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Greek Island Labs: Natural Colon Review 2020


Digestive health is integral to feeling happy, healthy and well. If you’re experiencing low energy, lower back problems, bloating, indigestion or belly discomfort, Natural Colon is a once a day supplement that can help. With 18 all-natural, organic whole food raw ingredients, probiotics and enzymes, this relief solution can have you feeling lighter, healthier and happier in just three days.

Your colon should only weigh four pounds, but some people have colons weighing up to 30 pounds. Why? Waste can pile up in the large intestine and your colon can bloat like a balloon up to three times its normal size. More than 54 health problems can be attached to a toxic colon. So, what will this help you do? You can start having normal bowel movements, reduce bloating, aid your digestion and start living lighter, happier and healthier. 

There are so many products on the market that claim to aid your digestive health but come with serious side effects. Natural Colon contains none of the traditional (and harmful) ingredients such as cascara sagrada, senna or bentonite. You can have flatter abs without doing endless sit-ups or crunches, and you can start enjoying more activities that colon issues can limit. 

This natural supplement is an alternative to harmful colon cleansing products, which may exacerbate your condition or cause other issues. You should be able to experience at least two bowel movements a day and each time should not take more than 30 seconds. This product is rated 5 stars with more than 753 reviews. In essence, it works.

Natural Colon can be purchased at

for $36, or you can subscribe to an the AutoShip program and get it for $28.80 (or buy three, get the fourth for free), and its delivered within days. There is also a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results. Or you can purchase the product through Amazon at 

Who it’s Meant For:

Adults who are 18 and experiencing any pain or discomfort associated with colon complications or even adults who aren’t experiencing colon concerns, but just want better health and regularity. Those who are pregnant, nursing, taking medication or have a medical condition should consult a physician prior to taking. If you develop diarrhea, loose stools or extreme abdominal pain, you should discontinue use and consult a physician. 

Natural Colon was created to cleanse the colon and promote regularity naturally. For those who want to improve their health and experience more vitality, Natural Colon will produce remarkable results.


The packaging is familiar to the Greek Island Labs line of supplements and shows an anatomical picture of the colon as if x-rayed. The box clearly states how Natural Colon promotes regular bowel movements and cleanses the colon. It also clearly states the ingredients are 100% vegetarian ingredients. It explains there are 30 capsules included (one-month supply). 

The back of the box states suggested use and directions, warnings and the history of the Greek wisdom which inspired the product. There is a list of supplement facts which detail the all-natural ingredients, including the active enzymes. The back of the box also gives recommendations for storage. And there is a phone number listed for any questions or inquiries.

What’s in The Box:

Inside the box come two sealed blister packs of 15 capsules each. The capsules are a standard dark taupe color, which is attributed to the fact they are filled with all-natural ingredients. The back of the blister packs say Natural Colon in print, in case you take them out and lose the box. Smart! The packaging is tamper-free, you just pop them out of the foil on the back and voila!

Feel of Product:

Typical of a supplemental capsule, each is safely encased in a gel-type coating to keep the powder inside contained.

Suggested Use: 

Take 1 capsule with a full glass of water before bedtime. Increase to 2 or 3 capsules before bedtime, if needed. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water throughout the day to improve cleansing results. You will begin to see results in just three days!


As with any product, consistent use is encouraged to realize the maximal benefits. You can also watch a video on the website to experience the best possible results. Definitely drink a lot of water with this product, 8-10 glasses per day. 

Generally, colon cleansing products have mixed reviews, but that is because other products contain harmful ingredients that produce a variety of side effects. With Natural Colon you won’t experience uncomfortable side effects, just relief. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you feel like any of these are factors, definitely consult your physician.


Instant relief. The product has been available for many years, but Greek Island Labs continues to perfect the formula as it does with all of its products. There is a peace of mind you experience knowing it is made of all natural, vegetarian ingredients. Greek Island Labs bases all of its products on the ancient wisdom of the Greeks. It is also nice to know it’s been developed and endorsed by naturopathic and medical doctors. There is also an impressive list of celebrities who use and endorse the product! 

The 30-day money back guarantee is also helpful, because the company truly stands by the quality of the product. The ingredients are high-quality and ethically sourced. If you are experiencing digestive concerns, or you simply want regularity in your bowel movements and better health, Natural Colon can provide it. A toxic colon can make you gain weight, depress your immune system and cause a large host of digestive problems. 

Toxicity in the colon can also cause headaches, a poor immune system and increase the signs of aging, making you look much older than you are. If you are soaking in your own waste, it can spread throughout the body, which is why it’s so important to keep your colon healthy and eliminate irregularity.

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