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Why eCommerce Companies are a More Stable Opportunity for a Second Income than MLM Companies

Are you looking for a lucrative and satisfying way to earn a second income? Maybe you want to save for a vacation or pay off some debt. If so, you may be considering joining a multi-level marketing (MLM) company. MLMs can seem like a tempting opportunity, but they often involve complicated recruitment and compensation schemes that can be difficult to navigate and require a hefty up-front investment in marketing materials and inventory.

For those reasons and some others we’ll cover below, we would recommend you seek out a more independent and straightforward opportunity. Our research indicates that the best option for earning a second income is working with an eCommerce company that offers high-quality consumable products that have a remarkably high customer reorder rate.

Straightforward Compensation – No Multi Level Marketing Needed

Unlike MLMs, most successful eCommerce sales companies do not operate on a pyramid scheme structure. You earn money by selling products, not by recruiting others to join the company. Pyramid schemes are illegal and operate by recruiting people to invest money in a program with the promise of earning money by recruiting others to do the same. eCommerce sales companies are legitimate businesses that offer real products and you make cash flow based on sales to actual customers.

Most eCommerce sales companies offer a straightforward compensation plan that makes it easy to understand how much you’ll earn for your efforts. Unlike MLMs, there are no mandatory inventory investments and complex compensation structures to navigate. You just concentrate on selling products and making money.

Customer Reorder Rate

The most successful eCommerce sales companies have products that demonstrate remarkably high customer re-order rates. So, with the right skills and effort, you can make a significant amount of money. You can get started right away because you don’t need a degree or special training to get started. In fact, most companies provide you with everything you need to start selling right away. You simply need to believe in the product and be willing to share it with others.

Independence & Flexibility

The rise in popularity of e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Shopify has made it easier for individuals to start their own businesses and one of the biggest advantages of eCommerce sales companies is the opportunity to be their own boss. You can set your own hours, work when it’s convenient for you, and take a break whenever you need one. This flexibility makes eCommerce sales an excellent option for people with busy schedules, families, or other commitments.

Find an eCommerce Partner

There are tons of option out there like Shopify & WooCommerce which are integrated eCommerce platforms, but they are often saturated with drop-shippers. They also provide very generic non branded products and do not provide any resources on how to sell them. We recommend going with an ecommerce company that will give you resources, high quality products, and has a reputable brand around the products such as PureTrim. They are a health, wellness, and fitness eCommerce product company based around the Mediterranean diet. The affiliate sales program does not require a signup fee, no renewal fees, and no required recruitment. To learn more about the offer click the button below.

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