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How to Take Off a Spray Tan

You came, you spray-tanned, you conquered. Now, it’s time to take it off. Whether you are a victim of a tanning disaster – patches, spots, streaks, or just a REALLY bad color, or, if you’re just ready to take it off, there are a few ways to make this happen effortlessly.

Even if you’ve done diligent research for how to get a great spray tan, or if you shelled out some major dough at the spray salon, it’s hard to get a perfect tan 100 percent of the time.

Here Are A Few Tips 

Don’t Stress Scrub

It may be your first inclination but scrubbing like crazy won’t do you any favors. First, it causes more patching and unevenness, but further, it rips the moisture from your skin. Instead, opt for a body polish which you can mix with a bit of mineral oil and polish as you regularly would. 

Do this a few times and you will get an even fade from head to toe. The oil will also help break down the DHA – the stuff that creates the color – in spray tan formulas.

Mix Lemon Juice & Baking Soda

It’s not just an old wives’ tale! When you combine these two and completely saturate your skin, your faux tan should come off after about five minutes. For the best results wipe the concoction off with exfoliating body wipes.

Take A Dip

If you have access to a pool, the chlorine will be a great aid in removing the tan. It helps it break down quicker. Afterward, ensure that you shower with exfoliating gloves and apply a body cleanser, rubbing in circular motions.

Break A Sweat

Head to the gym and get a really sweaty workout! And you can hit up the sauna afterward for optimal removal. The enzymes and salt in your sweat will start breaking down the elements in your self-tanner.

Apply Baby Oil

Bust out the baby oil and drench your skin. When you leave it on for 5-10 minutes it will begin to break down the tan – but no longer! When leaving it on longer than 10 minutes, you can actually lock in the tan. Afterward, hit the shower and use an exfoliator with a mitt.

Use A Tan Remover

Yep! There are specific tan removing products out there filled with tan removing chemicals, but also some moisturizing ingredients and probiotics to help balance the pH level of your skin. Just apply liberally, wait about 5 minutes and then shower. Your tan should begin rinsing off immediately.


All in all, don’t fret. The best thing about spray tans is that they are temporary. While the above methods should yield great results (and a combination of them can probably get it off faster), if you don’t see your color begin to fade, you can just wait it out. Not the greatest option, but hey, at least you know it WILL come off at some point.

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