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Complete Guide to Brow Lamination


Lately, the trend with eyebrows has been that the thicker the better. Trends have strayed away from the precise, sculpted look and are heading towards a more natural, fluffy look. The over articulated brow is being replaced with a much more natural look. Brows are going back to a less constructed shape and towards a natural shape.

Not everyone is blessed with thick, bushy brows. Those of us who don’t have the means for this new trend have been forced to look for help. There’s plenty of options when looking for brow treatments already. Finding a perfect balance of price, style, and shape last can be intimidating.

Only a few years in the beauty world and brow lamination is already making a name for itself. It serves as an easier way to achieve the trendy look of thick brows, serving as a not so permanent and much less expensive alternative to Microblading.

Brow lamination has grown fastly in the few years it’s been around. Is this new trend worth trying out or should it be skipped? Here’s everything you need to know before you decide to try brow lamination or not. 

What Is Brow Lamination

Eyebrow lamination is a newer process that gives the brows a shiny and smooth appearance. The procedure is relatively new and has been popularized by celebrities. Brow lamination “perms” your brows to create a thicker, shinier look that lasts for weeks. 

Brown lamination originated in Moscow, Russia. Its popularity gained traction quickly spreading to the United Kingdom, then spreading west to the U.S.

The procedure began to gain major traction recently and has been highly popularized by models and influencers. You can spot the trend on just about any form of social media. It stems from the look of ‘soap brows’ giving the glossy soapy look. Brow lamination gives lasting soap brows that require little care after the procedure. 

Brow lamination is a semi-permanent procedure done to make brows appear thicker and more voluptuous. The process isn’t permanent, like microblading, but offers a shorter-term and less expensive alternative.  It gives the look of ‘soap brows’ that lasts for a prolonged period of time. 

Brow Lamination Procedure

What to Expect

Brow lamination is a ‘perming’ procedure, not too different from the way you perm the hair on your head. It uses similar chemicals to achieve a specific brow shape, just like how traditional perms aim to with the hair. 

  1. The first step in eyebrow lamination is a cream that’s intended to lift your brows. 
  2. Your brows are brushed into the desired shape. The stylist will brush them upward to create a laminated, fuller look.
  3. Next, a neutralizer is applied which locks the hairs into place. The neutralizer is an acid formula that helps the hair to find the correct Ph to stay in place. The ‘perm’ solution and neutralizing lotion work together on the brow hairs to set them in place.
  4. The last step is an oil that nourishes your skin. It’s aim is to protect your skin and hair from dryness or irritation that may occur from the chemicals used during lamination. 

The whole process is said to take around an hour. Many salons allow additional services to laminating such as tweezing excess hairs, waxing to get the perfect shape, and tinting to get the desired color. 

How to prepare

You should come to your brow lamination appointment with clean skin. No makeup or irritating products should be on your skin. Coming with clean skin will help the brows to maintain their shape longer. 

Using any products with exfoliants, retinoids, or any product that will dry out your skin is advised against before getting your brows laminated. You should try and avoid these products for about 24 hours beforehand. 

Waxing or threading right before a lamination may cause more irritation. You should refrain from anything of the sort because the chemicals used when laminating may react worse with the already irritated skin. 

Brow Lamination Benefits

If your brows are more unruly than most or don’t maintain a shape you like, brow lamination can help with that.  It holds the brows in place better than everyday makeup can, because of the perm solution it uses. 

Brow lamination offers a way to stay on-trend, that isn’t as permanent as microblading. It allows you to get the fluffy, full look that’s popular right now, without having to commit to it forever.  It can give great shape to your brows and get rid of any unevenness you may have.

As we get older our brows tend to thin and this can be a great way to combat it. Even if you’re younger, you still may have gaps or spots missing hair for whatever reason, and lamination can eliminate those spaces. 

Brow Lamination Risks And Side Effects

Brow lamination is not as intense as microblading or brow surgery so there’s less risk. The risks associated with brow lamination are mainly bad reactions with the skin around the brow. 

Risks include swelling, redness, peeling, itching, and bumps. If you suffer from sensitive skin, rosacea, eczema, or contact dermatitis you’re more at risk for side effects. 

Perming hair can lead to dryness and damage of the hair, with similar chemicals being used to laminate the brows the same damage can happen. Getting your brows laminated more than recommended will increase the risk of any of these side effects.  Professionals recommend waiting at least six weeks between each lamination.

Healthline warns that these preexisting skin conditions put you more at risk for an adverse reaction. A more serious risk when getting brow lamination is eye damage. This becomes possible when the chemicals from the procedure run into the eyes. 

Brow lamination is safe for anyone who doesn’t react negatively to the chemicals used during the process. 

Does Brow Lamination Damage Your Brows

Just like perming your hair, the perm treatment used on your eyebrows does damage your eyebrows. To try and avoid damaging your brow hair professionals recommend waiting at least six weeks between each brow lamination. 

In some cases, if you don’t wait long enough between lamination appointments the ends of the hair can start to look frayed and singed. This happens from the chemicals used during the procedure, which is easy to avoid by spacing out appointments. 

How Long Does Brow Lamination Last

Brow lamination can last up to two months if you take care of them correctly.  To prolong them you should refrain from washing your face or using makeup within the first twenty-four hours of getting them laminated. 

 Another way to prolong their wear is to apply moisturizing oil or cream to your brows shortly after the procedure. 

The exact amount of time your lamination will last ultimately depends on your hair as well. Just like other hair treatments, the overall effect varies from person to person. 

