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What are Magnetic Lashes and How Do They Work?

Unless you’ve been hiding away in a bunker for the past two years, you’ve likely heard of the phenomenon of magnetic lashes. If you haven’t heard of them, you might have the same reaction most people do, which is “what kind of ridiculous gimmick is this?” and you wouldn’t be alone. Magnetic lashes have become all the rage and there were once only a handful of companies that produced this magic, now there is a huge competitive market.

How It Started

If you grew up with the old school strip lashes or the singles, you know the whole routine of getting the right lashes, trimming them if need be, getting the right adhesive, using a lash applicator, or tweezers. And the worst of it all, waiting for your glue to get tacky enough to stick and not putting them on straight. It can basically ruin your entire makeup routine. Sticky, uneven, crooked – not to mention glued to your eyelids, lash glue is something that requires some mastery to get it right. And when you take them off, expect to lose some of your lashes along the way. The same glue that holds those dreamy lashes to your eyes for a night, will also pull at your natural follicles no matter what eye makeup remover you use.

Old school lashes are trusty, which is why people may seem skeptical of testing out magnetic lashes, which seem all too easy to come off mid-conversation, event, you name it. But the engineering on these suckers have gotten pretty advanced. Now, even beginners can master the magnetic trend because they are just that effortless.

How Do They Work

So how do they work? It all starts with a magnetic eyeliner which is comprised of iron oxides – the stuff that makes magnets work. The lash strips themselves contain tiny little magnets that propel to the liner. It can work in just seconds IF you get the right kind. Some brands require a clamp style hold to force the two elements together. While you avoid getting that burning lash glue in your eyes, sandwiching lash bands between your natural lashes can require a bit of time, which basically defeats the purpose. In essence, you get what you pay for.

It seems like a simple solution to get those long, fluttery lashes, but the reality is that most of these companies claim they are safe and healthy for your natural lashes. Wrong. This technology, despite the brand, can still pull your natural lashes off as well, just like glue on strips or extensions.

They Are Getting Better

If you are totally scared by this point, don’t be – these are just possibilities. Quite a few brands keep upping their game on the magnet force to give you a long-lasting look without ripping those natural hairs out. Not to mention you aren’t dealing with anymore cumbersome glue (that frankly gets everywhere and if it gets on your fingertips, you have grimy fingers for a while even if you wash your hands).

Another added bonus is that magnetic lashes come in a variety of styles. You want bombshell Hollywood lashes – done. You want natural lashes you can bat without seeming too made up – done. You want dramatic, overly long, and thick lashes – you got it. There are so many styles to match your mood and personality, that doesn’t require all the fuss of other lash options.


When you do your research and read some reviews, you’ll find that many magnetic lash brands are wind resistant and won’t get slimy and fall off on a hot day or while you are sweating at the gym. The technology of magnetic lashes continues to evolve and you don’t have to shell out the money on extensions that can look wonky when you sleep on them wrong. Go ahead, experiment! Magnetic lashes may just be your favorite new beauty product.

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