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Is Purple Shampoo or Conditioner Better?

If you are a chemically committed blonde, or you are just opting to maximize your highlights, purple shampoo can be your new best friend. It may seem a little silly and you might have the wrong idea as in thinking it will turn your hair purple, these products actually boost your blonde goodness. 

Much has been said and recommended about purple shampoos, but what about purple conditioners? As with almost everything, moderation is key. Depending on your brass factor, purple shampoo can be a bit of overkill but it also serves a different purpose than its shampoo counterpart. 

Purple Shampoo vs Purple Conditioner

Purple shampoo is a toning agent that neutralizes brassiness (when those golden locks start to look a little too yellow). While purple conditioner does the nourishing part of treating hair after you have slowed the brass roll. Purple conditioners aren’t as widely known because – quite frankly, you don’t need them. The goal of the purple concept is to keep control over your perfectly lightened tresses, which does require some extra conditioning, depending on your hair texture, length, and type. Even the finest hair can benefit from deep conditioner and it doesn’t have to have the name purple attached, which should be a red flag anyway. 

Those smarty-pants lab coat scientists figured out a way to prolong your honey hues, and the result was purple shampoo. A few brands became over-excited and developed the purple conditioner option, and depending on your hair’s dream goal, this really isn’t necessary, nor will it give you the results you are looking for. Simply put, conditioner shouldn’t have a role in affecting your hair color, it is simply a support formula to nourish all the color-treating, heat-applying, teasing, curling, spiking methods you pursue when trying to achieve your desired style. 

If you run into a situation where your beautifully blonde head can’t find purple shampoo and purple conditioner is an option – go for it! It won’t have the same amazing effect of purple shampoo, but its purple conditioner counterpart can still do some work, but you just have to leave it on and be a bit patient. There isn’t a huge market for purple conditioner as it simply isn’t needed. When you find the purple shampoo that restores your dreamy blonde, you should just worry about conditioning it without extra color. 

If you’re in the blonde boat, you may have been to a dedicated stylist or ventured out on your own self-experiment, which is fine, but don’t be afraid to consult with a professional. Especially if you’ve been dropping a fortune on those foil sessions, go ahead and ask your hair sensi to provide you with aftercare recommendations. There are far too many purple products on the market, and the risk of choosing the wrong one, be it purple shampoo or conditioner, might lead you to another salon appointment to heal the damage. 


We get it, if you aren’t a natural blonde you are going to need to do a few extra steps to keep your fresh color alive, and it’s totally worth the time investment. 

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