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How to Clean Makeup Brushes Without Brush Cleaner

We sure do love our makeup collection and rely heavily on our brushes for our nearly flawless application, but eventually, we have to clean said brushes. It sucks. It takes forever. You have to schedule it out as not to need them while they are drying. It’s a whole process and that’s why you probably put it off forever and ever.

There is a science to cleaning your highly valued brushes. One component is having the correct cleaner to keep those brushes healthy and strong. Particularly if you’ve spent a lot of money on your makeup collection, you’re going to want to take extra special care of those brushes that you so rely on to produce your glamourous look each day.

Dish Soap

Some people use alcohol, some invest in specific brush bath, but really you can clean your brushes with basic old soap and water. The ever-multi-purpose dish soap is actually the best cleanse you can give your brushes. It’s potent enough to fight bacteria and cleanse away dead skin cells, gunked up makeup, and finesse the bristles while still keeping the sculptured brush shape.

Lather & Rinse

You might be surprised at how clean you can get your brushes with a simple dish soap suds, but don’t be shocked if you have to go a few rounds, depending on how long it’s been since your last brush cleanse. It’s oddly satisfying when you start to lather and see all the color and junk that has populated on your bristles. Just make sure you rinse, rinse, rinse because any soap left on your brushes will do harm. As always, ensure you are staying clear of the barrel or handle, as when soap and water get in there it can recede the quality of the material and it can cause bristle shedding.

Go Easy

If you’re new to washing brushes, that’s okay! You don’t have to use an aggressive technique, just massage the soap into the fibers and rub lightly. You want to make sure you are ridding the junk but not compromising the structure of the brush. The soapy mixture tends to work best with lukewarm water.

Dry Them Flat

It may seem strange, but the best way to dry your brushes is to lie them flat on a towel, yet with the bristles hanging off of a countertop. The moisture humidifies and your bristles have a better chance of keeping their shape and integrity. If you scrub too much or don’t dry your brushes correctly you might find that the entire brush head could fall off. That’s why it is important to pay so much detail to your cleansing routine. Particularly if it’s one of your luxe brushes such as MAC nor Bobby Brown.


The important thing is that you are being conscientious about your brush cleansing as you’d be surprised at how many don’t do this! Then they wonder why they have clogged pores, outbreaks, inflammation, and other skin issues. Brushes can harbor a lot of nasty stuff, but they are so helpful for the daily beauty routine. 

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