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The Ultimate Guide to Growing Eyelashes

Do you have to apply a thick coat of mascara every morning to make your eyelashes stand out?

If you think your boyfriend has longer and more luscious eyelashes than you, you are not alone. Every year, thousands of teens and women visit salons and lash parlors to get false and magnetic eyelashes.

We understand why every woman dreams of having long, thick, and gorgeous eyelashes for uplifting their look. But curling your lashes every day, applying mascara, or getting eyelash extensions frequently can lead to devastating outcomes. Do you want to put yourself at risk of developing various eye infections and losing your original eyelashes?

Let’s find out more in detail. But first, here’s what you know about magnetic eyelashes.

Are Magnetic Eyelashes Worth It?

Although magnetic eyelashes are becoming more popular by the day, they can damage your original eyelashes. Let’s review the pros and cons of magnetic eyelashes to see if they are worth a shot.

Pros of Magnetic Eyelashes

  • You don’t need any glue to apply these lashes, so there is no mess involved
  • Magnetic eyelashes are affordable than most lash extension products
  • You can re-use these eyelashes
  • They are less likely to cause eye infections.
  • However, the cons of magnetic eyelashes outweigh the pros.


  • Applying magnetic eyelash extensions takes a lot of time
  • You will have to trim these lashes before application because they are not manufactured according to our natural lashes’ shape.
  • Magnetic eyelashes are not very stable, and you may feel that they will fall off any minute
  • These lashes do not bend, so they can look a bit odd if they don’t correspond with the shape of your eyes.
  • Other people can easily spot that you are wearing fake eyelashes.

The biggest drawback of magnetic eyelashes is that they don’t conform to the eye’s natural shape. Stylists and celebrities prefer these lashes because they are less likely to cause infections or itching. However, applying these lashes at home may not give you the desired results. The lack of flexibility means that magnetic eyelashes won’t look as natural as you would want for creating a fabulous look.

Can You Help Your Eyelashes Grow?

If you are not lucky enough to be blessed with thick and long eyelashes, you don’t need to lose hope. Besides wearing false and magnetic eyelashes, there are other natural ways to help your eyelashes grow naturally.

This guide will offer an overview of the most popular and proven ways to grow your eyelashes naturally. We will also share tips to take care of your eyelashes for speeding up their growth without using expensive eyelash serums.

How To Make Eyelashes Grow Faster

Some women (and men) have short and thin eyelashes due to hereditary factors. However, there could be numerous other reasons for poor eyelash growth, including dryness on the lids, hormonal imbalance, stress, and aging.

Using bad quality makeup, excessive rubbing, or buying low-quality makeup removal products can also damage our eyelashes. You can also put your eyelashes at risk of infections if you go to unqualified beauticians for false eyelash extension procedures.

This guide gives you the helpful information you need for promoting good eyelash growth. Let’s find out.

Castor Oil

Castor oil’s antimicrobial and antiviral properties make it an excellent natural remedy for enhancing eyelash growth. Not only can Castor oil improve hair growth, but it also treats any infections that may result in losing your eyelashes. This vegetable oil, derived from the castor tree’s beans, contains fatty acids that nourish the skin and the hair.

Applying this oil regularly on your eyelashes will promote good lash growth for making your eyes look beautiful, naturally. Castor oil also reduces eyelash breakage and stimulates growth. You can boost its nourishing properties by mixing a few drops of coconut oil into a small amount of castor oil. Use a cotton tip to apply this mixture every night before going to bed. You don’t have to wipe it off in the morning. Just wash your face in the morning to rinse the oil off your lashes.

Green Tea

We all know about the detoxifying benefits of Green tea. However, most of us are not aware of its natural abilities to improve hair health and stimulate hair growth.  That’s because green tea contains a catechin called epigallocatechin-3-gallate, which is a type of natural antioxidant and phenol.

If you drink green tea every day, you remove toxins from your body and promote good hair growth. You can also apply used green tea bags on the lids to calm your tired eyes and soothe your lashes.

Olive Oil

Another popular and tested remedy for promoting excellent eyelash growth is this gift of nature. Olive oil contains some of nature’s best ingredients and essential fatty acids to promote hair growth and prevent eyelash breakage.

Olive oil is the fat sourced from the fruit of the olive tree or the Olea europaea.  Make sure you choose good-quality olive oil from a credible brand.

Dip a cotton swab in the extra virgin olive oil to swear it onto your lashes, twice or thrice a week. Leave it on for five or ten minutes before rinsing it off with tepid water to remove all oil traces. You will start observing noticeable results within the first few applications. You can also apply it before going to bed every night. Using olive oil regularly will strengthen hair follicles and promote good hair growth.

How To Grow Eyelashes Naturally

In addition to the natural remedies, we listed for speeding up your eyelashes’ growth, here are more tips.

Petroleum Jelly

Did you know your petroleum jelly is not just a miracle solution for your skin but your eyelashes as well?

That’s because the nutrients and compounds present in petroleum jelly can condition eyelashes, making them less vulnerable to breakage. Apply a good quality petroleum jelly on the lids for keeping your eye area soft and hydrated.

