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Top Dog Fashion Trends of 2021

Pet fashion has been around for a bit, but its rationale has been undergoing significant changes through the years. Dressing up your dog isn’t a new phenomenon and people have been doing it for years. However, it’s only beginning to become mainstream and not only restricted to special occasions. 

Before now, dogs were only dressed up when there were parties or when there were pooches competitions. Also, they were used for humorous purposes amongst dog owners. However, recently, dog fashion has become a very common thing, that it only makes sense to stand out with it. 

The production of dog fashion items has skyrocketed in recent years and is fast becoming an industry arm on its own. Now, we’re having dogs wearing clothing items that were usually exclusive to us humans. From jackets and raincoats, to bow ties and hats, there’s a wide range of fashion items available for our dog pets to put on, whether indoors and outdoors.

Ready to make your dog fashion stand out? We’ve put together a list of the top dog fashion trends that you should try in 2021. Check them out below.

1. Dog Collars and Lead Sets

No longer do your pet’s collars or lead sets have to be regular. Top on our list of top fashion trends for 2021 is the fashion-able dog collars, bows, and lead sets. With these fashionable sets, you can give your dog an entirely new look and have them looking elegant at all times.

New dog owners no longer want their dogs to keep looking like they did during the older generations’ times. Your pets, particularly the dogs, have become an extension of ourselves. As we’re opening up to more fashion trends, be intentional about modernizing your dog’s collar and other lead sets. In a way, the way your dog collar appears will determine how your dog will be addressed.

Your dog’s collar and lead set fashion can come in different styles, from regular plaids and elegant designs to animal prints and footprints, there’s a wide range to choose from.

Remember that the way your dog appears is a reflection of who you are as an owner. When making these choices, also use your dog’s character to pick out the perfect fashion that’ll suit.

2. Bow Ties

The dog fashion of bow ties has existed for long years. In fact, when some think of dog fashion, the first thing that comes to mind is dog bow ties. This trend is coming back full-time in 2021 and you can expect dogs to rock the super doggy bow tie accessory. 

Dog bow ties have always been used to show design and class for dogs. There’s no way a dog with a bow tie walks down the street and feels regular. The bow tie makes it stand out, and it’s the same way for the owner. 

There’s a kind of power that comes with rocking a well-made and vibrant bowtie for humans, and it’s the same for dogs. With the new dog fashion trend, there’s a wide (and good) range of dog bow ties styles to pick from. Bow ties work for all types of events, whether formal or informal.

Give your dogs a statement of character without even saying much with outstanding bow ties! Who knows, your dog could be the next on the cover of a fashion magazine for its groovy-looking bow ties.

3. Hats

Through the previous seasons, coats and sweaters were the grooves of dog fashion. However, moving into the new season, the hat trend is hitting harder than expected. 

Hats check a lot of criteria on any fashionista’s list. Not only are they fashionable and comfortable, but they also help to keep warm during the cold season. However, the type of hats used on your dogs will depend on your dog’s personality and fashion style. You can go with hand-woven, soft cotton or wool fabrics, as long as they suit the purpose. 

Hats give your dogs a ‘fun’ look and also help to keep their bodies warm. Hats are particularly handy in extreme climates, as they’ll help your dog ears from forming moisture that can lead to infections and ear fungi. It can also be used instead of sweaters and coats, as they sometimes serve the same use.

Ensure to buy original materials, so they don’t adversely affect your dogs, and so they can also last long.

4. Sweaters and Padded Vests

For those days when the weather becomes cooler, you’ll need sweaters or padded vests for your dog to maintain its fashion statement. Sweaters, particularly the knitted ones, are very convenient options for those cooler months. It can also be a better option in the Christmas season when your pet needs to wear clothes that fit the festive season.

Checkered sweaters have been the trend for a while, but this year, the trend is tilting towards knitted pet clothes, especially for large dogs. Dogs also have options of going with stylish sweaters, made of cotton, polyester, acrylic, or any other skin-friendly fiber that can help you keep their temperature down. However, ensure that the dog sweater picked not only suits the style of your pet, but also the size of your dog.

Padded vests on the other hand bring a new twist to dog fashion. They are versatile and give your dog a chance to stay well protected during the rainy and cold seasons.

