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The Ultimate Guide To Magnetic Eyelashes 2021

Nothing completes a great face of makeup like perfectly done lashes. Whether it be for a night out, a formal event, or just a day-to-day fresh face, gorgeous eyelashes are the best way to top it off. 

Over time, eyelashes have evolved from just being stuck with what we are born with to enhancing them with mascara, fake lashes, to lash growth serum.


New beauty trends are always popping up constantly for lashes. From new skin treatments to different kinds of beauty products, there’s always something new to try. Magnetic eyelashes are one of those new trends. In the past few years, their popularity has grown, giving way to new types and brands.

The search for the next best thing in the beauty world is constant. Anything that makes makeup and skincare easier or better is always sought after. Longer, thicker lashes are the envy of many and now attainable by anyone. 

A newfound trend in recent years that continues to gain popularity is magnetic eyelashes. Are they worth venturing out to try something new to give your lashes that extra pop?


Whether it be through growth serum, mascara that supposedly brings your lashes to new lengths, extensions are done by professionals, or glue-on lashes, beauty consumers are always looking for longer lashes.

Why Are People Trying Magnetic Lashes?

Many may find themselves asking, ‘do we really need another way to enhance lashes?’ What’s so different from regular glue on lashes? Are they really worth learning another way to extend your lashes? 

With all these other alternatives already in place, they must be worth a try if they’ve gained so much popularity over the years. 


The popularity of magnetic eyelashes comes from the increased simplicity of putting them on compared to traditional false lashes. They don’t require eyelash glue which can at times be difficult to remove and even get stuck in natural lashes.


Magnetic lashes were the brainchild of Katy Stoka in 2014. She created two magnetic strips of lashes that stuck together around natural lashes, creating the same effect as glue on lashes without the messy hassle. 

Since her invention, magnetic lashes have been produced by countless beauty companies and done nothing but gain popularity. Magnetic lashes are popping up in beauty stores and drugstores everywhere. 

Magnetic lashes are easier to take on and off than traditional glue-on lashes and are a less permanent alternative to lash extensions. 

What Are Magnetic Lashes, Really?

Add-ons to natural lashes have been a growing trend in the beauty world. Whether it’s to create a dramatic thick lash or just accentuate your daily look, lash add-ons have been increasing in popularity.

The great thing about false lashes is they offer a quick fix to shorter lashes. They’re great for special events or just enhancing your eyes. They’re temporary and can be easily taken off hours after applying. 

We’ve done an in-depth post on what magnetic lashes are and how they work here

Glue Gone

Magnetic lashes eliminate the tricky and sticky step of applying false lashes that’s been a problem for years, the glue.  In place of the glue that holds the lashes in place, magnetic lashes use magnets, as you could probably have guessed by the name, to stay in place.

Two Types Of Magnetic Lashes 

One type uses lashes and eyeliner. You apply the eyeliner above your lash line, which contains magnetic bits in it, and then apply the lash against the liner. 

The other type of magnetic lashes uses two sets of fake lashes. You take one set and place it below your natural lashes, then place the other set on top of your lashes and they stay in place around your natural lashes.

Eyeliner Lashes

These types of magnetic eyelashes are great for those who are already pros at applying eyeliner.  The eyeliner is magnetic, and after applying, is what holds the lash in place. 

For most brands, you apply a thick coat of eyeliner as you normally would. Most brands suggest doing multiple coats of the liner to make sure the lash stays in place. Then you just align the lash with the liner and let the magnets do the work. 


  • No messing with your natural lashes. With the liner sitting above your natural lashes, as long as you’re careful there’s no messing with your real lashes. You’ll be able to leave them unbothered. 
  • Two for one, you’ll eliminate the extra need for applying eyeliner since you’ll be using its magnetic pull for the lashes.


  • If you struggle with eyeliner or don’t like wearing it, there isn’t a way around it. These lashes use magnets in the liner, so not wearing eyeliner with these lashes isn’t an option.

Eyeliner lashes are great for those who want to use eyeliner. However, if you’re looking for something more natural to add to your makeup routine or just want a natural-looking lash, double magnetic lashes could be for you. 

Double Magnetic Lashes

Double magnetic lashes eliminate the need for magnetic eyeliner. Two rows of lashes stick together around your real lashes.  The magnets stick around your natural eyelashes to stay in place, instead of sticking to the magnets in the eyeliner.


  • No liner is necessary. If you struggle with eyeliner it’s not a requirement for these lashes
  • No need for glue. These lashes stick together magnetically so you won’t have to mess with glue.


  • If you’re not careful they can be hard on your lashes. Be sure to carefully pull apart when taking them off your natural lashes and do not pull too hard. 

With both types of lashes, it’s important to be careful when removing them. Like any other form of makeup, the way you remove them is important.  By removing makeup fully and lashes carefully you’re protecting your natural lashes. 

How Do These Affect My Real Eyelashes?

Magnetic lashes can cause issues for some individuals. 

False eyelashes if worn too much can cause traction alopecia. Traction alopecia is the loss of hair from repetitive pulling and tugging on the natural hair.  Medical professionals advocate for limited use of any form of lash enhancement.  

Just like any hair, too much stress on the root is what leads to problems. Handling your eyelashes with care and not overdoing anything that adds stress, like applying false lashes.

According to Lasik Center Medical Group Access, traction near your natural lashes possibly damages the hair follicles, stopping your natural lashes from growing back. Too much stress around your eyelashes is what can cause damage. 


Be careful when applying and taking off any makeup or false lash. Try to limit the use of false lashes, magnetic or glue, to once or twice a week. Limiting use helps your lashes recover in between uses and doesn’t make them as irritating. 


