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Maskne – Acne Breakouts From Wearing Face Masks

Times are a changin’ and with it comes complying with the “new normal.” If you’re a fashionista you probably have a ton of them, if you are a simplest, you have a few – but face masks are going to be here for a while and with it comes skin issues. Even if you don’t have oily or problem skin, you may have still been experiencing breakouts, redness, dryness or some other weird thing.

You can protect your skin and still keep it healthy, despite having to wear a mask these days. If you were an avid skin enthusiast before, you’ve probably upped your game. If you were genetically blessed and never had skin issues yet are experiencing them now, don’t worry. The most important thing you can do for your face is to keep it clean and moisturized.

Why Are They An Issue?

Regardless of where you live, masks can dry out your face and leave you uncomfortable. And while you may think washing your face will dry it out, it’s on the contrary. You need fresh, healthy skin cells to battle all the bacteria, free radicals and all the other gross stuff flying around in the air. When you wash your face regularly (at least twice a day), you give your skin a better chance to be in tip-top condition while being unbothered by environmental concerns.

What To Look For?

When looking for a face wash, definitely select something that is sulfate- and paraben-free. You don’t need to add extra chemical concerns or issues to your already new maintenance schedule. Also, ensure you are washing your masks frequently too, as germs and gross stuff can compile on the fabric and be crushed against your face. It makes washing your face sound pretty appealing! One great face wash we recommend is the Adonia Organics Daily Cleansing Gel. You can feel all the dirt, makeup and grime being lifted away with this moisturizing gel. Akin to a spa product, this face wash can help keep that pretty mouth area clean and ward off any skin threats.

Hydrated Skin

Another great way to combat maskne is to have your skin hydrated and nourished. When our skin (also the largest organ of the human body) has the health to defend itself, you are less likely to develop blemishes or irritation. And with this new normal, it does require a little extra work on your part. After cleansing, you should always use a moisturizing product to replenish skin cells and keep them happy. Depending on your skin type there are several options on the market for what to use without spending a fortune. If you’re unsure about what type of skin you have you can always consult with your dermatologist to help determine the best course of action.

Since these masks are going to be around for the foreseeable future, try to get something that is safe but also breathable. You need oxygen to help your body regenerate cells in all your tissue. If you are socially distanced, try to give your face a break by removing the mask to give your skin some air. And if you are an avid lip gloss, lipstick, chapstick user, you likely have a bunch of gunk on your mask which can affect your pores. And I think we all know, lip zits are the worst.


Yes, we have to adapt. The world keeps changing and so does the continuum of healthcare and skincare. But if you are dedicated to keeping your skin healthy, you can avoid (or at least treat) maskne and all the nuances associated with it. While it might not be the ideal situation, it is one that we have to work around each day but, for those experiencing maskne may have never had a regular skincare routine so it’s good practice for when we can finally get through this thing.

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