You can apply petroleum jelly on your lashes by using a clean mascara wand. Apply some jelly on the brush of your mascara and run it along the lower and upper lashes. Regular application will prevent your lashes from becoming brittle and dry. You will also find it easier to curl your eyes naturally after using this tip.

Vitamin E Oil

Did you know that celebrities like the Kardashian sisters use Vitamin E for lengthening their lashes and thickening their eyebrows?

Thanks to this oil’s powerful ingredients, you can use it as a natural tonic for growing your lashes. Not only it stimulates growth, but it will also prevent them from breakage.

All you need to do is break a Vitamin E capsule for extracting the oil. Use your fingertips for massaging the lids lightly for five to ten minutes. You can apply Vitamin E oil every day or thrice a week to stimulate eyelash growth. Take a spoolie brush and dip it in this excellent oil for brushing the lashes in an upward motion. Make this remedy a part of your daily night care routine. You can rinse it off the following day while washing your face with lukewarm water.

Shea Butter

Another natural source of hydration, shea butter, offers miraculous results for helping your lashes become stronger and longer. It also contains a good amount of Vitamin C for preventing free-radical damage that can slow down your eyelash growth. Shea butter boosts collagen production and hydrates your eyelashes for improving their growth.

Coconut Oil

One of nature’s best gifts, coconut oil is safe to use around the eye area. That’s because the oil is very gentle and offers fantastic moisturizing properties to promote good lash growth.

If you have sensitive skin, using coconut oil can be a safe way to soothe your eyelids without experiencing any discomfort. However, whenever you use any for facial use, remember to perform a small patch test on your cheek or neck area. The oil’s moisturizing properties trap the protein into your hair to prevent shedding. Dip a clean mascara wand into coconut oil for applying it to your lashes at least twice or thrice a week.

Eye Massages

Massing your head is not the only way to improve blood circulation for promoting hair growth. You can also massage your eye area gently by applying an eye cream twice a day. Remember to check the label of your eye cream before choosing it for massaging your eyelashes. You can also consult with your stylist to choose trusted brands that manufacture good-quality eye creams.

Biotin Supplements

Many times, natural remedies like applying coconut and olive oil or eyelid massages fail to stimulate the growth of your eyelashes. That’s when you need to choose a Biotin supplement for speeding up your lash growth. Remember, you must consult with your doctor before choosing a trusted supplement.

Biotin deficiency can lead to hair fall, including your eyelash and eyebrow hair. You can also eat a balanced diet rich in all essential vitamins and nutrients to make sure your lashes thicken over time.

More Tips To Follow

Here are some vital eyelash care tips that may help you attain long, thick, and luscious eyebrows.

Remove Your Eye Makeup Gently

Whenever you are removing eye makeup, be extremely gentle. Don’t rub your eyes or use a remover that has strong chemicals. Use a cotton ball to dab or swipe in a gentle motion to wipe off any makeup residue. If you are guilty of rubbing your eyes vigorously to remove all traces of eye shadow, then you may be causing irreversible damage to your lashes. Remember to remove eye makeup such as mascara or eyeliner before you go to bed to let your eyelashes breathe in the night.

Throw Off Expired Makeup Products

Keep checking the expiry date mentioned on your eye makeup accessories. Using old or expired products can weaken your lashes or make them vulnerable to infections.

Eat Healthily

Consume foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and beta-carotene. Fish, garlic, and green leafy vegetables are excellent sources of essential nutrients that promote good lash growth.

Avoid Using An Eyelash Curler

Top stylists and even some of today’s top celebrities are saying no to eyelash curlers. That’s because continual use of curlers can weaken eyelashes, resulting in shedding. That’s why women are now sticking to natural ways of curling eyelashes to avoid using a curler.

How To Train Your Eyelashes To Curl Naturally

Not all of us have naturally long and curly eyelashes. Yet, we can benefit from some tips and tricks to train our eyelashes to curl naturally. Just like you train your wavy hair to straighten, you can train your lashes to twist. Here are a few nice and easy tips for giving a natural curl to your lashes without using an eyelash curler.

With Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera provides tons of benefits to enhance beauty. Apart from its healing effects, the gel offers a natural way to curl your lashes. Wash your hands and take a small amount of aloe vera gel to apply it on your gel, using your ring finger. Hold it for a few seconds until you get a curling effect.

With Your Mascara

Put on a layer of mascara by gliding the brush in a zigzag motion. You should start from the roots and make your way up to the tips. That will comb your lashes and remove any clumps that get in the way of creating a curling effect. You can use another coat to make the curl last longer.

With A Spoon

For this creative method of curling your eyelashes naturally, you need a cup of warm water to soak the toothbrush, so it becomes warm enough. Press it into a clean towel to remove any excess water. Brush through your eyelashes gently and hold at the tip for a few seconds to give a natural curl. Don’t forget to clean the brush after every application and never share it with anyone else to achieve the same effect.

Final Thoughts

Now you know the best ways to grow your eyelashes naturally, without using expensive products like eyelash serums. Get ready to receive compliments and praises from everyone by following these natural remedies to grow and curl your eyelashes, naturally.


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