What To Look For In Providers 

Track Record

When looking for a provider, a good way to pick is based on their previous work. A way to find reviews is by looking on review sites, like Yelp. 

Another way of looking up their work is through their website or nowadays, social media. Most sites will offer before and after pictures giving you the opportunity to see how you like their work. 


Seeking out ‘brow studios’ or ‘brow artists’ can help ensure that your provider focuses primarily on brow procedures, like lamination. When finding a professional asking about their experience, licenses, and portfolio of work is suggested before going through with the procedure. 

Even though eyebrow lamination isn’t as invasive as other brow procedures, it still deals with serious chemicals and is important to get a licensed individual. In order to obtain your certification, you must be an Esthetician, Cosmetologist, Microblader, or PMU Professional (permanent makeup professional).


Before getting your brows done it’s important to clarify with your provider price and practices to avoid before getting them done. Asking your provider prior to getting your brows laminated what products they suggest avoiding before can eliminate possible bad reactions to the chemicals used.

After lamination, it’s good to ask your provider about possible side effects to look for. It’s also suggested to apply a nourishing oil or moisturizing cream. Oil or moisturizer will help your skin from reacting to the products used. 

Cost Of Brow Lamination

The cost of brow lamination usually falls between $50 and $150. The cost varies between providers. Most providers list their prices online, but if not be sure to check with them before setting your appointment. 

Compared to microblading, lamination is a relatively cheap alternative. Microblading can cost anywhere from $300 to $600. The cheaper price comes along with a shorter and less invasive procedure. 

Brow lamination is a great option for the price if you’re looking for a prolonged look but not willing to break the bank. 

After Brow Lamination Care

Taking care of your brows correctly after lamination can increase their wear. Correct care after will not only help with making them last but also allow the appropriate amount of time between laminations to protect your natural brows. 

After letting your brows sit for a day applying an oil, like castor oil, daily can keep the brows moisturized. Lamination can dry out your brows and applying oil will both prevent this and prolong the lamination. 

Can I Brush My Brows After Lamination?

After lamination, you can brush your brows in the desired shape and they should stay. Because of the product put in during the lamination, the brow hairs should be easier to manipulate into place. Using products to shape them shouldn’t be necessary after getting them laminated. This effect should last at least six weeks.

What Should You Not Do After Brow Lamination

HD Brows recommends that you wait 24 hours before getting your eyebrows wet after lamination. Whether it be showering or just washing your face, to get the longest wear out of the lamination, it’s suggested you wait. 

Any excessive rubbing or touching of the area isn’t suggested. Avoid the brows right after the procedure so as to not mess up the shape. 

How Do You Clean Eyebrows After Lamination

Using exfoliating skincare, anti-aging, or washing your face isn’t recommended for 24 hours after lamination. Avoid steam rooms, saunas, or washing for the first 48 hours to guarantee the best results. 

After that, it’s safe to wash your face as you normally would. The time’s just necessary to let the brows set and chemicals do their work. Cleaning them too soon after getting them done can affect their shape and the time they’ll last.

How Often Can I Laminate My Eyebrows

For a few reasons, professionals advise that you don’t get your brows laminated any more often than every six weeks. To avoid irritation of the skin around the brows and to prevent any damage to the brow hair, the chemicals used when laminating shouldn’t be used too often.

If done correctly by the professional and taken care of after the procedure, the lamination should last at least six weeks. Having tinting and treatments that tidy up your brow between lamination appointments is okay.

Alternatives To Brow Lamination

Microblading is a popular alternative to brow lamination that involves tattooing the skin where the brows are to create the desired shape, thickness, and color. This process isn’t permanent but lasts longer than lamination.

 Microblading lasts around twelve to eighteen months before the color starts to fade. Microblading is temporary tattooing but permanent tattooing is also an alternative to brow lamination. Permanent and microblading come with more risk due to the needles penetrating the skin.

Tinting can be done at a salon by adding a color tint to the brows to create a more noticeable look. Tinting can also be done at home, but it’s best to go through a professional for the best application. 

Just like dye-ing or perming your hair, it can be done at home instead of in a salon. By doing this the price of salons gets eliminated, but it still presents a risk. Misuse of the chemicals could damage your brows. If you still chose to go through with the at-home process, be sure to follow the kit’s instructions closely and consult a professional beforehand.

If you’re not looking for a permanent procedure or a more affordable option, penciling or brow gel may be for you. You can find brow pencils and brow gel anywhere from your local drug store to beauty-focused retail stores. Brow pencils and gel both range in price from around $10 to $40 depending on the brand. 

The downside to pencil or brow gel is that it requires daily application. Both of the products are also less effective in keeping the brow hairs in place.


New trends and ways to style brows are constantly popping up. Brow lamination gives a great way to maintain a longer-term style with your brows that still isn’t permanent. 

Lamination gives a less invasive and less permanent alternative to microblading and tattooing. The process still gives a lasting shape and style to the brow that doesn’t require day-to-day care. It avoids the more serious risks some of those procedures come with.

It also gives a more permanent alternative to using a brow pencil or brow gel. With lamination, the most you have to do is brush your brows to maintain shape. With good care the effects can last weeks on end.

With the endless ways to style your brows nowadays, lamination offers a perfect in-between to the long-term and short-term styling options. It gives you weeks of well-shaped brows.

The fairly new trend has risen to the top of eyebrow beauty trends and shows no signs of stopping. Brow lamination is a great option for those looking for something in the middle ground of brow styling. 

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