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Affiliate Disclosure

Organic Beauty Report is owned by GardenSprings LLC and may include brand relations with companies and products mentioned on Organic Beauty Report. We may receive financial compensation for products purchased through links or promo codes used from this website. We may also have reimbursement and other revenue-sharing arrangements with some of the companies that are reviewed and/or mentioned. This website may occasionally link to Amazon Associates Program, it is an affiliate program that allows us to earn referral fees by linking to products on

An affiliate link is just like any other website link but it also contains a special code known as a parameter in the link so that the destination website understands where the visitor is coming from.

The website’s content is published based on our own research, opinions, and interests. Claims made about products should be verified with the product’s manufacturer or brand. It is encouraged that you conduct additional research in order to reach a desired conclusion. Everything expressed on this website is strictly based on our opinion. Nothing here is intended to substitute professional or licensed advice from certified professions, please contact the applicable party in order to receive proper diagnosis and treatment. We try to keep the content up-to-date and accurate to the best of our ability, therefore, we ask that you verify and double-check anything mentioned on this website.