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When Will Malls Reopen?

The COVID-19 crisis of 2020 has really put a damper on things. And it keeps rising. It’s messed up our lives a tad and is taking some getting used to. No longer are we able to cruise our favorite malls and enjoy leisurely shopping as we did in years previous. Shopping our favorite stores, carefree, sans mask – it all seems like a distant memory. While our memories are cherished, we can still move forward and support the malls and businesses we formerly frequented and thrived upon. Things are much more restricted, which requires extra care, but if you can stay socially appropriate and masked up, there is no reason you can’t still enjoy the public shopping you once loved. Just mask up.

New Normal

Yes, it will feel a little different, and wearing a mask is just one requirement. We all have to adjust to the new normal that we all being forced to acclimate to, but malls are still going to be precautionary regarding their But, malls are still trying to stay safe. Malls, while taking every health precaution to keep stores sanitized, want to inform visitors of the possible health implications.

Malls Want To Remain Open

All hope is not lost though. If you were a frequent mall enthusiast, times will be different, but you can still enjoy the atmosphere, attention, and nostalgic feeling of purchasing stuff you don’t really need. The shops will thank you for it and you can help keep retail alive. Stores want to remain operating as much as you want to shop them and if you can manage to follow the rules and be respectful about socially distancing, you can help keep commerce alive and satisfy your shopping desire. And now that the holidays are among us, we need to get some efficient shopping done. And you know what? Customer service will have never been better. As much as you want to shop, feel fabrics, eat crap mall food (no judgment), the mall wants you back too.

Sales Season

And now that we have entered pre-Thanksgiving mode which means Christmas shopping galore, we all need to visit our malls safely. We can take advantage of showroom samples, membership programs, and free deliveries. Yes, malls are making a comeback and they want to help you fulfill your shopping list needs while also nurturing the loyalty you began with. Just get a game plan together as digital or in-person, black Friday.


Not only do retailers want to get back to the days of loving samples and in-store promotions, but they also want to provide a healthy and safe environment for you to shop. Just put your mask up and purchase what you need efficiently. There are a variety of safe masks you can wear out to the malls, and the retailers will thank you for your visit, but be safe, courteous, and invested in the future as all our health depends on it! Also, if you have a skin or health condition, always consult a physician.

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