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6 Sunbed Tanning Tips, How to Prepare

Sunbed tanning has come a long way. And while many of us can smell the burning baby oil odor (hey, the 90s were a different time!), sunbed products now include futuristic technology with all the lotions, bronzers, and extenders. 

If you’re one who grew up baking into the acrylic beds, you’ve probably read or heard all about the horrors of sunbed tanning – and the reality is, sunbeds can be risky, but when you prepare correctly and don’t overdo it, sunbeds can be a great source of vitamin D and even help with seasonal depression disorder.

Lots Of Options Out There

There are a lot of different types of sunbeds and options available at tanning salons, but the preparation is almost always the same for each. Here are a few recommendations to prepare for your sunless tanning experience:

  1. Exfoliate

You’ll want your skin squeaky clean and free of all the dead skin cells and rough patches that can build up over time. Exfoliating also helps even out your skin tone. You’ll want to not only exfoliate but also shave one-two days prior to your tanning appointment. 

A loofah, brush or bath puff can all be great, but if you can also add an exfoliating treatment to the mix, you’ll be much better off. You can even call your local tanning salon and speak to an expert for advice.

  1. Moisturize

You want your skin to stay as nourished and healthy as possible, so applying a non-oil-based moisturizer is a great way to hydrate your skin and give it a balmy softness post exfoliation. You’ll want to do this immediately after showering to lock in as much moisture as possible. Also, trying to drink a healthy amount of water prior to your appointment to ensure your skin is well hydrated.

  1. Double-Check Your Prescriptions

Some medications simply don’t mix with tanning. Your skin sensitivity can skyrocket when you are exposed to UV rays. If you have a question or concern, it’s best to call your doctor’s office or pharmacy to see if your prescriptions will be harmful to you.

  1. What To Wear

Apply an indoor tanning lotion prior to your session. Most salons offer a variety of options that are meant for tanning beds and can help prolong the life of your tan. When applying, massage into skin in a circular motion, and cover your entire body (but don’t get close to your eyes). 

You’ll also want to wear an SPF lip balm to protect your sensitive lips. Make sure you aren’t wearing any heavy perfumes or essential oils, as this can impact the health of your skin and the evenness of your tan. Be sure to remove all your jewelry as well. When possible, try to tan without makeup on. And most importantly, always wear protective goggles!

  1. During Your Session

Once you are in your private tanning room, be sure to lock the door and disrobe to your level of comfort. Not everyone chooses to go completely nude, but some do. If you feel your skin is getting far too hot, don’t be afraid to exit the sunbed early.

  1. After Your Session

If you aren’t immediately the glowing goddess you hoped to be – don’t fret! Tans typically take 24 hours to fully develop. You can also apply a tanning extender to give your sunless experience the best result.


Tanning beds can seem a bit intimidating at first, but when you prepare and once you get the hang of it, it can be an enjoyable and relaxing treatment for your mind, body and soul. Some of the best naps happen in there!

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