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Best Drugstore Makeup Primer

By now, you have discovered the magical power of primer. It just makes your makeup look so much better, doesn’t it? You’ve cleansed, you’ve moisturized now it’s time to set the perfect canvas. Primer is known to bridge skincare and makeup. This extra layer smooths your face, helps even out your skin tone and helps give your makeup some staying power.

Not all primers are created equal though, and they can run the gamut in terms of price. One of the most important things you can look for in a primer, though, is to ensure its non-comedogenic. This will sit on your face all day so you want to make sure your skin is breathable and you aren’t creating an environment with bacteria where acne can surface. Ideally you want to nourish and protect your skin while prepping for your makeup.

With so many primers available, it can get confusing when you are picking one out. You need something that will be ideal for your skin type. At Organic Beauty Report, we happen to be experts on primer so we’ve selected some of our favorite drugstore brands for recommendation.

  1. NYX Professional Makeup Honey Dew Me Up Primer – $16.97

One of our favorites, this dual duty formulation not only gives you smoother looking skin, it also treats any skin ailments with honey, gold flecks and collagen. This neutralizes the red and dark spots while giving you a healthy glow. The anti-aging elements have this primer comparable to some of the more expensive luxury brands. Refreshed and dewy, your skin will love this gel-like serum. The luminosity achieved is absolutely ideal. 

Reviewers feel gorgeous and radiant all day long. While some complain it’s a little sticky going on, it begins to fade instantly. Most find that the formula also minimizes pores. It may be a drugstore primer but the cost for this potion is $16.97 and it’s worth every penny.

  1. Maybelline New York Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer – $5.24

This primer continues to be a popular choice for those dealing with large pores. It goes on like a moisturizer and dries matte. It’s been dubbed “Photoshop in a bottle” by reviewers around the globe. All it takes is just a few drops to set your makeup and have you along with your day. 

This formula does have your skin feeling baby soft and it’s super lightweight so you don’t feel like you have layers upon layers on your face. This is also a great primer for sensitive skin as it won’t dry or irritate. Quite a few men even use this formula for shrinking the appearance of pores too! You can purchase this for just $5.24 on Amazon.

  1. Rimmel Stay Matte Mattifying Primer – $5.97

This is a top-rated favorite for those trying to get a hold on sheen. This shine-controlling option lasts all day and won’t appear thick or cakey. This ultra-lightweight formula is not only skin perfecting, but it also won’t ever look greasy. Not only is this the ultimate in mattifying products, but it also actually helps reduce the appearance of large pores. 

Dry skin with oily patches? Not anymore! You can either wear this under your foundation or as a standalone product. Flawlessly matte and you won’t look fatigued. This fantastic formula is only $5.97.

  1. COVERGIRL Trublend Base Business Pore Minimizing Skin Primer – $8.42

Our list wouldn’t be complete without this COVERGIRL favorite. Blurring and blending, this flawless finish primer is a building block for great-looking skin. Oil-free and fragrance-free, those with sensitive skin consistently rate this five stars. 

It’s suitable for all skin types, provides even coverage and helps block out sun. The smooth finish feels like a Sephora-quality product and you’ll be loving your reflection. No more redness will exist as this green undertone helps neutralize skin. This primer is only $8.42.

  1. Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer – $2.96

Revlon does it again! A master in the makeup game, this Photoready Perfecting Primer will have your selfies looking stellar. Brightening, perfecting and pore reducing, this primer is a favorite for a pearlescent finish. 

The high-definition filter technology makes this primer a standout among its peers. This potion marries with your makeup and stays on all day long. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg for great, primed skin. The best part? It’s only $2.96 on Amazon.

  1. L’Oréal Paris Studio Secrets Professional Magic Perfecting Base Face Primer – $10.22

Our list wouldn’t be complete without L’Oréal. This company has been perfecting their products for decades upon decades and they continue to raise the bar with quality ingredients. The silky, lightweight formula glides onto skin. 

You’ll get a unified matte look and be confident hiding any imperfections. If you are a contour queen, this is the primer for you. Priced at $10.22, you’re going to love the velvety feel.


It can be tough to find a great primer at a reasonable cost, but we’re confident that one of the primers in our roundup will be perfect for you.

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