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Adonia Organics: Lash Alive Review 2020


We all long for the fluttery, thick, beautiful lashes of the stars and as a result, opting for a lash growth product that actually works. It has been found in Adonia Organics’ Lash Alive. Maybe it’s because it has 20 organic ingredients or maybe because it is backed by a proven clinical study, but there is no hesitation to use this transformative product. 

After just 21 days, there is a 64 percent average improvement in the appearance of your lashes, after 42 days there is an 88 percent improvement and after 56, a 92 percent chance for improvement. Because it’s all natural and paraben-free, anyone can use it – even those with sensitive skin. All it takes is a little dedication to using the product daily and being patient on waiting for the results you are looking to achieve.

If the goal is thicker, longer lashes, this is the product that will bring the results. Many products contain incredibly harmful chemicals that actually end up costing you your lashes when they begin falling out. Lash Alive enriches the follicle by giving it nutrients for growth. If you find that your lashes are falling out or thinning due to everyday mascara use (yes, it can cause this), you can swap it out for this once-a-day wonder and improve thickness, length and fullness. 

Once you begin implementing this serum into your daily beauty regimen, you will want to toss the mascara and bask in the glory that are your naturally long, gorgeous, fringed lashes.

The product is also vegan- and cruelty-free, which can be a rarity in the beauty business. If you’ve ever wondered whether eyelash serums “really work” you’ll be quite pleased to learn the answer is an overwhelming yes.

Where To Buy

Adonia Organics Lash Alive can be purchased at for just $59. You are also able to subscribe to the company’s AutoShip program, which can save you 20 percent on your first purchase. There are many levels available for the AutoShip program which you can learn about here:

Who it’s Meant For:

Anyone wanting to improve the look and lushness of their eyelashes. Whether it’s a shortness or a fullness problem – or, maybe your lashes are just trashed from years of using harmful products, Lash Alive can restore your lashes and improve the look and texture. The reassuring fact is that any skin type can use the product because it is made with organic ingredients. There are no harmful dyes, chemicals, hormones or additives to worry about.


Lash Alive is nicely boxed in Adonia Organics’ signature filigree branding. The company does a great job of carefully packaging items. One side details all the instructions for application and ingredients, and another side gives a brief history about the company’s roots. The product is based on the beauty culture of the Greeks, in that they applied organic solutions to their beauty routines for optimal results. 

The front of the box details that it’s a “Professional Eyelash Enhancing Serum.” It also highlights that key ingredients include organic yarrow and organic patchouli. The box does state that results will vary, so keep that in mind.

What’s in The Box:

This silver tube looks just like mascara, yet when you remove the top you’ll find that the stick-like applicator comes as a brush rather than the traditional comb you find in this product shape. The brush is made of quality bristles and is used to dip into the product’s base to grab the serum for application. The product itself is a bit too small in size to list the ingredients or instructions on it, so you may want to keep the box until you get used to using it.

Feel of Product:

Lash Alive looks much like your typical serum, however it’s not runny or gooey, just pleasant. It is translucent in color and feels soothing to the skin where eyelash meets eyelid. It won’t turn any color once applied to the skin either.

Application process:

When you dip the applicator into the base, scoop a healthy amount of the serum so the brush is loaded. The product should be directly applied to the base of each follicle. You will keep dipping the brush as often as necessary to ensure each individual hair has been saturated at the base of the eyelid. Make sure to press the applicator into the hair follicle to ensure it has been treated. Try not to get it into your eye – and if you do, simply wash your eye with soap and water. Because the ingredients are organic, it won’t cause any damage in the event you accidentally get it in your eye. It’s quite an easy application process with no mess, no stress and no weird side effects!



If you’re at your wit’s end with trying eyelash growth products that don’t work, you can find a safe ending with Adonia Organics Lash Alive. There aren’t any harmful chemicals that will burn or irritate your eye area, and when you use the product daily you will begin to see a dramatic result. If your lashes are thickening and lengthening beyond what you were wanting, you can always reduce the days you use Lash Alive to just three. 

Because eyelashes follow a specific growth pattern, it’s important to use an all-organic product so as not to disturb that cycle with foreign chemicals. It can cause a majorly reverse reaction. Just another reason to use Lash Alive – it’s safe!

The wonderful thing is that Lash Alive is now new and improved from its original formula, as Adonia Organics is always looking for ways to make their products most effective. You can leave your skepticism at the door, and proudly start snapping those selfies once you see the effects of Lash Alive. And knowing that the product works because it’s made of organic ingredients makes it all the better. As a lash lengthening enthusiast and someone who has tried it all, Adonia Organics Lash Alive is the real deal.

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