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How to Apply Self-Tanner Without a Mitt

Self-tanner is scary. Almost anyone can agree. From junior high, we have been trying all the products featured in former 17 and YM Magazines to our go-to websites of the current days in Cosmopolitan and Allure. And there is a reason – tan skin looks pretty tan good. But which way to turn? Like Dorothy, you may get distracted, but you want some friends who can help you with self-tanner as they conjure one up! So here it is, self-tanner time.

Why Self-Tanner Is Intimidating

Self-tanner IS scary – ask anyone. Most of us have lived the orange horror and are extremely skeptical of the result. To add agony into injury, some of these brands don’t even offer you a mitt! (We know, rude much). But sometimes we have to remember back to the early days when we didn’t have mitts and fancy tanning things.

There are a lot of great self-tanners on the market that don’t require the fancy mitt (that we got sold on, but boy does it feel nice!). So how do we do it? Well, listen up babes:

  1. Strip Down

Literally for this to be a possibility, you have to shed the clothes, but you also have to the dead skin cells, dirt, and other weird organisms living on your bod (we know it’s gross). 

Pick an exfoliating body wash that can kill two birds with one stone. Grind away the old and invigorate the new. Just don’t press too hard when you are exfoliating.

  1. Hello Hydration!

We love you too! Your body, well, it’s made up a whole ton of water – this makes it function. Your skin relies on moisture, so help it along by not only drinking a lot but retaining it with specialty skin products. 

These can lock in moisture and provide a barrier against free radicals and other weird environmental stuff trying to penetrate the skin.

  1. Hug, Love, Rub

When you get out of the shower, you may want to say “the hell with life!” if your skin isn’t glowing, healthy, and soft. You followed every direction, but don’t get dismayed! Exfoliate, sit back, and relax. See those dead skin cells swirl down the drain.

  1. Step Out Of The Tub 

Ooooh, who is that babe in the mirror with the glowing bum? You, my dear. 

Take a second, admire your gorgeous physique, but don’t take too long, we need to move on.

  1. Apply Moisturizer. 

Cool? Well if you aren’t you need to start getting cool about moisturizer, most def you have no clue (the Kardashians maybe, but it’s a stretch). 

Stay away from anything with heavy oils, it’ll suck for you.

  1. Sit back, relax.

The process may not be the most fun. But don’t you love having a golden glow without UV rays? It’s so much healthier and formulated to nourish your skin. 


Don’t be afraid of self-tanner, with a few extra precautions, you will come out looking scot-free.

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