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Airbrush Vs Traditional Makeup Wedding

It’s a big day. You’ve been dreaming about it, defiling Pinterest, consulted with your hair and makeup team, gave the photographers strict instructions – essentially, it just may be the most important day of your life and you want to look perfect. We don’t blame you. The wedding makeup industry is booming due largely to all the sentiment behind it. You know these photos are going to hang on your walls for ages, and every time you glance at them you want to remember what a queen you were on that day.

With so much planning, you’ve probably considered all your makeup options. You want to be flawless in your photos yet want to look naturally gleaming in front of all your friends and family. So, with such a big, important event happening, do you lean on your tried and true traditional makeup methods, or do you opt for the airbrush method because you’ve heard that it presents well?

What To Consider

We’ll tell you this much – you will look and feel your most beautiful when you are comfortable. A lot of celebrities use the airbrush technique prior to a big red carpet event because they know how gorgeous the outcome is. This may be inspiring for your wedding look goals, therefore you might want to do some research about which airbrush systems are best. Our main recommendation is to test out the airbrushing (or any makeup method) prior to the big event. It will give you an idea as to how you will photograph and you can sketch out a plan for how your makeup routine will go for the day.

Know What You Want Beforehand

Regardless of your skin texture or type, there is an airbrush product out there for you. But, perhaps you want to keep it old school and apply your makeup traditionally – that’s okay too! The important thing is to get an idea of what you want to look like. Pinterest is a great resource for a variety of makeup-related options, or you could consult with the techs at your local salon. While they may or may not recommend airbrushing, they will have your best interests at heart and try to help you look phenomenal on such an important day.

Whichever You Choose, It’s Not All

Do know that if you go with the airbrush route or you go the traditional route, you’re still going to need some touchups throughout the day and festivities. Unless you have a handy airbrush gun or technician on the line to refresh you, you’ll likely have to use traditional makeup for cleaning up. Perhaps this is why most people choose to do traditional makeup as they know what the outcome will be.


We aren’t knocking airbrush makeup, it might be just what you need. It’s probably a good idea to consult with your makeup artists before you make any major decisions on the big day. Makeup artists can make recommendations based on your skin type, tone, and texture. They know the best products, the best application methods, and the best way to help you feel your most amazing self.

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