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Purple Shampoo Without Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Hey, blondie! If you have cool-toned color-treated hair, sulfate-free purple shampoo is a mild way of washing so the color doesn’t fade as rapidly. If you are concerned with toning out that hideous yellow color, purple shampoo is your wish come true. Just scrub some violet bubbles into your hair whenever you shower (or as often as needed). With purple shampoo, you might even be able to forgo the toner altogether!

As a certified fake blonde, I’ve tried just about every purple shampoo optionable. Because I know the struggle, I’ve curated a list of sulfate-free purple shampoos that really do the job. Always go for a sulfate-free shampoo because if you’re already bleaching, you don’t need any more chemicals in your hair.

When you apply a quality, violet-hued shampoo to your hair, you will realize an immediate difference. You can keep your brassiness at bay and move forward in blonde bliss without wondering if your hair looks like you need a salon appointment. Your salon magician will likely applaud your efforts between visits!

Top 5 Sulfate-Free Purple Shampoos

Brassy hair no more! Get brightened and use healthy purple shampoos to realize the blonde goals you’ve been dreaming of!

B Uniq Silver Shampoo

Light, platinum, silver, or ash, B Uniq will revitalize any bleached or highlighted hair. This PETA-approved vegan and cruel-free shampoo will lift your locks to the lords. You’ll look like a natural blonde without all that sallow tinge that comes along with color-treated hair. You can protect against fading and maintain that salon look far until your next appointment. You’ll be absolutely Uniq and everyone will be wondering how you get that hair to glow.

Pureology Perfect 4 Platinum Shampoo

Salon masters swear by this fortifying, anti-fade shampoo. Your shiny blonde tresses will look celebrity grade and you’ll be flipping your hair in confidence because it will feel nourished and healthy. Pureology knows the color game well so if you are sick of experimenting with lesser-known brands, this trusty company can provide the hair goals you are looking for. Reviewers pledge that this is the life-changing product they rely on as it reinforces your sheen and keeps it prolonged.

Beauty Works Anti-Yellow Shampoo

Banish the brass with Beauty Works! This anti-yellow shampoo will have you looking and feeling fantastic as it neutralizes your yellow tones and has you stepping out in style! You can resurrect those shimmering strands and feel all the better for it when you use this sulfate-free shampoo. Your hair will feel stronger and healthier, not to mention the color will look as fresh as your Pinterest gallery hopes.

Be Gorgeous Bombshell Tone Enhancing Shampoo

Brighten up, buttercup! Refresh your locks with this color-correcting shampoo. From roots to ends, not only will this product enhance your glorious color, but it will also keep it shiny and soft like the bombshell you are. A little goes a long way so this investment is worth the while. Keep your tone safe and flip those tresses around boldly.

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