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Microblading Versus Tattooing Eyebrows

It’s official, you’ve had enough of the eyebrow manipulation game. Wouldn’t it be so nice to wake up in the morning and not worry about how your little eye framers are looking? Eyebrows have earned a Hollywood star in the makeup world and the obsession with perfecting them has only picked up steam. 

If you were a fashionista of the 90s and mimicked the think brow look (which required a lot of work) you may have some angsty feelings about the newer full brow trends. But leave it to the beauty world to have a remedy for everything. You can still power up those brows to modern-day status with a little help from a needle and pigment or ink. 

Increase In Popularity

It may not surprise you but people have been tattooing their brows for decades. It was only recently that all the beauty enthusiasts realized you could create the effect with a semi-permanent solution. So, there is no commitment needed, no possible regret, and really nothing to lose when someone opts for microblading. 


Microblading might sound a little more intense than tattooing but allow us to reassure you – no one is going to take a blade to your brows and destroy them Mortal Kombat style. This ever-growing technique has been favorited by celebrities, leading beauty and hair influencers, and the real wizards – the techs that make the magic happen. Just a little bit of pigment with some teeny tiny needles is all it takes to reach your brow goals. And if you change your mind on the shape or style later – no worries! Microblading was invented as an alternative to the eyebrow tattooing commitment. 


Yes, it would be nice to sit back, relax, and let your beautifully sculpted brows have their moment, but we all know that great brows require a little extra enthusiasm and action. Tattooing seems like the natural option because you are in the belief that it’s “one and done.” But it’s a decision you should really think through. While tattoos do fade over time, it’s still a deep puncture process that can take years to heal or correct, especially if it is a dark ink that has made its home in your pores. 

Microblading Vs. Tattooing

While the daily powder, gel, or liner may seem like a pain, you still have control of the shape and shade of your brows. That is why many people don’t opt for microblading or tattooing. It’s a big jump to say, “here are the brows I want, let’s do it!” As someone who changes their mind often, I lean toward the microblading option because I have experienced the eyebrow trend shift over the years and spend far too much time filling and sculpting my ideal eyebrow look. That being said, commitment-phobes unite because microblading is still an uncomfortable process and you will have to go back eventually. 


Whichever you decide, own it. Because keeping up your eyebrows shouldn’t require a significant amount of your beauty routine time. While they are important, you could just allow brow experts to support your eye endeavors and give you either temporary or long-term ease. 

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