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What Does a Diffuser Do in a Room?

Do you love the smell of soothing jasmine? The comfort of warm vanilla? The nostalgia that the fresh smell of pine brings back? Not only are these scents pleasing, but they are also actually beneficial to your health. And you can get a daily dose of mood enchantment each day with the use of an essential oil diffuser.


Essential oils gained a great deal of notoriety in the 90s and 00s, but they certainly aren’t a new concept. In the modern-day, we use them for their mood-boosting benefits as part of a self-care routine, but the revival of essential oil popularity is largely due to improved health as an effect. 

This is something our ancestors knew long ago, but hey, sometimes we have to discover things on our own to learn the true value. (Maybe it’s time to start listening to grandma’s advice!).

Not only has the essential oil market exploded, but the knowledge and sales associated with the trend have also turned into somewhat of a career for most people. 

What used to be Mary K and Pampered Chef parties has now been stormed by companies like Aura Cacia and doTERRA. Companies like these promote the use of a diffuser and the many varied oils that can be used. 

The diffuser disperses the small essential oil molecules into the air. This is can include candle diffusers, electric heat diffusers, and cold air nebulizing diffusers. Voila! There is an instant shift once the essential oil is activated. Diffusers are popular due to the quick-acting disbursement.

Why People Buy Them

It seems so simple because it is. When you plug an oil diffuser into a room you can dramatically shift the mood and environment while decreasing the stress and feelings within it. For example, Aura Cacia’s motto is “prioritize peace and happiness over stress.” What was nature’s best-kept secret can now be harnessed and brought into the home, office, or any constructed space.

Do They Really Work

You may have noticed the harmony associated with visiting a specific retail store, the ease you feel upon walking into a four-star hotel, the relaxation you feel when getting a massage, or the energy that ignites within you when you visit a casino (Las Vegas is famous for infusing scents into the casino floor). 

It all goes back to the concept of aromatherapy and no, it’s not some new-age propaganda. The human body has been scientifically proven to be affected by the stimulus of essential oil smells.

Inhaled essential oils are immediately received by your olfactory receptors and olfactory bulb found in the brain. 

This fire-starter then sends messages to the limbic system to incite an emotional and physical response. Fascinating! But want to really have your mind blown? This process can affect your hormones, nervous system, blood pressure, and circulation within the body. 

When absorbed into the lungs, essential oil aromas can immediately affect your brain and your mental health. Wow!

Similar Products Have Been Around

This is why the essential oil market has exploded and almost anywhere you go there is some sort of diffuser associated with the room. Glade, Airwick, and other companies have been manipulating this science for decades (thankfully!) which is why we are able to have cozy, good-smelling homes or are greeted by a pleasant fragrance at the dentist’s office. 

Febreeze has certainly made a name for itself and become somewhat of a necessity in many people’s lives.


Soothing your nerves is just one of the many benefits but essential oils have actually been studied and tested by researchers at Johns Hopkins and other notable institutions to – are you ready for this? – CURE DISEASES! Because not only are scents absorbed through the nose, but your skin can also actually absorb scents as well. 

This is why your favorite body lotion has that lovely pineapple fragrance or the perfume you wear can impact more than your mood (and that of those around you!). And depending on your holistic health, this may be why you are more prone to seek out some fragrances than others.

Businesses Affect Our Behavior 

Marketing companies and large brands use this to an advantage to affect consumer behavior. Yes, you might buy more at Sephora if you’re feeling calm and content as the result of all the smells.

Scents & Their Benefits

But back to diffusers and essential oils specifically. Here is a breakdown of some scents and their effects, according to the World Health Organization:

Jasmine – promotes calmness and soothing, reduces stress, and increases peace of mind

Lavender – helps you get a good night of rest

Citrus – can boost your energy levels

Vanilla – elevates your joy and relaxation

Pumpkin – serves as an aphrodisiac

Peppermint – boosts concentration

Apple – may mitigate a migraine

Olive Oil – can satisfy your appetite and curb cravings

Chamomile – can treat headaches and nausea

Eucalyptus – may relieve symptoms of a cold, poor blood circulation, and arthritis

Bergamot – can help relieve anxiety

Bay Laurel – may help improve memory

Clary Sage – can ease sorrow

Lemongrass – can ease tension

Camphor – can remedy skin irritations and arthritis

Menthol – may reduce headaches, nausea, and vomiting

Rosemary – will improve circulation and reduce inflammation associated with muscle pains, rheumatism, and arthritis

And many, many others that can improve lung functioning, skin allergies, depression, insomnia, and more. Amazing!

While this isn’t a comprehensive list of scents and their effects, now you may be able to bank this knowledge in your brain the next time you have any of the aforementioned symptoms. 

A Diffuser Isn’t The Only Option

Using a diffuser, by far, is the most popular method of using essential oils, but you can also add them to your bath, use with a hot compress, combine with water for a facial steam or just hold straight to your sniffer to reap the benefits.

So if you are working or living in an environment that is causing you some sort of unease, plugging in a diffuser can make a world of difference. And if not directly beneficial to you, it may be helpful for a family member or colleague.


Hopefully, this is enough information for you to go out and scoop up some essential oils to improve your mental, emotional, and psychological wellbeing.

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