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Top Fashion Apps of 2021

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone today when we say the entire fashion industry can be accessed from the palm of our hands. From shopping trends to drawing out inspiration and consorting with fashion influencers, your mobile phone gives you all the direct access you need to the fashion industry. All you really need to do is ensure that you get the required apps and use them when the need arises.

Here, we’ve put together a list of fashion platforms and networking apps for you that can give you access to any area of the industry that you need access to. So, whatever your need is, from overhauling your wardrobe, to build a business from the ground up, or just have a little entertainment, these fashion apps are a must-have for you.


The dream of any shopper is not just to have a fast shopping experience, but to also have the orders delivered as soon as it’s needed. We already use apps that make the shopping experience faster, but the catch is getting the purchases right on time. And for that specific reason, FastAF is a top fashion app that every fashion shopper should have.

FastAF helps get your luxury items delivered to you within two hours. The newly launched app is in partnership with a number of the biggest brands in fashion, beauty, health, food and tech to ensure that products are delivered within a short time. These companies include Nike, Copper Cow Coffee, Byredo, Oribe, Billie, Aesop, and Sonos. 

Another great catch to the app is that it allows users to have exclusive early access to unique collaborations across industries. It serves as a portal for emerging brands in the industry to collaborate. And since the app is new in the market, it’s currently only available in Los Angeles and New York City.


One major fashion concern for most of us is how to navigate fashion items as the seasons change. You realize that what you wear in a heavy downpour is going to be totally different from what you’ll rock as the summer season begins. When that happens, it can become a bit of an issue to deal with. And that’s where the Latitude app comes in.

Instead of constantly going through your closet, trying to figure out the best outfit to wear between seasons, you can enlist the help of the Latitude app. The app was founded by former fashion editor, Anne Slowey, and stylist, Anne Christensen. 

AccThe purpose of Latitude is to take out the guesswork of what to wear in certain climates. It curates a selection of ensembles, taking into account the trends of the moment, based on the weather on the days you need it.

We wanted to take the fear factor out of fashion and de-weaponize it to make it a realistic app. It (Latitude) is a one-stop shop. Not just about what to wear in the morning, but how to make your relationship with your closet less stressful.” Slowey, one of the founders told WWD.


Almost everyone craves the ability to create a signature style that can outlive them, even when they aren’t there. That’s why it’s almost a concern when you have to go shopping. The question in your head is, “does this suit my style?” We want to be able to get items that serve us beyond our daily what-to-wear necessity.

Lyst helps you discover various outfits you didn’t even know could work. Lyst has over 12,000 designer brands in-built, which you can browse through and curate recommendations that are tailored just for you and help you stay up on trends. Lyst helps you create, build and maintain your style without any stress.


Affording a professional stylist is something a lot of us may not be able to handle. However, Wishi is that app that has come to our rescue. The Wishi app can be the virtual stylist spice your fashion essence needs. Launched by fashion stylist, Karla Welch – stylist for Megan Rapinoe, Tracee Ellis Ross and Elisabeth Moss – Wishi is meant to help users put good clothes together and open doors.

Also, Wishi can come into play when you’re busy, overwhelmed and simply looking for something new. The way the app works is that it pairs you up with professional stylists to deal with any wardrobe issue you may have. Wishi isn’t big on buying new items all the time, instead, it emphasizes utilizing the pieces you already own and using them to build your perfect wardrobe.

Even if you feel you don’t need Wishi for anything, it can be handy for you to make you feel like a celebrity. It offers premium and personalized styling services.


It doesn’t get easier than having someone decide your fashion style, shopping for your fashion items, and putting together your outfits for you. Stitch Fix is that app that’s come to take every trouble off your shoulder. When you begin to feel overwhelmed by fashion decisions, or you don’t want to get to that point, you can turn to the Stitch Fix app to help you make trusted decisions.

The app features brands like Madewell, Michael Kors, Eileen Fisher, and Vince Camuto, and can help you add a new perspective to your daily wardrobe. It also has a top-notch styling service that can help you pick and choose when you need some extra help and when you don’t. It also has options for men, kids and an extensive size range.

The app and site enlist a team of stylists to customize a box of clothing to fit your personal style. You just tell them your price range, size, and style and they’ll do the rest. The best part about Stitch Fix may just be that there’s no subscription necessary.


