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Top Quality Makeup Brushes [2022]

If you have found this article, congratulations are in order. Because there IS such a thing as quality makeup brushes as opposed to some less than stellar options

A quality makeup brush is truly a game-changer. Not only does your makeup turn out looking better, but it is also going to take you less time to apply and you won’t have to blend and fuss so much. This is much of why the makeup brush world can demand and receive such high dollar signs when it comes to quality brushes.

What Defines a Quality Makeup Brush?

What does quality mean, exactly? Well, think of the bristles – you want something soft that scoops up the color and applies ever so beautifully. You want something that holds its shape, doesn’t shed, and doesn’t feel scratchy, thus irritating your skin. You want a handle that is easy to grip and won’t chip or shred easily. 

And think about all those dead skin cells your brushes pick up. Yes, it’s gross, but it’s part of the makeup game. Not only do you need to clean your brushes regularly due to an accumulation of bacteria, but you will also want to remove all the color buildup.

What is a Low Quality Makeup Brush?

If you’ve ever used a low-quality makeup brush (think of our beginner makeup brushes!), and then you used a higher quality brush – you know the difference. The whole experience changes. If you are committed to getting the most flawless finish, you are going to have to invest. 


Bottom line. Thankfully, your experts at Organic Beauty Report are committed to the art of gorgeous makeup and we’ve tried all brushes that have been touted as the best. We are going to give you the rundown of our favorites.

Top 5 High-Quality Makeup Brushes:

  1. Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish Sublime Perfection Powder Brush – $58

Do you remember a time when there was no Pat McGrath line? Do you want to? Stop shuddering and start shelling out for this best overall powder brush. A great powder brush really isn’t an option – it’s a necessity. 

This Pat McGrath favorite is used backstage, on runways, and in real-time. Its slightly tapered shape offers fullness and width that diffuses powder, well, perfectly. It offers superior pickup and payoff when it comes to applying powder. Loose powder has never been laid down like this. 

But if you want quality you also have to pay for it. This brush is a whopping $58. So, you better treat it right!

  1. Fenty Beauty Face Shaping Brush 125 – $34

Hello contouring queens! Rihanna saved the day when she developed Fenty and her brushes are just as fabulous as her makeup line. 

This angled face brush provides flawless blending and sculpting and works magic for both cream and powder formulations. The bristles basically feel like you are massaging your face. And you won’t experience shedding. People are freaking out over this brush and the reviews are off the charts. 

This $34 beauty necessity sweeps your cheeks and seamlessly diffuses for face shaping definition. Pop those bones with effortless dimensions.

  1. MAC Cosmetics 242 Synthetic Shader Brush – $28

Sorry, not sorry. There is no better brush for applying shadow to your lids. It gets a five-star review from darn near everyone who has used it. Your shimmer, duo-chrome, and foil shadows adhere to this baby easily due to its flat, synthetic bristles. Matte shadows? They have never looked better. 

Honestly, experiment with a regular brush and then test this MAC classic and you will see why it’s a best-seller across the globe. The smooth, even finish is incomparable and you may never have to replace this brush if you can take good care of it. 

That should make the $28 a little less difficult to swallow. But you shouldn’t be surprised, it’s MAC after all. The company’s stellar reputation is fully deserved.

  1. Make Up For Ever 242 Large Blender Brush – $30

This is what blending dreams are made of. For real though, this long, rounded blending brush is going to make you look like you just came from the Makeup Forever Pro Shop (and if you haven’t been, put it on your bucket list!). 

This sucker took five years to develop in collaboration with makeup artists and fiber experts and is truly a revolution in brush craftsmanship. With this scientifically crafted brush, every stroke results in perfection. It’s diversified for every type and method of eyeshadow. 

Yes, it’s $30, but FIVE years in development should tell you something about the quality.

  1. CoverFX Liquid Foundation Brush – $38

Gone are the days of “dot-dotting” and finger-blending our foundation. We’ve graduated and this brush is the gift. This dense, flat-topped brush has tightly packed bristles to buff liquid expertly. 

It perfectly maneuvers the hairline and makes a little foundation go a long way. It’s more petite than typical foundation brushes, but that factor makes it easier to control. Buff, blend, beautify and be on your way. Once you add this brush to your collection you will wonder how you ever lived without it.


Sure, you can toss a few bucks at a makeup brush and hope for the best – but if you are serious about achieving a flawless face and you don’t want to have to keep replacing your makeup brushes, start investing in quality.

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