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Must-Have Beauty Products When Traveling

When it comes to traveling by plane, packing can be kind of a nightmare. Not only do you have a limited amount of space to pack all your clothes for your vacation, but you also have to worry about packing the right beauty products, which can be a difficult area to navigate, especially when it comes to airport security. That’s right; the TSA is no joke when it comes to discarding your new perfume or that expensive foundation in the drop of a dime because it doesn’t fit their liquid requirements. Therefore, to save you the pain of getting all your products taken away, in this article, we’re going to highlight some travel-friendly cosmetics that are perfect for bringing on the go. We’re going to cover everything from products that you should definitely pack, some key TSA regulations to keep in mind, and some products that you may be forgetting. So, if you’re ready to take your skincare on the go in the easiest way possible, let’s dive in and get started. 

How to pack

Starting off, when it comes to packing for a trip, you definitely want to keep it as minimal as possible when it comes to beauty products. Not only will this save you from potential trouble with the TSA, but it will also limit the chances of your products spilling or exploding. Here are three key tips to help your beauty packing go smoothly.

1. Ask yourself if you really need it 

First of all, as tempting as it is, no, you don’t need to take your entire makeup collection with you. We all have a bad habit of overpacking, so before traveling, you’ll need to sit down and ask yourself what you absolutely need on your trip and what you probably won’t use. This will help you to prioritize the necessities, so you aren’t lugging around extra weight or taking up extra space. 

2. Keep only the essentials in your carry-on

Now, the most important thing to remember when packing is to only pack the essentials in your carry-on. If you want to bring a bunch of extra beauty products on top of it, that’s fine, but save that for a checked bag instead. Remember, you’re allowed to take a small resealable bag with liquids with you on the plane, so take any products you regularly use with you and leave other pieces such as palettes, brushes, or liners in your checked bag, as you most likely won’t need them.

3. Use travel-sized beauty products

And lastly, another key rule for packing is to get travel-size plastic bottles to bring with you. If we’re being honest, it’s likely that most of the products you want to bring on your trip won’t come in travel-size containers. Therefore, instead of not bringing them, you can buy some reusable plastic bottles instead and make your own travel-friendly cosmetics. Trust us; it will make all the difference on your trip, especially after a few days.

Airline-Friendly Tips/Restrictions

Now that we’ve gone over a few tips for packing, let’s talk about restrictions and tips for bringing your products through security. I think we can all agree that passing airport security can feel like a nightmare sometimes, especially if you’re bringing a bunch of things in your carry-on. However, it is something we all have to go through, so we might as well prepare ourselves as best as we can ahead of time. With that said, the TSA enforces strict regulations on what you can and can’t bring onboard. However, it is easy to navigate through as long as you remember these guidelines:

  • You’re only allowed to pack individual 3.4-ounce containers of liquids, aerosols, and gels. If you go over the 3.4-ounce limit, a  TSA agent will surely discard it, so pack wisely. 
  • All toiletries must be placed in one clear quart-size, ziplock bag. Only one ziplock bag will be allowed per passenger. Do not pack more than one ziplock bag.
  • You must declare medically necessary liquids, such as baby formula, breast milk, and insulin, ahead of time to a security agent prior to boarding. For these items, you are typically allowed to bring more than 3.4 ounces, but it must be in a reasonable quantity and approved by the TSA.

For more on TSA guidelines and regulations on liquids and beauty products, be sure to visit for more information. 

Items to bring in a carry-on bag

And finally, let’s talk about what to bring with you, first starting with your carry-on bag. For a carry-on, you’re going to want to pack on the essentials. This includes self-care products, hygiene products, or other travel-size beauty products that you will need while on the flight. A good rule of thumb for what to bring in a carry-on is to ask yourself if you won’t be using it until you land. If the answer is no, save it for your checked bag. However, there are definitely a few items you’ll definitely want to bring in a carry-on to maximize your beauty routine the best you can. 

