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How Long Do Hair Extensions Last?

You’ve been eyeing all those long-haired beauties for a while and you’ve decided, you’re ready for extensions. They are fun, flowy, versatile and there are so many types depending on how much maintenance you are willing to put up with. But having those long tresses does require a bit of work. If you are wondering what your money will get you and how long those locks will last, it’s difficult to give you an exact time amount because it really depends on your hair type and the way you treat your extensions.

As with your real hair, extensions do require some tender loving care. If you are fusing/bonding, you’ll have to ensure you have the right tools, products, and time to devote to keeping such a head of hair. Assuming you are going to a great hairstylist who has experience with extensions, you could keep them as long as you want, just depending on your commitment and pocketbook.


So how long do hair extensions last? Well, how long is a bridge and where do you want to go? If you like having extensions and don’t mind the maintenance, you could have them as long as it appeals to you. If you’re giving it a trial run and don’t think you’ll be refreshing them – it is really going to depend on the state of your hair, whether it’s chemically-treated and if you are doing all the right things when you have your extensions.


The rule of thumb is typically about 3 months when it comes to basic extensions, be it bond fusing with cold or hot, using tape-ins or clip-ins, or just getting it sewn in. Regardless of your optimal method, extensions have to be maintained like normal hair. And if we are being real, you have to treat your extensions like your actual hair. They don’t have some magical power that suddenly says you don’t have to care for these tresses as you would your own. You’re literally fusing these on to your hair, so you have to use the gentle touch you would with your own hair.

Your hair is temperamental, too. Think of extensions being bonded to your follicles with a glue gun. If you are doing arts and crafts, you want to make sure to use enough hot glue to keep your project together. While it’s not apples to apples, you do have to use a special serum and heat to attach the extensions so they will bond to your hair. When you use quality shampoo and conditioner, or products, and you use your heating tools sparingly, you can extend the life of your extensions. They will hang on to your natural hair longer and won’t be jeopardized by too much damage.

Maintenance Required

If you just can’t handle the work required to maintain extensions, it’s okay. But your extensions will not last as long. They will likely frizz up, fall out, or solidify. Even though you spent some cash on it, yes, your extensions need attention. This means a shorter life (if you want your extensions to look natural), which isn’t a bad thing, but you do need to figure your exit strategy. Fusing extensions on your hair is a process, so is removing them. There are very particular chemical products to help you remove the locks but realize that they are heavy chemicals.

If you can’t manage the chemical removal route due to health conditions or preference, you can also remove them with pliers to remove the bond. No, it won’t be fun. Yes, it will take a lot of work. Yes, you should just leave removal to the professionals.


If you are sold on the idea of extensions, go for it! At a minimum, you will have a great month of amazing hair.

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