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What is the White Powder Makeup Artists Use?

Makeup artists. They are elusive, talented, and packed with so much knowledge about little tricks for how to not only apply beautiful makeup but to preserve it as well. With all the work that goes into creating the perfect eye, chick, or lip, there is always aftercare to consider so you can prolong the fresh glow your makeup artist so delicately created.

Whether you are going for a natural daytime look or you see your makeup wizard for something more enchanting such as an event, photo session or whatever you deem worthy of an invested makeup application, these artists use the best tools and products to help you look your best. After all, it is their literal job.

The Curiosity

Sometimes it’s fun to ask questions and try to tag along with your makeup artist as much as possible, but if you’re closing your eyes and following instructions, it may be difficult to keep up on all the products they are using. Perhaps you are the recipient of a brand new smoky eye, or your contour game has been elevated, it’s important to “set” your makeup, which is where this magical white powder comes in.

Setting powder is a real game-changer and many people overlook this product as they deem it unnecessary. But if you are one who spends hours in front of the mirror perfecting your cosmetics, it’s definitely worth your while to invest in the “white powder” that makeup artists use.

How It Looks, How It Appears

It looks white, so you might be skeptical to apply this to your face but setting powder won’t appear as white on your face. Essentially what it does is soak up oils your face produces. While you are combatting shine, you also want to set the hard work you’ve put in, and this powder will help with staying power.

There are a ton of setting powders on the market because a) they work and b) once you have one it will seem like you can’t live without it moving forward. No more full-face touch-ups and reapplication in the bathroom, your setting spray will cover you and ensure your beautiful makeup stays intact.

Setting powder can really improve your entire look if you apply it correctly. Yes, it looks white in its container, but it won’t appear to be white on your face. Two-Faced and Urban Decay have become front runners with their setting powder technology and many makeup artists rely on these brands to seal the gorgeous face they have created. If you see them do a little dab, dab with a fluffy brush, it’s likely that they are using a setting powder to lock in the pigment and application technique.


So next time, when you’re sitting in the makeup chair, don’t concern yourself with the white powder your makeup artist is using. He or she just wants to preserve your look for the whole night to come with very little maintenance. You’ll be taking fewer trips to the loo and be grateful for your complexion when the camera phones come out.

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