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Is Gel Nail Polish Safe During Pregnancy?

I think we can all agree – gel nail polish was a game-changer when it comes to manicures. You never have to worry about smudging as you get into your car, it lasts forever, zero chips – it’s a nail dream. But what if you are pregnant? You want to take every precaution necessary and unless you are a chemist, you have no clue what the ingredients are or what the UV curing process can do.

Why Gel Nail Polish Is Desired

If you love having your nails done but don’t know much about gel polish, buckle down. Your nails are about to experience a whole new level of awesome. It sounds a little sketchy at first, but gel polish is the way to go if you want a long-lasting finish. And oh, so pretty!

That being said, we’ll give you the good news: YES! Gel nail polish is safe during pregnancy! There are some caveats though. 

What To Look Out For

The major chemical used is methacrylate monomer, and they come in different kinds which MOST are safe to use. 

There is one type that absolutely needs to be avoided and that is methyl methacrylate monomer. Pregnant or not, steer clear of this ingredient. It will cause skin, lungs, and eye irritation and nobody is trying to have that. It’s actually been banned in quite a few places, which should tell you how cognizant you should be about avoiding it.

Other Things To Keep In Mind

And, pregnant or not, if you are getting your gel treatment at a salon, do some vetting! All nail salons aren’t created equal – in terms of sanitation, professionalism, quality of products. When you are pregnant you need to be extremely aware of these factors. 

One thing to note, however, is the fumes that can be associated with gel nails or polishes. These can cause extreme nausea. This is most prevalent with morning sickness. 

But some nail salons do try to use the cleanest, safest products available, so don’t be afraid to ask what chemicals they are using and notify them that you are pregnant and want to be clear of any future complications. Certainly, the salon techs should understand.

Benefits Of Gel Nail Polish

Once you get the concerns out of the way – get ready for so many options! Gel polish provides so many more possibilities than traditional nail polish. There are metallics, mattes, glitters, shine, magnetic textures – also, color-changing! Yes, you heard it from us. And the best part – it stays! The price is a bit higher for gel polish, but once you begin using it, you’ll realize the few extra bucks are worth the investment.

So, don’t let your pregnancy concerns think you can’t wear gel polish. If you’re already a gel polish enthusiast, proceed with caution as most nail salons use traditional polish – BUT with the pandemic, we are all wearing masks, which is an added level of protection 

Ensure there is ventilation, bring some water and if you start feeling queasy, absolutely step out.

Other Considerations

Another good tip (no pun intended!) is to give your nails a healthy breather between gel polishes. Any chemical can dehydrate and tear up your nails. And it’s going to be tempting due to the texture, but don’t peel the gel off your nails. This is going to strip your natural nail, which rips the nutrients out of your nailbed.


Hopefully, this gives you some ease around getting gel nail polish applied (or if you want to do it yourself). Always use precaution if your local salon doesn’t seem clean or seems a little sketch, follow your gut and move to the next!

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