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Blue Saint: Self-Tanning Facial Drops


Gone are the days of applying one sunless tanning product on the body and the face. The ingenue at Blue Saint, a 20-year-old female entrepreneur, has finally developed instant self-tanning drops for the face, and sunless tanners have united in praise. Blue Saint is known for its Instant Self-Tanner, which is a body foam/mousse, and is distinct due to the fact it is made with probiotics and other organic ingredients to produce an effortless, natural bronze akin to one you’d develop on the beach. 

This safe, sunless formula became so popular with celebrities and television personalities, that Blue Saint developed the accompanying Self-Tanning Facial Drops. The drops allow a consumer to control the level of bronze on their face. You are able to mix it in with your moisturizer, foundation, or just apply directly to the face (and neck). You achieve a glow so natural, it’s hard to believe it came from a dropper bottle! 

The drops are specifically formulated and concentrated for the face, so you don’t have to use the body product for your face to match your full-body glow. Quite frankly, it’s genius!

Blue Saint Instant Self-Tanning Facial Drops can be purchased at:

Who it’s Meant For:

Anyone looking to achieve a gorgeous golden hue from head to toe can use this product. Used in conjunction with the Instant Self-Tanner, you’ll have a seamless, natural-looking color without the hassle of wondering whether your face will match your body. 

Men and women, teens and adults are enjoying the product and we can attest to the fact that it’s worthy of praise. Better yet, the formula is gentle and derived from natural, plant-based ingredients so any skin type can use it without irritation.


Similar to the original Instant Self-Tanner, the box comes in its signature blue and white design, with a picture of the founder, Aryanna Marie, and a brief statement about the product’s promise. When you see her glowing face on the box, you’ll know why this product is such a sensation. The packaging also features real-life consumers with their glowing grins as well. The back of the box details all application instructions.

What’s in The Box:

Upon opening, you’ll discover a glass cobalt blue dropper bottle (actual dropper is white). And when you unscrew the lid of the dropper bottle you will see just how concentrated the formula is. The dropper allows you to use as much, or as little as you’d prefer. The back of the bottle also lists the application instructions which are simple and easy-to-master.

Feel of Product:

Unlike its sister product, the Instant Self-Tanner which comes in a mousse/foam for the body, the Self-Tanning Facial Drops are dispensed in a concentrated liquid form. This is so you can easily mix it with your moisturizer or foundation for easy application.

Application process:

After thoroughly cleansing and washing the face (and perhaps using a mild exfoliant should you deem necessary), you can apply 1-2 drops directly to the face, or find a small mixing cup where you can add it to your preferred amount of moisturizer or foundation. You then gently blend the formula into your face and neck using your fingertips, or if you have the Instant Self-Tanner, you can use the mitt that product comes with. Be careful to avoid the eyes and lips. 

Then just sit back and let the tan deepen over the next few hours. You’ll want to avoid showering or sweating for approximately 5 hours. You can continue to use the product for a deeper tan, should you require it.



This miracle potion is a game changer for sunless tanning enthusiasts. It is so easy to apply and it boasts the same “Zero Orange Guarantee” that Blue Saint promises of the full-body product. It won’t streak, stain or leave you with that smelly self-tanner funk. You won’t have to worry about turning out like an Oompa Loompa either, because the probiotics work to nourish your skin and work with your pigment. If you are ready for a sunless tanning breakthrough, try the Blue Saint Self-Tanning Facial Drops!

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