5. Pajamas and Sleepwear

Although a lot of people may opine that pajamas aren’t necessary for dogs because they have a natural pajama-furry system, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with making your dogs feel extra comfortable when they sleep. Extra comfort has never hurt anyone, and your dogs wouldn’t be the first. This season, we’re having more matching pajamas making our dogs cooler than they already are. 

Dog pajamas vary and you can have choices irrespective of what your style is. You can rave random witty words, cute patterns, or emojis, or have them as traditional bathrobes. For dogs that are conservative too, you can have simple and comfortable night dresses. As long as you get the sizing right, you shouldn’t do any wrong with dog pajamas. The bottom line is to make sure that your dog is comfortable with whatever it has on.

Dog pajamas can be a way to call positive attention to your dogs, especially if you’re a dog influencer that needs to bring attention to your dog fashion.

6. Costumes

Dogs are one of the few pets that can be made into whatever you want them to and still come out great. Right now, especially with pet love becoming an internet sensation, costuming dogs has now become the rave of the moment.

Halloween costumes aren’t only for you and your friends, but for your dogs and other pets. In fact, dogs are famous for owning Halloween costumes even more than we do! However, costumes aren’t restricted to Halloween alone. You can dress your dogs based on the current season and allow them to blend in. During the spring seasons, you can dress your dogs in a way that’ll fit into the bright and balmy evenings.

Whether you decide to go with a hilarious costume, or need to transform your dog into a shark, a dinosaur, or a tuxedo gentleman, there’s no limit to the possibilities with dog costuming!

Sometimes, dog costuming may just be what you need to brighten up your life and you should always have it in mind!

7. Boots, Shoes, and other footwear

Footwear is one of the least used dogs fashion trends, but as the year rolls by, they will become mainstream. Dog feet and paws will get more attention now more than ever! Dogs are naturally conscious of their feet, and including extra items on their toes will probably make them even more active as they move through the day.

Footwear comes in a wide range for humans, and it’s exactly the same way for dogs. From sturdy booties to plush slippers and knitted shoes, your dogs can enjoy foot companionship that suits them in the right way. 

However, it’s important to remember that dogs will usually sweat on their paws. Also, when they’re introduced to footwear for the first time, it may feel really strange and unnatural to them. So, footwear shouldn’t be left for too long on the feet to prevent overheating and discomfort for your feet.

Ensure that your dog footwear is paired up with socks – they not only add to the fashion statement, they also give more feet security to your pet.

8. Accessories

Asides from clothes and footwear, your dog fashion can extend to accessories and any other extra thing you add to your dog’s body. From stones, sequins, and beads, to bows, bandanas, and tiaras, you can get creative with your pet attire.

Your pet accessories may also include famous fashion brands. As long as the accessory in question is comfortable and safe for your pet, you’re allowed to go the extra mile. There should be no restrictions in allowing your pets to follow the current in-season trend.

9. Raincoats and Tweeds

Raincoats are one of the fashion trends that have existed for as long as dog fashion trends have, and continue to get better as the years go by. They come in handy because it’s always expected to rain. So even those moments when the rain comes in the way of fashion, you can use it as an avenue to showcase your dog fashion.

For those days when it’s drizzling and cold, ensure that your dog is safe and comfortable in fashionable raincoats instead of being exposed to the rain. Raincoats will remain mainstream because not only do they keep your pets safe, they can also be rocked in the most fashionable ways! That’s why raincoats will remain one of the most valuable trends.

Tweeds are also very handy for dogs, the way they are for humans. They can be made into elegant coats to keep your darling pets comfortable during the winter.

10. Metallic Finishing

Dogs can’t and shouldn’t be left out of the metallic finishing trend. Dogs can be accessorized with metallic finishing of all types, from gold hues to those in silver. Metallic finishing on your dog will stand out and make your dog turn heads while they move around. In fact, metallic finishing makes other dogs turn their heads too and it may just be the right choice whenever you need to get the attention of other dogs (probably on track). 

Metallic finishing is the rave of the fall season, and your dog can be a huge part of it!

Sometimes, it’s really not only about what we as consumers want for our pets, it’s more about what will work and properly fit our pets. Pets are more than just random animals to us, they are our dear companions that are important to us as they are our friends. Therefore they should be treated the same way we’ll treat our friends – have clothes, accessories, and fashion items as we would have. 

However, these fashion items should be ones that make our pets stand out. Use the list above as a guide to making your dog pet as stylish and exclusive as you’ll want it to be treated! Remember that your pet’s fashion is a reflection of who you are as its owner.

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