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Will Magnetic Lashes Damage Real Lashes?

The short answer is yes. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. While the eyelash industry continues to improve products with different adhesives, fibers, lengths, application methods – the list goes on. The false lash industry is growing at a rapid pace and should break about 1.6 billion dollars by 2025. But, back on track here. Magnetic lashes are all the new rage but don’t be dragged into false hopes and promises from just any old retailer you see on the ‘gram. These companies will pour hundreds of thousands of dollars into advertising campaigns to capture your attention but won’t tell you all the hidden cons of magnetic lashes.

Not All Are The Same

Just to be clear, much like hair extensions or any other industry, not all magnetic lash companies are created equal. It may be a hard concept to grasp, but at this point, there are hundreds of magnetic lash brands available on the market that are trying to take advantage of this trend. Some are affordable for lesser budgets but may not be as quality or last as long. Some are a tad more expensive and offer a longer-lasting hold and better, more realistic textures. But, if you don’t do your research carefully (in essence, read a lot of reviews), the brand you select could severely rip out your eyelashes, some of which won’t grow back, or will grow back in a very strange pattern.

It all comes down to the quality of the magnetic liner used in this lash method. The cheaper brands will likely contain junkier chemicals and ingredients that will absolutely harm your natural lashes. That’s not to say some of the more expensive brands won’t. If you value your natural lashes, you do have to take some precautions and some risks.

It Will Depend On you

Just like with hair, our eyelash follicles can vary from person to person. Some are stronger and can withhold liners, mascaras, and magnetic lash formula without any damage, but, if you tend to have finer hair, your lashes may mimic the same texture and are much more prone to damage. If you’ve tried the traditional strip lashes and found that the glue destroyed your lashes, a cheaper version of magnetic lash liner could be similar. The science behind it is iron oxides (magnet power) and the lash itself has itty bitty magnets that bond to the formula. While even the more affordable brands can give you up to 24 hours of long-wear, taking them off is the trick. And you might be able to pull the lashes off effortlessly, but the liner formula is the real villain that has the ability to destroy your natural eyelashes.

Don’t Be Concerned

But don’t get too discouraged, as this growing trend evolves, retailers are getting smarter about their products so they can lock in loyalists for years to come. What started out as hype has merged into a lifestyle product that several lash lovers are dedicated to and rely on.

Take Precaution

You can always ask a dermatologist what their recommendations are, or present some options you are looking at so they can fully examine the ingredient list and tell you if it will be harmful to your lashes. While serum companies have been promoting natural growth, there are also a lot of chemicals that aren’t healthy for your skin or hairs, and dermatologists in this day and age are fairly schooled about that.


What’s beyond lashes is the health of your actual eyes. While we know strip lash glue can be exceptionally damaging to eyes, there really hasn’t been enough research on how magnetic liner will affect eyes long-term. As with any new beauty product, you should always proceed with caution and due diligence, and don’t believe every advertisement you come across.

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