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Microblading vs Semi-Permanent Eyebrows

The eyebrow game has changed over the years, drastically. Just like any new fad or phase hairstyle, eyebrows also seem to be something to keep up on. What sucks for most of us is that in the 90s, thin eyebrows were majorly on trend so we all stormed to the local salon to get our caterpillar brows waxed pencil-thin. What resulted wasn’t favorable for eyebrow styles to come. Once we paired those suckers down, there was no going back. Now that full eyebrows are all the rage, microblading and semi-permanent eyebrows have become everyone’s new obsession. 

How It’s Done

Microblading sounds a bit scary. We don’t want to imagine a tiny blade anywhere near our eyes, and yikes! We thought our eyebrows were already too thin. The name may be a tad misleading as it doesn’t require any sort of blade, rather tiny little needles that scratch and deposit pigment where it is needed. The result is realistic-looking brows that don’t wash off. However, don’t be fooled into thinking this is a one-time treatment and you’ll have luxurious eyebrows for days. It’s not quite like a tattoo, although it may feel that way, it’s rather a semi-permanent solution to fill in sparse areas or bald spots to make your brows look like the models.  

The pigment is applied precisely, in tiny strokes to create a hair-like appearance. It’s a semi-permanent pigment that your body will absorb and metabolize, which is why it only lasts for a shorter time. The dye particles are less concentrated than that of tattoo ink, so if you stop liking the style you chose, you aren’t completely out of luck. 


People are often misguided in thinking that microblading and semi-permanent procedures are different. To an extent, perhaps, but ultimately, microblading is the semi-permanent option. Otherwise, you are looking at about full commitment tattoos and it may not fulfill your brow fantasy the way you wished. 

Why It’s Popular

Microblading has picked up steam due to the fact it is temporary and can be a multi-dimensional look and doesn’t require a lifetime commitment. This is great news for those of us who swore away thick eyebrows decades ago and never grew them back. No more pencils, no more powders, microblading can provide some peace of mind in knowing your eyebrows are on point 24/7. 

If you have been told that semi-permanent is different than microblading, you’ve been bamboozled. It’s either this short-winded appearance technique, or you are going full throttle with the real thing (i.e. tattoos). With the consistently evolving world of fashion and beauty trends, it may be smarter to opt for microblading rather than diving into a permanent commitment when it comes to your brows. 


The important thing is to do your research as there are as many bad eyebrow artists as there are good eyebrow artists. It is an acquired skill that needs great precision, so choose your technician wisely. Some caught on to the phenomenon long ago and have perfected the craft with religious education and application techniques, while others will provide a quick deal option, giving false hope for the brows you desire. Do your research and read some reviews! 

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