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The 2010’s Makeup Guide

As we race through 2021, we often look back at the previous decade’s fashion and beauty trends. Even today, most of the 2010s makeup trends are still popular among makeup stylists and consumers. But one thing is for sure, the decade resulted in several transformations, especially with the boom of social media. 

Makeup and fashion trends were no longer restricted to movies, red carpets, or television. Beauty influencers and makeup artists launched their own YouTube channels and social media accounts. Thanks to technology, an average makeup consumer had easy access to professional advice straight from top makeup artists and brands.

In this guide, we are going to offer a detailed overview of some of the hottest 2010s makeup trends and beauty hacks. Here we go. 

Top 2010s Makeup and Hair Trends 

  1. Smokey Eye

 If you boasted the ‘still wearing last night’s makeup look,’ you automatically became cool. 

The groundbreaking eye-makeup trend from the 90s was on top of every makeup stylist and fashion diva’s list. Even today, you can spot many models and celebrities flaunting black eye shadow with a hint of shimmer. But back in the 2010s, creating bold and unique smokey eyes was the best way to stay chic. 

You could spot this makeup trend everywhere on the red carpet, in fashion magazines, and in music videos. The current version of the smokey eye is more subtle, so you can incorporate this makeup trend during the day. 

  1. Dip-Dyed and Ombre Hair 

Do you remember logging onto your Instagram or Facebook account in the early 2010s? There weren’t too many girls who didn’t experiment with this beauty trend. In fact, every girl seemed to flaunt Ombre hair. Whether you were on Instagram or YouTube, girls with colorful dip-dyes and subtle/strategic lightening of the hair ends ruled every platform. Everyone from school girls to celebrities joined the Ombre revolution.

  1. Full Eyebrows

Full eyebrows of the 2010s replaced the neatly plucked eyebrows of the 2000s. Over-plucking was a common practice in the 1990s. However, things took a sharp turn when supermodel Cara Delevingne and other celebrities began embracing full and natural eyebrows. The trend is still popular, and many of our fashion models sport messy eyebrows. 

  1. Dark Lipstick

Apart from dark eyes, goth and emo looks became popular in this decade. Using dark lipstick to create a heavy look became a hot trend. But since this look was not always practical, it was more popular among fashion and beauty influencers only. 

  1. Overlined Lips

One of the purposes of overlined lips was to create a perfect natural pout for posing on Instagram and Facebook. However, the makeup trend also resulted in fuller and thicker lips. Using a lip liner for defining the lips and then blending it with lipstick was a common makeup trend of the decade. Currently, bigger lips are not as popular as they were in the 2010s. Instead, today’s beauty enthusiasts are keen on creating more natural and softer looks with blurred and stained lips. 

  1. Beachy Waves

Do you remember those gorgeous Victoria’s Secret models who flaunted gorgeous beachy waves? Women created this fascinating and effortless look for all special and everyday occasions. In addition, this hair-do was responsible for creating numerous styles of make-up looks for sporting a natural no-makeup look. 

  1. Matte Lips

It’s not surprising to know why Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit sensation took the makeup industry by storm. The decade was mostly about attaining a matte look and using a brown or neutral-colored lip shade.

Matte lippies enjoyed huge popularity in the 2000s, but the trend reached its pinnacle in the 2010s. Liquid lipstick, available in intense colors, guaranteed a long-lasting performance. Many brands capitalized on the trend and launched a series of liquid lippies for women and teens. The liquid lipstick was and still is easy to apply. These compact makeup accessories are perfect for women who are always on the go but love posing for their Instagram followers. 

  1. Contouring

No one did contouring like Kim Kardashian. That’s why we can’t complete this 2010s makeup guide without mentioning her famous contouring tips. In this decade, the reality star rose to popularity, and so did her contouring makeup trend. The star seemed to love flaunting a heavily contoured facial look, with highlighted cheekbones and dramatic lip color. 

