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What Purple Shampoo Hairdressers Use

Hey, blondie! You probably just examined the glory of brightness your hairstylist created in the mirror, but now you do have to step out of the salon and keep this fabulosity up on your own. It might seem intimidating or impossible, but if you are invested enough to sit for hours as your hair color lifts to the heavens, you have enough time to give those much-deserving locks some aftercare. 

Hopefully, your blondifying hairstylist provided some great at-home tips for how to keep these bleached strands healthy, and beyond that, keep the color hydrated, nourished, and bright.  

You always come out the door looking your freshest, most chic self, but you may fail to realize the products (and talent) that were used to create this new vision. High-quality products play a huge role in hair care, which is why salons invest in luxury, name brands. Not only do these products smell amazing, but they also reinforce the strength in your hair and keep the color on lock. 

If you are one who adorns the hot blasted foils and you haven’t used purple shampoos, you may notice that your hair becomes a little brassy after some time. You really don’t need to run back to the salon in a panic, you can simply pick up one of the hairstylist-recommended purple shampoos from your local beauty supply store. 

So, what does your hair magician use and recommend to keep those blonde tresses at perfection? Well, you may have to ask, but we’ve interviewed our favorite hair masters and gathered their favorites: 

Pravana The Perfect Blonde Shampoo 

The name says it all – mic drop. Pravana figured out the way to neutralize unwanted yellow tones while brightening, hydrating, and elevating your shine factor. Just a quarter-sized amount will coat those strands and lather up as it goes to work. You can use it as often as you please, but one to two times per week is recommended. 

Pulp Riot BARCELONA Toning Shampoo 

Pulp Riot is all that and more. And when you see the price tag, you’ll understand. If you truly want your time-invested locks to pop, this should be your go-to. Silky, shiny, blonde. You’ll look like you just had your hair done yesterday, regardless of the day. This is a relatively new brand, but boy did they do their homework! No need for a salon refresh, just apply this twice a week. 

Nexxus Blonde Assure 

You might be sassy, but you don’t have to be brassy! You can enrich and tone your locks with keratin protein and violet pigments to give those golden tresses the treatment they deserve. Nexxus has been a player in the hair game for ages and it never fails to hydrate and enhance your hair’s potential. Healthy looking after every wash, Nexxus assures the most beautiful blonde. 

Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde Shampoo 

Let your blonde star shine with this salon-favorite brand AND product. Paul Mitchell knows the brassy struggle and created this moisturizing lather for ultimate color. Just a quarter size will suds up and bring your blonde back to hottie status in no time. 

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