One app that’s most popular amongst Gen Zs is the Depop app. Originally a British social network, it quickly became a global fashion app that allows users to buy and sell vintage finds and burgeoning labels. The British app is filled with unique finds and is perfect for anyone with a taste for unique pieces, vintage clothing, bargains, or custom fashion. app makes it easier to shop for fashion items on Instagram. In fact, Like to Know It is what anyone who wants to shop for items on social media platforms, or wants to get access to products as seen on social media should use. First, it makes it possible to find those stylish pieces that your favs rock on Instagram. And then, once you sign in with your email on the app, any Instagram you then like with a shopping link will automatically email the ready-to-shop product link to you directly.

The process may not be 100% seamless, but it makes it easier to turn your Insta feed into a shopping wish list. If your fashion style is determined by Instagram stylists and influencers, then is the app that you need. It gives you access to products worn on and styled by real people on social media.

Saw a bag on Instagram the other day and wondered where you can get it from? Turn to Like to Know It for your answer.


The RealReal app has a lot of exquisite features that make it stand out as a top choice for fashion enthusiasts. First, it allows you to purchase luxury items from verified sellers, so you know you’re purchasing the real deal whenever you have to. 

Also, it’s useful for those who plan on building sustainable wardrobes with second-hand consignments. Then, the app allows you to scroll through vintage and second-hand luxury items, look through your favorite brands and view them in a single feed. It also gives you recommendations based on your favorites and most searched items.

The RealReal helps you create a feed with items and brands that you’ll love to see, so you don’t feel too far away from those luxury items you love. You often get steep discounts from your consignment process. The RealReal is truly the real deal because of how the team intentionally works with authenticators, horologists, gemologists, and home and art curators, just to ensure that you get the real deal on all your items.


Again, you don’t always need a personal stylist when you can have access to fashion apps like Enty, which gives you the luxury of feeling like a wealthy celebrity with a personal stylist on call, whenever you need her. The typical fashionista has a dream of 24/7 access to a dedicated fashion consultant, and Enty has made that become a reality.

With Enty, you can take a mirror selfie or photo of an outfit and immediately get feedback from professionals to jumpstart any gathering you may have to attend. These style experts will share tips that suit your lifestyle, budget, and body type. You can also be helping other community members decide what to wear by voting on their suggestions.

With Enty, it’s a win-win.


The state of your closet will reflect on your fashion style, day-in, day-out. The Smart Closet app can be the screen that shows you what an outfit would look like even before physically putting it on? Smart Closet makes closet planning and management a reality.

But first, you need to take pictures of everything in your closet (which in reality can be a bit time-consuming). However, you can rest assured that once that’s done, you can trust the app genius to put your outfits together in the best possible way. Also, Smart Closet recommends pieces from your favorite brands that would match what you already own. So, it offers you styling and shopping all in one app.

The app is perfect for you if you like or need to plan your social/virtual fashion calendar in advance.  


The Hunt app is similar to the Like to Know It app because it helps you find an outfit you need as long as you have a picture of it. The Hunt app helps you figure out where your favorite fashion bloggers get their stylish outfits or accessories from.

If you’ve ever seen a picture of an outfit you love but don’t know where to purchase it, this app allows users to post “hunts” for clothing, accessories, shoes, and anything you need. It also allows you to connect with other people from the community, where you can help each other hunt down where to buy certain products by posting the direct shopping links. 

You can also offer each other chic shopping alternatives. Best of all, the app allows you to follow trending hunts and shop trending products.


Moda Operandi is that app you need for fashion discovery. Founded by former Vogue editor Lauren Santo Domingo, what the app strives to do is to connect you with the bold and expressive energy of luxury fashion. On Moda Operandi, you have access to hundreds of brands that allow all up-and-coming creators to grow their audiences.

The app’s ‘Trunkshows’ allows users to buy fashion week collections directly from the designer, though most are available for a limited time. 

As you may have figured, the app isn’t only for you to make your fashion decisions, but it can become a handy tool in your hands if you’re a fashion brand owner who needs visibility for your up-and-coming brand. But if you don’t belong to either category, but just need to find brands for whatever reason, then this app is a must-have for you!

These apps can prove to be handy for anybody in their fashion journey. Ensure that you use a number of these apps and see how they up your fashion game.

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