1. Lip Balm

First of all, make sure you don’t skip out on the lip balm. Believe it or not, airplanes are extremely drying to your lips and your skin. Therefore, you’re going to want to pack a lip balm on the go with you wherever you go. And if you aren’t big on lipstick, a tinted lip balm can help you to solve two problems at once by adding a little color to your lips without heavily saturating them.

2. Moisturizer 

Next, just as mentioned above, airplanes can be incredibly drying to your skin. Therefore, packing a moisturizer in your carry-on will help you to replenish as needed, especially if you’re on a long flight. A tip for this is to pack moisturizing wipes, as these are super easy and compact to store and help get the job done just as well as a cream.

3. Concealer

Now, it’s unlikely that anyone would want to carry foundation on a flight with them. Therefore, you might opt for a small tube of a trusty concealer instead. This will help you touch up any irritated areas as well as help to perk up droopy eyes. When in doubt, remember, concealers always have your back.

4. Eye gels

Next, if you’re flying red-eye or a flight with long hours, you’re probably going to want to pack some travel-friendly eye gels. Eye gels are a product that has powerful repairing ingredients, such as Vitamins C + E and collagen to help boost and repair the skin, helping to plump up your under-eye area to help you look more awake. Plus they also feature hydrating ingredients, such as aloe vera, which can help to combat the drying effects of plane air conditioning.  

5. All-in-one products or a travel-makeup kit

Now, another key thing about packing for your carry-on is finding all-in-one products or a small travel makeup kit. Packing as many all-in-one products as you can is a good way to save space and also cut back on your liquid count. A good example of these types of products would be an all-in-one contour and highlighter stick or an all-in-one brow and mascara stick. Of course, nowadays, there are a lot more all-in-one products than this available, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for products like this ahead of time to save yourself the hassle. 

6. Translucent powder

Another key product you’ll definitely want to pack is a translucent powder. On long flights, especially in the summer, you’re bound to get a little shiny and oily along the way. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure you pack a small translucent powder in your carry-on to ensure you are fresh at all times. 

7. Multi-use oil

Next, make sure you add a multi-purpose oil to your carry-on just in case. Multi-purpose oils like argan oil are incredibly gentle and nourishing and can be used for just about everything from eye cream to hair serum, body moisturizer, and more. Therefore, you’ll want to pack at least one small bottle of your favorite oil to help you tackle multiple problems at once and save you room in your carry-on.

8. Mascara

Next, a small tube of mascara is definitely a necessity when it comes to travel, especially for those long flights where your eyes need to look a little more awake after a few hours. Therefore, don’t forget to pack your favorite mascara to help you get the job done flawlessly. 

9. Brow Pencil 

And lastly, you’ll definitely want to bring something to touch up your brows in your carry-on (especially if you plan to fall asleep). Our pick for this is a fine-tipped brow pencil; however, you can also use a brow powder or brow mascara to keep them fresh all flight long. 

What to Pack in Your Checked Bag

Now, since you don’t have much room in a carry-on bag, you’ll definitely want to transfer some of your beauty products over to your checked bag. A good rule for packing checked luggage is to only pack things you can’t live without, just in case your luggage gets lost or damaged. Here’s a quick idea guide to consider when packing your checked bag. 

1. Toiletries

The first thing you’ll want to keep in your checked bag is toiletries. This includes things such as hairsprays, shampoos, conditioners, shaving creams, and anything that you want to bring that is over 3.4 oz. These are great things to keep in checked luggage, as you can buy cheap replacements for your trip at just about any store if they get lost.

2. Flat iron or curling iron

Next on the list is a flat iron or curling iron. These are best packed in a checked bag as your hair can make it for a while without a little styling. If you have travel-sized pieces of these or a second cheaper flat iron or curling iron, these would definitely be ideal for packing instead.