  1. Nude Makeup

Not every fashion enthusiast from this decade favored a shimmery glam look. Instead, many women preferred replacing dramatic eye shadow and heavy contouring with a ‘no-makeup’ look. Using nude shade and a lip balm in place of lipstick, you could look as cool as a cucumber while being chic and relevant. Many Instagram and YouTube celebrities embraced this beauty trend by the end of the decade when doing ‘Live’ sessions on social media. The purpose was to allow the skin to ‘breathe’ and embrace natural glam over a baked look. 

  1. Tanning

Who can forget the phenomena of The Jersey Shore in the 2010s? It advocated for a tanned look, making the trend incredibly popular among women of all ages. But the increase in tanning booths and self-tanning products also resulted in several health risks. 

  1. Nail Art 

Coloring your nails was just not enough in the 2010s. Incorporating nail art in your makeup routine was a common practice for both teens and middle-aged women. Thanks to customized manicures, nail art technology, and a plethora of designs, choosing your favorite nail art was easier than ever. Even today, many of us like experimenting with this trend with at-home nail-art products. 

  1. Strobing

Many dubbed this makeup trend as the shiny stepsister of contouring. The trend was all about piling on the highlighter for playing up the cheekbones. The famous model Gigi Hadid demonstrated the popular 2010s makeup trend at an event in 2015. 

Strobing days may be over. However, some fashion models and makeup artists still add a swoosh of highlighter. You can use it strategically on the bridge of the nose or the cheekbones. 

  1. CC and BB Cream

Let’s confess. All of us tried using at least a few of the products from the booming Korean make-up industry. Among these, the most popular ones were these two: Beauty Balm or BB cream and color-correcting cream or CC cream. The creams emerged on the beauty scene in 2012, and things have never been the same since their arrival. Many makeup artists and users use these tinted moisturizers to get the desired makeup results. 

  1. Going Fresh-Faced

Makeup became more subdued toward the end of the 2010s. Women avoided overdone and baked makeup looks. They opted for more natural and subtle looks. Some celebrities advocated the sans makeup looks, such as Alicia Keys, Gigi Hadid, and Amy Schumer. 

  1. Botox 

Thanks to advancements in the skin and makeup industry, botox and fillers were also quite popular in the decade. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner normalized the trends when the star admitted to receiving lip fillers in 2015. Botox injections, fillers, and non-surgical beauty treatments are still enjoying huge popularity among celebrities and consumers. 

Tops 2010s Makeup and Beauty Icons

In many ways, the 2010s was a decade that launched several new trends. With rapid changes in technology and advancements in manufacturing practices, brands launched a series of groundbreaking makeup products. 

From Hollywood celebrities to TV artists and fashion icons, everyone celebrated the decade in their own style. Even celebrities were happy to embrace their individuality and flaunted unique red carpet looks. These trends helped to define the makeup and beauty trends of the 2010s. 

Let’s check out some of the hottest and biggest names of the 2010s in the makeup and fashion world. 

  1. Zooey Deschanel 

During the early 2010s, Zooey Deschanel was the queen of fashion. Who knew dressing like your grandmother was so chic? We certainly didn’t before Deschanel paraded in her peter pan-collared blouses and midi dresses. The quirky style soon became a hit in the early part of the decade. Gradually, other trends such as puffed sleeves, floral prints, and oversized knitted sweaters replaced her look. 

Her usual makeup look involved using a rosy cream blush for tinting the apples of the cheeks. In addition, she often used rosy-colored lipstick along with a similar colored gloss for accentuating the lips. 

  1. The Kardashians 

If you go back to the mid-2010s, Kardashians seemed to rule the fashion industry. Without a doubt, the sisters were one of the most influential celebrities. They left a profound impact on the fashion and beauty industry of the decade. You won’t be surprised to know that Kim Kardashian won the first Council of Fashion Designers of America’s (CFDA) Influencer Award. Other members of the family also left a long-lasting impact, with Kylie Jenner becoming a street style icon and Kendall Jenner turning into a supermodel. 

The Kardashians changed the way we looked at makeup, contouring, and bodycon dresses. They deserve much love and respect for introducing several of the decade’s makeup and beauty trends. 

