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When to Use Purple Shampoo and Conditioner

If you aren’t a natural blonde, you know all too well the struggles associated with highlighting and bleaching your mane into flaxen brightness. One of the primary issues is dealing with the tone that can evolve into a brassy, less-than-ideal yellow color. Not only does finding the perfect blonde shade takes time (especially if you are on the darker brunette spectrum), but it can also be hard to maintain due to a variety of reasons such as hard water, environmental elements, and simple upkeep. While your hairstylist can battle this in the salon, it still requires some commitment at home and that’s where purple shampoo enters.  

Purple Shampoo For Blondes

Purple shampoo is an absolute necessity for blondes to use in between hair coloring sessions as it easily helps keeps that blonde as glamorous as possible. Purple pigments help to keep undertones at bay. Think of it as your at-home toner that helps to beat brass. The concept of purple shampoo might sound a little wild to the blonde newbies but ask any tried and true blonde and they’ll tell you it’s a must-have for keeping hair looking brilliant. Everything from dirty blonde, strawberry blonde, to now the current platinum “hide-the-greys” hue. 

Color Change

You’re probably wondering, “will it turn my hair purple?” Well, the short end of it is yes! But that’s if it is a pigment, color-depositing shampoo. If it’s not color-depositing, it will come out of the container and apply as a purple would, but when you rinse, it will just eliminate the yellow color and your strands will be as poppin’ as the day you had them color blessed.  


So, here’s the deal, you don’t actually need a “purple conditioner” and if someone is trying to sell you that, run for the hills. Your perfectly blonde self just needs a dash of purple shampoo, twice a week (depending on your blonde factor). The awesome thing is that purple shampoo comes in a variety of options, any of which can match your budget. If you just want to keep that brass at bay, several drugstore or beauty supply brands can be your solution. If you really want to brighten, pop, and max that shield of golden, platinum, or beige sheen you sat so patiently to acquire, there are several salon and professional-quality brands that will make your blonde goals come true. 


If you’ve heard about purple shampoo and have had a little reluctance for a test run, take it from a long-time fake blonde, this is a necessity to keep your salon investment maximized. You already did all of the work lightenings to this phase, so make the most of it. And you don’t need purple conditioner. If anyone is trying to sell you on that, it is not only a hoax, but it would through off your tone balance and you’d basically ruin all that hard foil work. Unless you are a sadist, no one wants to sit in the chair that long, or come back for more because a “purple conditioner” was recommended and it ruined those sunny blonde locks. 

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