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What Causes Greasy Hair Suddenly?

Over the ages, we have finally learned to stop washing our hair every day because, in actuality, it DOES make hair greasier. It sounds silly, but to all my oily hair sisters, we know the vicious cycle. Let’s take a step back though and realize that grease doesn’t happen in an instant. 

You have to examine your entire lifestyle and the elements that may contribute to all the oil accumulation. Once you are able to determine the root cause (no pun intended) you can find the appropriate strategy to tackle your oil-inducing problem. 

Here at Organic Beauty Report, our team does thorough investigating and we’ve uncovered a few reasons why your hair may be looking as though it should be served with a side of fries.

Top 7 Reasons:

  1. Poor Diet

Have you ever evaluated your eating habits and what you might be putting in your body that could also affect your hair? If you are ingesting too many fats and greasy foods, you could be instigating the whole mess. 

Your body can only process so much oil and an overabundance can cause it to seep into your skin and hair. Which results in ultra-yuckiness at the roots. But why? Well without getting all lab coat scientific, your body can’t break down all this junk so it just starts erupting out of your pores, which includes your scalp.

  1. Skin Conditions

Eczema and psoriasis are skin conditions that can initiate this rapid gunky buildup. Dandruff, also called seborrheic dermatitis, is another unlucky trait you may have inherited that can cause you, and your scalp some distress. You’ll know due to inflammation, rash or pink color may be the source.

  1. Improper Haircare

It may seem stressful or tedious, but washing your hair is of utmost importance. You can’t get lazy and keep putting it off. Your follicles need to be stimulated and you have to wipe away the grime that builds up. No matter the reason, you have to be diligent and realize your locks need your love. And we all know self-care is important.

Also, stop touching your hair! Whether it’s a nervous tendency or you have OCD, leave those strands alone. Nature gives it everything it needs and it doesn’t need the extra encouragement. Style, smile, and leave it alone!

  1. Stress

It may sound like a broken record after a while, but you have to learn how to get your stress level under control. 

Not only does stress contribute to loss of sleep, appetite issues, breakouts, and other seemingly minor issues, but stress can also lead to high blood pressure, weight gain, depression, and more, but think about how stress impacts your entire body. Your hair is included here. It’s response? A tidal wave of nasty.

  1. Environmental Effects

Live in Seattle? Live in Honolulu? Or just traveling out of your own natural habitat? The weather can affect your hair because climates can affect your body’s oil production. Because of humidity or excessive desert-like dryness, your body responds with an overproduction to keep your follicles safe.

  1. Hair Products

Everyone wants shiny, voluminous hair, but if your hair is prone to over oil production, you want to steer clear of products that are too oil-based such as marula oil, Moroccan oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, etc., these are only going to contribute to more ooze. Yuck! And hairspray? You may want to stay on the conservative side. 

Hairspray ingredients can cause your scalp and your hair shaft can pick up an overreact like a bad episode of Real Housewives. Are you a dry shampoo enthusiast? If so, be careful about the formula you choose. The liquid formulas will make an already oily head worse, which is counterproductive. Stick to powder formulas which will suck up all that extra goo. 

And don’t over condition! Just like your skin, if your hair seems parched, you don’t want to use too many emollients to treat your tresses. This stresses your hair out and leads to overproduction. Yowza! Haircare is more important than you know and no one hair type is the same. Research, research, research baby!

  1. Genetic Predisposition

Your hair follicles begin at the base of your scalp. This is where your locks are born and develop. If your mom, aunt, or grandma had scalp issues, I hate to break it to you, but you might too. 

If you have tried every anti-grease solution under the sun and can’t remedy it to no avail, this might be the underlying issue. To which, my sweet, without an Elon Musk team of experts, you may never find a reasonable way to deal. 

But all hope won’t be lost, seeking out a dermatologist who specializes in hair issues may be your most viable option. Hormonal fluctuations such as puberty, pregnancy, menstruation cycle, and menopause can all affect your beautiful mane.


Knowledge and awareness of what your hair and your body is experiencing can mean all the difference.

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