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4 Best Professional Hair Color To Cover Gray

Gray hair is a sign of age, grace, and beauty. For some, it shows up earlier, for some, not until much later in life. Some feel stress or new emotions about discovering the grays pop up, but aging is truly a privilege. 

A lot of people are now accepting and celebrating their natural grays, but for those that want to cover it – that’s okay too. How to style yourself and choose your look is solely a personal thing so either way you want to go with your grays is great!

But, if you do choose the road of disguising gray, there are some hair products that are better than others. Gray hair does need extra hair, as you might find it becomes a lot softer and gentler than your natural-born hue. 

Usually, when you think of “professional hair color” it’s fair to naturally assume the color that you have applied at the salon. Yes, this is professional, but there are a few DIY brands you can select from too.

We’ve put together a list of our top recommendations for gray coverage, and some you can actually pick up at a drugstore and still look fabulous.

  1. The Henna Guys 100% Pure and Natural Henna Powder for Hair Dye – Effective Hair Dye That Covers Gray Hair – $13.97

Holy henna! This is a purely organic option which is especially great for damaged hair. There are no chemicals, metals, or pesticides in henna hair dye for gray hair. Naturally, it is used for red and brown hair, but in a mix, with other natural ingredients, the color varies. 

This is a great option for those with allergies and it’s not grown with any pesticides. While henna is inherently safe, it’s just not as powerful as other color options, so you will find that you have to use it more often to color grays. You are going to have to keep the dye in a bit longer for the color to take. 

Lawson content is the active ingredient here and if you pick up this product, you may find that it comes in an unorthodox bag, but it’s only $13.97! It’s definitely worth a try if you don’t mind the extra time commitment.

  1. John Frieda Precision Foam Color, Medium Natural Blonde 8N – $11.99

Covering gray at home has never been easier! Usually, it is tough to reach the hair in the back of your head with at-home color, but this box comes with a convenient brush to comb the foam through, thoroughly. The foam only takes about 30 minutes, so it’s highly convenient. 

You can really use this product on any hair color, but it works especially well for gray hair. It also has a super protecting aftercare conditioner, so your hair will feel silky smooth. This dye does contain ammonium so it will have a permanent effect. 

This foam is continuously rated high because it does provide full coverage. It’s long-lasting, nourishing and it only costs $11.99.

  1. Revlon Colorsilk Beautiful Color, Dark Soft Brown – $8.04

Revlon bubbles to the top again! This legacy hair brand has been expertly coloring resisting gray hair for ages. Rich in color and every so silky, this is another long-lasting (aka commitment) product for coverage. 

This color looks incredibly multi-dimensional and helps protect against UV rays. Revlon is trusted around the world to provide excellent hair color, so you don’t have to feel too nervous about applying this to your locks. With 30 shades to choose from, it might seem a bit daunting, but dark soft brown is recommended for covering grays. 

This is a keratin enriched hair color, so your hair won’t be drier than the desert after you’re done. This is also ammonia-free, which means it’s a bit safer than competitors. Most fans of this product claim their hair looks and feel so much better after the application. This product is only $8.04, which makes it a super sweet deal!

  1. Wella Professionals Color Charm Permanent Liquid Color – Light Beige Blonde – $6.99

Wella is another brand that has stood the test of time. I remember my mom using this one for ultra-hydrating treatments in my youth because as someone with very curly hair, you need something highly moisturizing. 

Coloring to cover gray is no different. This product is fade resistant and claims to give you 43 percent more shine and 60 percent more conditioning than its competitors. It also has a very pleasant floral smell that sticks with you for a few days. This charming potion will only cost you $6.99 at Sally Beauty Supply.


If you’re on a mission to cover grays, there are certainly quite a few ways to do it. The most important part is nourishing your hair as you color, otherwise, you end up with covered gray and brittle ends. Be sure to take extra care after any color treatment.

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