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How to Do a Smokey Eye for Blue Eyes

There is no doubt about it, blue eyes are stunning and typically you can’t help but notice them. Icy, navy, copper-speckled, deep and all-consuming, it doesn’t matter the color – blue eyes have a way to pop, sparkle and bewitch. When you pair blue eyes with a sophisticated and glamorous smokey eye, you will catch the attention of any passersby.

The key to a gorgeous smokey eye for blue eyes is first to find shades that work well with the myriad shades. Often, black smokey eyes are a bit overwhelming to flatter any blue eye color, so it’s recommended to use a variety of brown shades. You’ll want to collect a neutral or beige, rust and deep chocolate colors as well as a brown or black eyeliner, depending on what time of day you’ll be twinkling about.

From day to night, the perfect smokey eye for those blue peepers can be achieved with different levels of intensity and shading. There are a variety of ways to tackle the smokey eye effect, but we will reveal the simplest to achieve. It’s recommended to use an eye primer before applying shadow, because not only will the shadow stick better to the lid, it will preserve it for a longer amount of time and make the colors look more vivid because you are creating a smooth palette for application.


Step 1

Swipe your neutral shade all over the eye, from lash to brow. Cover the whole area of the eye, but don’t go outside the brow edge. Make sure you hit the inner corner of the eye thoroughly. Use a flat eyeshadow brush to apply.

Step 2

Take your medium shade, the colors that work best are bronze, copper or rust. You will want to dust this color from the edge of your lash line to no more than the center of your pupil. Be sure to cover the entire crease with a healthy amount of the color. Use a special crease eyeshadow brush so it will cover the crease evenly.

Step 3

Swipe a small amount of your deep brown and dab it just at the outer corner of your eye, blending it into the crease color. This takes some practicing and with an angled eyeshadow brush this is much easier to achieve. You don’t want to use too much color for daytime (unless that is what you are going for) but it may look a bit too much in broad daylight.

Step 4

Blend it. Love it or hate it, blending is a necessary part of the process for any great eye look, but especially smokey eyes. You can use a special blending eyeshadow brush or you can even use a clean middle or ring finger (this is because these fingers will give you control without putting too much pressure on your fragile eyelid. Blend until you are satisfied with the look of the shades melting together.

Step 5

Grab a brown eyeliner if you really want those sparklers to dazzle, or you can opt for a black liner, if you want to go dramatic. You can use a pencil or liquid, depending on your texture preference.

Step 6

Swipe on a few layers of mascara. The color is really up to you. Many people like to match their mascara color with their eyeliner color or use brown eyeliner and a black mascara. It’s fun to experiment with both to see which you like better.


Simply follow the above steps, but you will use heavier amounts of each color. Which usually requires a few layers and a lot of blending along the way. The great part about this method is that you can gradually build the color until you’re satisfied with the intensity of the look.

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