Try to avoid too much contact with the false lashes and your natural lashes. Be careful when removing the false lashes, and be gentle when placing and removing. 

Can Magnetic Lashes Give You a Headache?

In few cases, magnetic lashes or lash enhancements of any kind can cause what Healthline refers to as an eye strain headache. Eye strain headaches are self-described as headaches caused by added stress to the eyes.


The added weight and stress on the vision from lashes is what causes, on rare occasions, the headache. Because your eyes are working harder to see, for some that added work can lead to a headache. Problems like this can occur with any form of the added lash; like glue-on false lashes, lash extensions, and magnetic lashes. 

To try and avoid this, make sure that the lashes aren’t blocking your vision, to not add any strain to your eyes.


Headaches aren’t common when wearing these lashes. The likelihood of experiencing one isn’t more likely than it would be wearing any other type of false lash. If you experience this problem it’s suggested to stop using the lashes and seek professional help if the problem continues. 

What Are The Easiest Magnetic Lashes To Apply?

The easiest magnetic lashes to apply depends on what you’re most comfortable with. These types of lashes come with choices. 

If it’s easier for you to apply eyeliner, then magnetic eyeliner is the choice for you. Apply a coat above your eyelid and then you’re ready to place the lash. Giving an easy, mascara and eyelash glue-free look. 

Don’t worry if you’re no good at applying eyeliner though. With the two rows of magnetic lashes, all you have to do is place each row around your real lashes. 

Either type of magnetic lashes offers an alternative for those who struggle with using eyelash glue. Magnetic lashes eliminate the need for glue which can get stuck in real eyelashes or lose their stick over time. 

Where Should I Get My Magnetic Lashes?

Still skeptical about trying this form of lashes?  

Opulence MD Beauty is magnetic lashes created by an ophthalmologist (eye doctor).  Lay your worries to rest. These lashes are created to not have any effect on your eyes.  

Their basic lashes come with magnetic eyeliner and lashes. 

Some facts about these lashes are: 

  • They’re made from cruelty-free Siberian mink
  • They’re capable of up to 45 wears with cleaning
  • Soft, flexible lashes that get close to your lash line
  • Uses 5 hidden magnets that strongly hold onto your eyelid

Opulence MD Beauty has options that will fulfill all your magnetic lash needs. From primer to eyeliner and lashes, their site offers everything you need for beginners trying magnetic lashes for the first time.

Simpler Solution

If you’re looking for something simpler, you can find magnetic lashes in more convenient places like Amazon or your local drug store. 


A highly rated brand on Amazon is Evershine. Reviewers praised these magnetic lashes and are easy to apply and come with a variety of lashes. The pack comes with lashes varying in thickness and length, giving first-time or experienced users a few options.

Ulta Beauty

Ulta Beauty carries an extensive amount of options. Their inventory offers a broad range of prices and types of lashes. If you’re looking to explore many different types of lashes in one location, their site or store can be a great place to start. 

Found Everywhere

There’s plenty of places to look for your perfect pair of magnetic lashes depending on what you want to spend. With their growing popularity, it’s easy to shop around and find a pair you think will fit you best. 

Other Options

If you’re still looking for other options, we’ve done a review on magnetics lash brands also.

What Can I Do To Help My Lashes Grow Naturally? 

Sick of all the lashes, mascaras, and treatments to enhance your lashes? Looking for something a little more natural to supplement your lashes?

Essential Oils

Adding essential oils and giving your lashes a break from products is an easy way to help your lashes help themselves. 

Natural Substances

Coconut, olive, almond, argan, and petroleum jelly are all more natural substances you can use to help your lashes grow. Massaging the oil in your hands then gently massaging it onto your eyelashes can, over time, aid your eyelashes in their growth. 


Massaging any of those oils gently onto your lashes before bed can be a great supplement to your beauty routine. Give it a month or two to see if this natural practice is helping to grow your lashes.

The effect of oils growing lashes certainly isn’t as immediate as throwing on some lashes, but can be a great way to add to their natural length and thickness. 

Growth Serum

Another way to encourage natural growth with your lashes is eyelash growth serum.  You can find eyelash growth serum just about anywhere. You can find growth serum anywhere from Amazon to Ulta or Sephora. It’s priced anywhere from $20 up to $200.  

To apply the serums you just line your eyelid above your lashes and allow the serum to dry. Applying it where you would usually apply eyeliner allows the serum to seep into where the root of your lashes grows. 

Most of these serums tell you to wait a month or two before expecting to see results. Serums won’t give you instant growth to your lashes. 

Routine Maintenance

The easiest thing to do to help your eyelashes grow naturally is to handle them with care.  When removing makeup, false lashes or just itching your eyes, the harder you are on your eyelashes the harder it is for them to grow. Giving them breaks from makeup and false lashes of any kind is a great way to ensure they’re able to grow naturally. 


Over time, eyelashes have evolved from just being stuck with what we are born with to enhancing them with mascara, fake lashes, to lash growth serum.

For those who love the look of false lashes, but struggle with sticky eyelash glue, magnetic lashes can be a great replacement. They also give a less permanent alternative to lash extensions and require less upkeep.

Nothing finishes off your look like perfect eyelashes. For years, ways to better eyelashes have been sought after and tried over and over again in many different ways. Magnetic lashes make it easy to achieve the perfect lash look that you’ve been looking for. 


Adding magnetic lashes to your beauty routine can be an easy way to enhance your natural lashes. There’s plenty of different brands out there to try to find your perfect fit for you. With magnetic lashes gaining popularity there are plenty of brands to choose from that offer different types of lashes and a range of prices.


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