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How to Keep Lipstick from Bleeding

Whether it’s been a long day at the office, or you’ve been out to an event for a few hours, maybe you were just running errands – there is nothing worse than looking in the mirror finally, just to see that you have a mess of lipstick all over your face. It may be on your teeth – even worse! Don’t have a meltdown, and don’t toss all your lipsticks in the trash. There are a few tips and tricks that can help remedy this problem for the future.

First, let’s examine the lip colors and textures. Maybe you have one go-to, or perhaps you are a lipstick enthusiast. It’s important to know the difference between matte, glossy, satin, shimmer and more. Some are going to stay put easier than others. The glossier the formula, the easier it’s going to come off – on everything. Coffee cups, your hair in your face, your significant other, etc. But when you use a matte finish, you’ve got much more staying power.

Step 1: Use a primer

Primers are popular because it forms a canvas for which your lip product can adhere to. If you don’t have a primer in your makeup arsenal, reach for a liquid foundation (yes, really). Not only will foundation fill creaks and crevices, it also gives your lip a neutral base so the color of your lipstick can really pop.

Step 2: Powder around the edges of your mouth

Powder will naturally help absorb any oil that may cause your lip products to slip.

Step 3: Use a lipliner – everywhere

This is another tip from famous makeup artists. First, make sure your lip liner either matches your color completely, or is very similar to your lipstick color. When you cover your entire lip in liner, you are providing another layer for your lips to bond to for ultimate staying power. Plus, the lipliner will create a barrier around the edges of your lips, so it won’t easily smear, bleed or feather.

Step 4: Apply lipstick

Yes, this should be a no-brainer, but there are a few techniques for applying your lipstick. One of which is using a brush. You’ll see many makeup artists who prefer to use a lip brush because it goes on easier, also filling the contours of your lips and giving you more precise control. If you prefer to apply straight from the tube, map it in threes. On the upper lip, apply to one side, starting at the intersection of the cupid’s bow to the outer corner of the mouth. Then repeat on the opposite side. Then you can do your bottom lip in one fell swoop. Just don’t apply too much pressure, especially if you are using a dark color. If you go outside the lip line, it can be really difficult to fix. Just apply light strokes and if you need to add another layer for intensity, go for it!

Step 5: Blot

Blotting will help you clean up any excess product that could collect in the corner of your mouth.

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