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5 Best Ways to Get A Flat Stomach In 14 Days

Ditching the extra weight around your lower belly and love handles can be a challenge. And with the past year weighing so heavy on us, you may be so far down the rabbit hole of stress that you can’t fathom how you will get the extra inches off your waist. 

The stomach area in particular is one of the most stubborn areas to tighten back up, especially if you want to fit back into your skinny jeans!

Extra Weight Concerns

Extra weight can lead to diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, among others. A bulge in your belly and those love handles can also lead to poor self-esteem, lowered confidence, and isolation. 

All around, you just don’t feel good when your body and weight aren’t an optimal, healthy shape.

Quick Solutions for a Flat Stomach

Fear not, though, here are a few ways you can get a flatter tummy in 14 days:

1. Cardiovascular Exercise
Cardio or aerobic exercises are one of the fastest ways to burn calories and blast fat. This will also improve your heart health. Medium to intense cardio or aerobic exercise can help a person trim down their midsection and strengthen and tighten the muscles there. Some exercises include walking, running, swimming, dancing, and biking.

2. TummyTone Wrap Treatment
This wrap serum has been clinically proven to help you lose up to two inches around the midsection with just one treatment, which takes 43 minutes. The clinical study proved you can reduce saggy skin around the waistline by 67%. The plant-based formula also aids in tightening love handles and thighs. Because it is an organic product, it is safe for any skin type. Visit Adonia Organics to see more miracle solutions they have available. One of our favorite shops!

3. Intermittent Fasting
While not a new phenomenon, this method has picked up steam over the last decade because, well, it works. Intermittent fasting is a meal timing schedule that is less focused on the foods you eat and more focused on when you eat them. A simple approach to follow is never to eat past 6 pm as this boosts your metabolism and tightens up your belly.

4. Natural Colon – Colon Cleansing Supplement
When you introduce a 100% plant-based dietary supplement into your routine, such as Natural Colon, you will experience a decrease in bloating and constipation, and tighten up your lower belly. Maybe even a few inches! Your colon can expand up to twice its size causing a protruding lower belly if you are not having a proper bowel movement.  This all-natural once-per-day capsule will help you achieve daily regularity, reducing the belly and may even increase your energy level. Visit

5. Abdominal Strengthening Exercises
Strengthening your core is an important component for not only your stomach area but your overall health. These exercises burn calories while tightening the muscles in the core. This includes crunches, a variation of planks, Russian twists, ball slams, and more. Activating your abdominal muscles each day will help you lose inches and feel stronger.

In Summary

These are just a few recommendations for how you can whittle your waistline down in just 14 days. If you adhere to whichever method you choose, you’ll be pleasantly surprised in just a few weeks. 

Beyond feeling better in your clothing, you are also staving out disease and contributing to better overall health. The greatest feeling is progress after committing to a tummy tightening journey, which allows you to step into the new year confidently.

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