3. Sunscreen

Next, ample sunscreen is definitely a necessity to pack wherever you’re going, as it will help to keep your skin happy, protected, and healthy no matter what you get up to. However, you’ll definitely want to save this for a checked bag, as sunscreen can easily take up the set amount of liquids allowed. Therefore, stash a big bottle of your sunscreen in your check-in bag, and you should have no problem. 

4. Deodorant

Next, while we hope you have this applied already by the time you get on your flight, you definitely never want to leave the house without a little deodorant. After a flight, you’re bound to feel a little dirty and sweat, so it’s best to have this in your checked bag so you can re-apply it as soon as you get off the plane. 

5. Facial wipes/Makeup remover

Next, unless you’re flying overnight, you most likely won’t need makeup remover in your carry-on. For this reason, whether you prefer wipes or liquid, it’s best to pack them in your checked bag, as you can carry ample amounts of this without any hassle. 

6. Dry Shampoo

Another must-have beauty product in your checked bag is dry shampoo. If you’re going to be several days of travel or even overnight travel, dry shampoo is a lifesaver, and unfortunately, most of the TSA-approved dry shampoo bottle sizes aren’t going to cut it, especially if you have thick hair. Therefore, it’s best to keep this in a checked bag, as your hair could definitely use a little extra love after a long flight.

5. Extras

And lastly, anything that you’re not going to need in a carry-on but want to bring on your trip can be packed in your checked bag. This includes extra eye shadow palettes, different lipstick shades, and any other extra beauty products that you won’t need on the plane (just remember to save a little room for some clothing pieces, too). 

Items Most Often Missed

And lastly, we wanted to go over a quick list of beauty products that are commonly forgotten when traveling that you definitely don’t want to forget. This typically includes: 

1. Sunscreen

One of the items that are most often forgotten is a bottle of sunscreen. Sunscreen is essential no matter where you go, as it can help to protect your skin from damage, aging, and skin impurities; however, it isn’t always the first thing on our minds when it comes to packing. Therefore, to ensure you don’t damage your skin on your travel expeditions, make sure this is one of the first things in your bag, so you don’t forget.

2. Toothbrush

Next, another key item you definitely don’t want to forget is your toothbrush and toothpaste. While this may seem like an item you would pack first, you would be surprised at how many times this is forgotten when traveling. Therefore, make sure you set aside an extra baggie for your toothbrush and toothpaste to keep your teeth and breath fresh no matter where you go. 

3. Lip balm

Next, lip balm is another one of the most forgotten items when it comes to traveling. This one is huge, as traveling means that you’re going to be out and about more than usual, which ultimately means your lips are going to be prone to drying out faster. Therefore, it is one of the biggest travel-friendly cosmetics that you don’t want to forget. 

4. Small LED mirror

Next, another beauty product often forgotten is a small LED mirror. Now, there’s nothing more inconvenient than trying to do your makeup on a plane and not having a hand-held mirror or proper lighting to ensure you’re doing it correctly. Therefore, make sure you don’t forget your mirror; otherwise, your makeup is definitely going to suffer. 

5. Hairbrush

Another beauty product often forgotten is a hairbrush. Now, you can straighten your hair all you want, but if you don’t have a hairbrush to brush out all the knots and tangles, your life is definitely going to be harder than it should be. Therefore, don’t forget to pack your hairbrush in your checked bag to avoid any trouble with this. You can also check out a list of other items that are most commonly forgotten when traveling on

6. Self-Tanner

Often missed, even during the summer months is a nice self-tanner. It’s important to consider a self-tanner that is fast-drying and won’t stain the limited amount of clothing you are carrying with you. Our recommendation is Blue Saint as it accomplishes this along with its use of natural ingredients that give a natural-looking tan.


In conclusion, when it comes to preparing your travel makeup kit, there’s a lot of different products you’ll probably consider bringing. However, if you make the overall process of it all run smoother, it’s best to stick to the basics and only pack what you absolutely need, not what you think you need. Either way, as long as you incorporate some if not all the items on the lists above, we can guarantee your skin will be happy, healthy, and beautiful, unlike any other. Safe travels! 


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