggy skin on the arms and neck. StriVectin recommends using it twice daily and pairing it with their Crepe Control™ exfoliating body wash to see the best results. 

Price: $59

Clarins Body Fit Anti-Cellulite Contouring Expert

The last anti-cellulite cream on our list is made by well-known skincare brand Clarins. Clarins’s Body Fit Anti-Cellulite Contouring Expert is rather pricey at 106 dollars a jar, but reviews of this product say it really works to reduce the appearance of even deep lumps and bumps.  

The Body Fit Anti-Cellulite Contouring Expert cream can be used to treat trouble spots and produces almost instant results. It combats cellulite by hydrating, lifting, and firming your skin to improve texture. Another great thing? It’s gel-cream formula glides on easily, absorbs quickly, and isn’t greasy. 

Clarins makes their anti-cellulite cream with eight skin-boosting plant extracts and caffeine to help you see noticeable results in mere minutes after application. 

Key Skin-Boosting Ingredients: Caffeine, Cydonia Oblonga leaf extract, sunflower seed oil, hazel seed oil, glycerin, and more. 

You only have to use Clarins’s Body Fit Anti-Cellulite Contouring Expert once a day to maintain your desired appearance and keep cellulite away. It’s worth mentioning that this product may not be the best for those with sensitive skin, as it contains some harsher (but still perfectly safe!) ingredients than other creams on this list. For those prone to skin irritations, we suggest an all-natural or gentler anti-cellulite cream. 

Price: $106

Ingredients to Look For 

When comparing cellulite creams, look for these ingredients to make sure you’re getting a high-quality, effective product. 


Caffeine has been shown to smooth bumps by tightening your skin’s tissues, preventing fat cells from protruding through the dermis. Caffeine’s effects are only temporary, though, so creams with caffeine typically don’t produce long-lasting results. 

Vitamin C 

Vitamin C is a key component in the production of collagen, and it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, as well, so it protects against environmental damage and keeps skin texture even. Look for ingredients like citric acid, lemon, grapefruit if vitamin C isn’t listed directly on the label. 


Peptides can reduce the appearance of lumps and bumps by facilitating collagen and elastin production. Creams featuring peptides can effectively improve your overall skin health and create smoother-looking skin over time. 

Plant Stem Cells 

Plant stem cells kickstart collagen production to smooth lines and wrinkles. Not to mention, plant stem cells are also rich in antioxidants, so they serve to protect the skin against free radicals and sun damage. 


Creams containing moisturizing ingredients such as neroli, olive oil, and coconut or shea butter keep your skin hydrated, healthy, and radiant. Dry skin is more susceptible to damage, resulting in a loss in elasticity and the appearance of cellulite. Keeping your skin moisturized can ultimately help prevent cellulite.  

Final Thoughts

The majority of us develop cellulite at some point or another. There are ways to prevent it (i.e. eating a healthy diet, following a regular exercise regimen, and using firming creams) but sometimes, not even preventative measures can stop lumps and bumps from forming. If you find yourself with an uneven skin tone you’re wanting to correct, consider some of the cellulite creams reviewed above. 

Everybody has different needs when it comes to improving skin’s appearance, so some might appeal to you more than others, the best way to ensure you’re getting the right product for you is to keep in mind your specific goals and expectations. If you’re having trouble determining what’s most fitting for you, we suggest talking with your dermatologist.

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