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How to Make Hair Extensions

Those long flowing locks everyone loves and fawns over – yes, we’re talking about hair extensions. If you weren’t blessed with naturally fast-growing hair that’s also thick and healthy, you may have been thinking about hair extensions. If you’ve taken it a step further and done your research, you will realize hair extensions aren’t cheap, either. But turn that frown upside down because we can tell you how to achieve those beautiful tresses without breaking the bank. Yes, you can make your own hair extensions – and they won’t look awful.

Business Model

The beauty business is profitable for a reason. People want to look good. And when you look good, your confidence escalates and you can basically Beyonce your way through the day. The hair business rakes in quite a bit of cash and can cater to a lot of different budgets. When it comes to extensions, you can either sit down in your stylist’s chair and hand over your hard-earned cash, or you can just go to the local beauty store and get creative.

You Can Do It Too

A little extra effort and a time investment? Yes. But you can get almost the same results as you would in a salon if you exercise a little patience and will. Beauty stores carry a variety of different extension types. You can fork over the big bucks and get the pre-made wefts that clip in, or you can buy the same exact hair sans prefabrication, grab some thread and snag some clips from those nice ladies at the counter. Often, they can even help you match your hair color so you don’t go home with something ridiculous.

When you’ve chosen your color and length (packaging will tell you what the length is), you’ll buy a spool of thread that matches and those snappy snaps that look similar to the color. Don’t skimp on the clips, buy more than you need, trust me. Do you have a chair? This might take a while.

How To

To custom-fit your extensions, measure your hair along the back, first just above the nape, then about an inch above, then from about 1/2 inch behind one ear to the other, and the last about an inch above that.  Cut the hair from the weft in those lengths, and double or triple them – if you are adding length, but not volume, you may want to just double them, and vice versa. Start to sew your clips on to the top of the weft but use caution with the thread.

When you’ve completed sewing the clips on the hair, you can begin to section out your own natural hair to figure out where you want to add the extensions. It’s recommended to divide your hair up into coordinates and hopefully, you have a good double-sided mirror or friend nearby to help you secure your new tresses. You’ll strategically align each “track” and snap the clips to your head so they stay. While temporary extensions can look like the real deal, they are also very temperamental, so you’ll have to take care when securing to your head otherwise you run the risk of leaving chunks of hair in your trail.


Once finished, give yourself a final whirl and go own your day! Yes, you can be glamorous with your own homemade extensions and not have to take out a loan for it.

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