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6 Ways To Hide Bags Under Your Eyes Without Makeup

Whether you are a little sleep-deprived, you’re dehydrated, you had a good ugly cry session (hey, we’ve all been there), or it’s the genes you were handed, undereye bags are a drag. 

As we age, they tend to show up quicker due to thinning skin under your eyes. Add salt, water metabolism, and hormones to the mixed and you’re really in for some combat. Great! You have likely tried every concealer, foundation, and powder only to find that it makes your bags look even more pronounced. 

Listen, the blood vessels under your eyes are irritated and that’s why they moved in and refuse to leave. But we can send them packing with a few tips and tricks that don’t involve makeup.

  1. Apply Vitamin K Cream

Vitamin K has a great reputation for battling rosacea and bruising, and when you apply it under your eye you are treating the vasculature. It also soothes inflammation and irritation which is the core root of your puffiness and dark circles. 

It doesn’t need to be anything fancy. You can pick some Vitamin K cream up at your drugstore.

  1. Hydrate

We won’t harp on you too bad, but you know water is crucial for your health – it does makeup 80 percent of your body. Water keeps your skin tissue healthy, supports blood volume, and keeps the puffiness at bay. 

If you are dealing with chronic puffiness you may want to cool it with your salt intake and chug a few more glasses of water.

  1. Freeze Teabags or a Spoon

Yes, it seems a little old-timey but it actually works! Both will induce vasoconstriction which gives love to your blood vessels and reduces the darkness. It actually feels pretty soothing, too!

  1. Sleep

If it’s bedtime and you are staying up late, scrolling away on your smartphone, you need to stop. Not only do you need more sleep, but you also need better sleep. 

And we don’t have to remind you, you know you need to stop sleeping on your stomach for a variety of reasons, but particularly when it comes to eye bags, fluid will build under your eyes.

  1. Potato Eye Mask

No, we aren’t crazy, thank you very much! But seriously, you don’t have to spend a fortune on creams, gels, treatments when you have an expensive eye cream ingredient in your kitchen. 

The enzyme in potatoes, catechol oxidase, is used in all the fancy eye products. This reduces pigmentation, so you can kiss those dark circles goodbye. Just cut a potato in half and place each one below your eye and now you have your own DIY eye mask!

  1. Keep Your Cream in the Fridge

If you are one of the product-obsessed (hey, we get it!), whatever your potion be it cream, gel or serum, keep it in your refrigerator. The coolness will help with the irritation and shrink your blood vessels much quicker than the product alone.


If you’ve been fighting the good fight with your undereye bags to no avail, we hope some of these methods will help you out! 

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