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Simple Makeup Tutorial for Every Day

Oh, the magical world of makeup. It can transform, correct, characterize, and boost confidence. But what if you weren’t born with a magical mascara wand in your hand? You may see Hollywood stars or your friends step out in perfectly flawless makeup, and despite your best efforts, you can’t seem to pull it off.

Video Tutorials

That’s why makeup tutorials on YouTube (most popularly) and other online resources have skyrocketed in popularity. This trend is turning makeup artists into cult celebrities due to their skills at wielding a brush, producing the perfect Kardashian contour, and giving you eyes that people can’t stop looking at. Hello heroes! 

The best part: they teach you how to do the same, for free. Even if you aren’t looking for a dramatic smoky eye or perfectly plump-looking lips, these makeup miracle workers can even provide tips for simple, everyday makeup (which most can benefit from).

If you’ve got all the products, investing in a great set of brushes, and are ready and willing, turn to YouTube to get the party started. Stretch out your fingers, you’re going to be hitting that replay button a time of two.

7 Artists You Should Follow

Here are some of our favorite looks and artists for everyday makeup inspiration

  1. Lisa Eldridge

All hail the queen! Lisa Eldridge is a class act and a favorite among the stars. Just a hint of color? Check. Subtle yet gorgeous highlight? Check. Gorgeous natural finish? Check. There isn’t anything Lisa Eldridge can’t do which is why her YouTube channel has more than 2 million subscribers. 

Lisa makes it easy to follow along and provides steps at just the right cadence so you aren’t bored or constantly hitting pause to catch up. 

Plus, her British accent is super charming. If you haven’t ever heard of Lisa, buckle down – there is a reason she is one of the number one makeup artists in the world. Celebrities vie for her time, so if that tells you anything about what her channel is like – well, there you have it. 

And just because she is renowned for her star-studded client list, she also provides the real deal tips that we commoners can use.

  1. Kelly Strack

Only got five minutes? Turn to Kelly Strack. This woman will have you looking effortlessly pretty in a matter of moments. Even the newest makeup novice can follow her practical steps. 

Further, Kelly has plenty of tutorials using only drugstore makeup, so you can definitely benefit from her expertise, no matter the budget. This sensational makeup artist was brought to fame online because you can’t NOT look good following her tips and tricks. 

Her effervescent personality makes you want to become an instant friend of hers as you learn what the heck to do with that Beauty Blender.

  1. Roxette Arisa

What can we say? Roxette Arisa rocks! This beauty, health, and skincare enthusiast was once among the YouTube watching masses when it came to makeup tutorials. 

Now, the Japanese American artist has mastered her craft and passes her knowledge on to the rest of us. The friendly femme has more than 1 million subscribers and posts two new videos per week. 

Now that’s commitment! She claims her passion comes from wanting to help viewers build their self-confidence and live their happiest lives. 

Roxette leads you along in a simplistic approach so you don’t have to take notes the entire time. And the effortless-looking result truly can seem like a cinch with her goddess-like guidance.

  1. Brianna Fox

This bubbly blonde is the girl next door who can transform her look with just a touch of blush. Fans follow her because she makes everyday makeup easy as 1-2-3. 

Her influential channel provides more than just makeup tutorials as well! The woman is a lifestyle expert that can teach you some life-changing hacks. Her dream of being a dancer led her to the career she realized she was destined for – being a makeup artist. 

She spouts out random gems of knowledge that can improve your daily makeup game and your daily life.

  1. Kim Kardashian West

Say what you will about Kim K., but there is no denying that keeping up with her has dramatically changed our lifestyle and makeup culture as we know it. While she didn’t invent contouring, she is famous for it. 

And thankfully Kim isn’t hush-hush about her beauty routine. She will literally walk you through how she does her makeup each day. Once you start watching her channel you may just develop a fondness for the reality show and consumer product mogul. 

Just don’t get too attached, while she does help you along the way, her videos are few and far between so keep your head on a swivel for the next one!

  1. Maripier Morin

Pardon my French? No, that’s the actual name of her channel. This Canadian beauty can teach you how to make glam look oh-so-natural. She always looks bright-eyed and youthful without piling on the makeup. 

And you don’t have to speak French to follow along with her. Maripier has spoken perfect English and she rolls at just the right place to learn her fabulous lessons. 

What’s more? Maripier often uses drugstore brand makeup so you can easily absorb how to look so effortlessly sprite without spending a lot of cash. She’s well-known for her role in reality television, but dang if she doesn’t always look lovely.

  1. Stephanie Lange

This across-the-pond beauty lets the cat out of the bag when it comes to daily DIYs. She not only teaches you some easy perfection tips, but she will also give you a dose of knowledge and inspiring life advice. 

Stephanie is transparent about unattainable perfection and just makes you feel good about yourself. With 1.48 million followers, she is famously popular for being an influencer who tells you the real deal behind influencers. 

Plus, her dry humor will give you a bit of a chuckle.


We are going to warn you, once you delve into this fabulous lineup, it may be a while before you surface! Keep a timer or your eye on the clock, after all, you’re seeking expert advice that is actually simple.

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