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Is It Better To Sleep With Your Hair Up Or Down?

For those of us with long locks, we know all too well the frustration of trying to sleep comfortably yet still protecting our hair. Our hairdressers have given us an ultimatum – do you want to sleep well, or do you want healthy hair (particularly if it’s color-treated)? 

But regardless of how beautifully flowing our strands are, it just isn’t feasible to get a good night of rest with our lustrous hair in our mouth, eyes, stuck to our necks, tickling our cheeks, and just generally getting in the way. Nor is it a great feeling to be sleeping on a big pile of poof each night. What’s a girl to do!?

For years, most of us have been tossing it up in a messy bun and relying on the power of a satin pillowcase to protect us against damage. 

Unfortunately, breakage is going to happen no matter what, but if you really depend on a high ponytail to help you sleep with ease, you may have to make some sacrifices in the name of a magnificent mane. 

That being said, sleeping with your hair down can cause a whole world of tangle and mess that you aren’t prepared to deal with – it’s quite the dilemma.

Whether you visit the salon with ultimate frequency or you manage your beautifully coiffed mane at home without assistance, the reality of it is – sleeping with either your hair up or down can be tricky, especially given a certain texture. 

I, for one, prefer a face-lifting level of tightness so I can rest assured I won’t wake up multiple times per night, frustrated to no end with my delicately-bleached hair all up in my sleep business. 

That being said, those of us with a deep commitment to color treatments have an extra hurdle, but really, anyone who has long lengths can relate to the nightly nuance and predicament of whether we should wear our hair up or down. Curly-haired girls, you know exactly why the tossing and turning with hair down is not preferable!

“Put it in a braid!” “Don’t pull it back so tight!” “Use a soft scrunchie!” “Wear a cap!” While we appreciate the recommendations, we’ve probably all fallen into a routine and system that works well for catching our glorious zzzs. But we also suffer the ultimate consequences of split ends, breakage, and general damage. 

So why do we keep doing it? Because the alternatives we’ve tried just aren’t comfy. And if your significant other or fabulous four-legger is hogging up half the bed (and all the pillows), there is an added element of stress to keep your hair contained.

Now we have established that keeping your hair up for the nocturnal hours isn’t the healthiest, nor is adding a headful of extra weight on your wonderfully loved locks is either, are we just out of luck? We need to start figuring out a few other options to restore our volume, keep our length healthy and take extra care to avoid the next hair appointment scolding. 

With many years of experience and experimentation in this area, the team at Organic Beauty Report has compiled some of the best ways to sleep soundly and treat your tresses with tender care.

The Satin Pillowcase

We alluded to it before, and while it has been a strategy passed down from our mothers (and our mother’s mothers), it works – but only to an extent. If your hair isn’t Cher-like in length, you can possibly get some nightly peace as your strands slide across the satin. But if the consistency or length of your hair isn’t compatible, you may have to try something else.

No Really, Use A Soft Scrunchie

Scrunchies sort of made a comeback as of late, so there are more options for finding just the right fabric and elasticity that will keep your hair at a happy medium. Many of us (ahem…) love the reliability of a tight hair-tie, but using rubber or metal is awful for your nightly updo. Not only can you wake up with a massive headache, but you might also be prone to all sorts of morning breakage around the hairline – it’s not a good look.

Never, Ever, Ever Sleep On Wet Hair!

Many of us may be guilty of drifting off to dreamland after a particularly steamy nighttime shower, but it’s about the worst thing you can do. The hair goddesses are cursing us just considering it! It may seem convenient(ly lazy), but your hair is super susceptible and sensitive to damage when it’s wet. What’s further is you wake up with all sorts of dry spots, kinks, curls, and other madness that requires the kind of morning heat styling even the most toned triceps don’t want to tackle. In the end, you just take the damage-inducing factor to the max. If you really can’t wait for your hair to dry prior to bedtime, put on a hydrating hair mask and wind it in a soft bun.

A Hot Room Is A Dry Room and Dryness Equals Dehydration

This goes for both your skin AND your hair. When you’ve cranked the heater up, or have particularly dry hair on the daily, imagine the effects. Flaky skin, chapped lips, and uber dry hair will all great you at morning’s light. We aren’t saying you have to suffer from shivers, but if it’s chilly – layer up or reach for the closest hoodie, yours or your partner’s. After all, they are “our” hoodies, now. You might feel even cozier as you get a healthy night of rest.


While there are endless things you can do to be proactive with your haircare at night, these are just some of the most favorite among our team of hair authorities. Trying out a new technique may just make the biggest improvement your locks have seen in ages!

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