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How Long Does Permanent Makeup Last

It’s a great question for a big decision. You may see your friends get out of the pool with an effortless “natural beauty” look only to find out they have gone under the needle and opted for permanent makeup. 

It’s not a choice to make hastily and if you decide this is the route you want to go, you better do your research on who you allow to tattoo your face, their years of experience, before and after photos of clients, and figure out what kind of ink they are using.

All that being said, maybe you’ve already decided on permanent makeup, but ultimately, how long will it last you? The answer varies. It really depends on what type of permanent makeup you are wanting – eyeliner, lips, eyebrows? The rule of thumb is typically one to three years. 

But you also need to take excellent care of your permanent makeup during the healing process – scabbing, flaking, drying – it is a tattoo after all. Permanent makeup isn’t exactly permanent, per se, but it’s definitely more permanent than reapplying the same products every morning. 

The reason this doesn’t last as long as a regular tattoo is because the needle doesn’t go deep enough into the skin, like a normal tattoo.


Do you want perfect eyebrows? Who doesn’t! Maybe you are a serial over-plucker or you grew up in the 90s (need I say more?) and you have pencil-thin strips up there. Or there’s a chance your genetics played a role in the lack of big bushy eyebrows. No matter the case, microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing technique where a blade is used to create extremely thin, hair-like strokes that fill in your brows and look just like the real deal. The needles scratch your skin and deposit pigment into the little abrasions. It sounds awful, but this has become widely popular and on the pain scale, it’s not too bad.

Does Not Last Forever

Microblading does not last forever. Because the scrapes aren’t as deeply ingrained as a real tattoo, your body ends up absorbing it, so it begins to fade through a natural process. If you love the result of your microblade session, you can touch it up every 12 months to keep it fresh, or you can let nature take its course. Typically, the shelf life is one to two years.

Lip Blushing

So it’s actually not blush but lip blushing gives the appearance of fuller lips. It’s like lip fillers, but not. You can define your lips, plump them up, and enhance the color. Little needles deposit the pigment into your lips. Everyone’s skin is different, but you can expect about two to five years with this commitment. 

To keep them fresh and gorgeous, it is recommended to go in for touch-ups every now and then. Your technician applies a bit of numbing cream and you’ll feel a few pinches here and there, but nothing unbearable. If you’re sick of overlining your lips, this is a great option.


Envious of other people’s perfect cat eye? Not so great at applying eyeliner evenly? Tired of all the smudging and running? You might be a great candidate. Permanent eyeliner entails placing pigment on your lash line to mimic the look of that eyeliner you meticulously apply each day. It’s comparable to lip blushing and microblading because it deposits color onto the skin, but it won’t last forever. 

Permanent eyeliner usually lasts one to three years, but again, everyone is different and it depends on the rate at which your skin absorbs the pigment. You can expect a numbing cream and a few pinches here and there, but nothing too painful.


If you think you want to delve into the world of permanent makeup, just make sure you do your homework to find the best technician.

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