  1. Chiara Ferragni 

Another name from the early and mid-2010s, Ferragni, is a pioneer in the blogging industry. This iconic celebrity made many firsts that no influencer could dream of doing. She launched her own label and wrote a book about blogging. In addition to that, she also released a movie about life as an influencer. 

If you are truly a fan of the makeup trends of the previous decade, don’t forget to check out her makeup collection and her daily makeup routine. 

  1. Former Duchess Meghan 

We’ll be honest. The American actress and now former Duchess was not always a fashion icon. Her style was very different before she entered the royal family. However, she soon started making headlines in the fashion world when she replaced her denim and tees with gowns and pleated skirts. 

Ever since her engagement to Prince Harry was in the spotlight, she received much attention for her sophisticated ensembles, fit for a royal. Whatever she wore, at any event, became the talk of the town. Her soft makeup look was a mixture of subtle and pastel colors. We rarely saw Markel with heavy contouring or a baked look. Even at her wedding in 2018, she preferred a natural no-makeup look and looked straight from a fairytale.

2010s Top Beauty Trends that are No Longer Relevant in 2021

When it comes to makeup and fashion trends, things are quite the same as in the 2010s. However, some trends are no longer relevant or in practice. For instance, contouring, highlighting, and full-face makeup are no longer popular among teens and women. 

Unlike previous decades, the 2020s are about celebrating individuality and embracing ourselves. Today’s skincare and beauty brands are focusing on creating products made out of natural ingredients. The purpose of creating gentle and natural skincare products is to protect the skin from toxic and artificial ingredients. 

Let’s take a look at some of the trends that are now a thing of the past. 

  1. Tanning beds

It’s insane to think that most of us were still using tanning beds by the 2010s. Luckily, they are no longer as popular as they were once in the previous decade. However, since tanning beds can be dangerous, we are happy that women don’t prefer using them in 2021. 

  1. Heavy eyeliner

The dark kohl eyeliner that once rocked the early 2010s is no longer a necessity. Top makeup stylists confirm that the cat eye is no longer a hot trend. So this year, go easy on the eyeliner to look chic and relevant. 

  1. Glittery Eye Shadow

If you lived through the glittery eye shadow trend of the 90s, you must’ve tried it in the early 2010s. However, shimmery and sparkly eyes soon faded as the decade progressed. We don’t recommend you use any form of glitter on your eyelids unless you are re-creating a 90’s makeup look. 

  1. Using Chemical Hair Products

We understand why every curly-haired female from the 2010s wanted silky smooth hair. The use of chemical hair straightening products was massively popular in the early part of the decade. Everyone seemed to have dead straight hair, thanks to a slew of these products. Fortunately, the 2020s are all about being comfortable in your skin and embracing your natural features. 

  1. Glowy Dewy Skin

We still love natural and healthy-looking skin. But you don’t have to make it look like a light bulb with an excessive highlighter on the cheeks or your nose. 

  1. Nair Art

Our nails had plenty of interesting moments in the last decade. However, now is the time to give them a much-needed break. There’s no need to create floral and creative prints on your nails. A simple coat of your favorite nail color would also do. 

  1. Black lipstick

Wearing black lipstick was quite cool in the 2000s and 2010s. But if we see someone sporting this lip shade, we can be guilty of judging their makeup choices. 

  1. Bushy eyebrows

Don’t flaunt busy eyebrows if they don’t suit you. Check out how celebrities and their followers are benefitting from various eyebrow treatments to get their desired look. 

  1. Spider lashes

Do you want to look like someone who is using old and clumpy mascara? We don’t think so—no need to flaunt this trend because it will only make you look out of place. 

  1. Skin whitening creams

Embrace your natural skin tone. Many famous actresses and fashion celebrities are already embracing the sans makeup trend. There is no reason why you should attempt changing your original complexion. Say no to skin whitening serums and products that may lead to various infections or even skin cancer. 

  1. Korean Skincare Products

It’s ok to use a few credible beauty products from the Korean skincare lineup. However, don’t grab your hands on every new product that comes out of a Korean brand. 

Final Thoughts

Now you know about the most happening and top 2010s makeup trends. Follow our guide if you want to incorporate any of these makeup trends into your daily makeup routine. 


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