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Greek Island Labs: Joint Mud


The creaking, the soreness, the pain can all be eliminated with Joint Mud. This all-natural skin comfort cream can alleviate pains big and small. Made of organics – cherry, pomegranate, chamomile and black seed, this soothing solution takes care of hand, knee, elbow, shoulder, back, wrist or ankle discomfort from the first application. With convenient, travel-size packaging, you can throw it in your gym bag, purse, backpack or laptop case so you can treat pain wherever you are. 

And for those who don’t like taking prescriptions or chemicals, this is your answer! You’ll be feeling good thanks to nature’s supplements with Joint Mud. Not only for athletes, Joint Mud can make simple daily tasks either if you feel stiff, immobile or hurting. Easy to apply, it also brings instant results. And you won’t have to worry about staining clothes, discoloration of skin or the traditional “medical smell.” It absorbs immediately and the color disappears. 

The product does come in a smaller tube, which means you don’t need to apply a ton of it for results. Clinical studies have proven a reduction in joint problems by an average of 74% after a single application in just 18 minutes. Long term results improved flexibility and range of motion by 239% in just four weeks. This non-irritating miracle remedy is safe for all skin types, has no parabens and is not tested on animals.

Joint Mud can be purchased at for a special of only $29 (or buy three, get the fourth for free), and it’s delivered within days.

Who it’s Meant For:

Whether you are an athlete, have chronic pain or you are just experiencing the effects of aging, Joint Mud comes to the rescue. If you suffer from the aftermath of an automobile injury, your occupational activities, or you just want to carry groceries, play with your kids or get up and down the stairs with aches and pains you can benefit from its transformative effects. Men, women, young adults, older adults, seniors – joint pain can heal ailments of any gender or adult age (over 18). 

This product is not recommended for those under the age of 18, are pregnant/lactating, or have pre-existing skin irritation. If you have concerns you can always call the number on the box for all questions and inquiries. The customer care team at Greek Islands Labs is happy to help.


The packaging is conservative and consistent of Greek Island Labs products, however, this box has a unique curve to it and you can open from the top or side. The box clearly lists the most active ingredients and body areas most recommended on the front. The back of the box gives you recommendations for application and what to avoid for the best outcome. The tube itself mimics the box with features on the front and directions on the back (since hardly anyone keeps product boxes).

What’s in The Box:

Joint Mud comes in a convenient, squeezable tube with a locked cap.  It’s a silver tube with a black cap and has an image of a person with knee pain. The rust red color of the box is more pleasant and reflective of the product’s color, rather than what we know of actual mud.

Feel of Product: 

This creamy brown lotion applies, adheres and absorbs into the skin easily. It doesn’t feel greasy, course or gooey, it just melts right into the skin and the “mud-like” color turns transparent once you rub it in. It feels smooth, refreshing and you can feel the activation immediately. 

And don’t worry, it doesn’t have the typical mud smell, and it won’t feel like traditional pain relief creams that can be unpleasant. This can be attributed to the natural ingredients and not the chemicals so frequently found in other products.

Application process:

Just pop the top and squeeze as much as you need for your ailing body part. You should begin to feel results immediately. Just don’t apply to your face or neck and wash your hands after application and do not apply more than three times per day. Do not use it if pregnant, nursing or have a severe skin condition. While the product has live, natural ingredients, an allergy can cause a harmful effect. 

It’s also not recommended for anyone under the age of 18. Try to store it in a cool, dry place when you aren’t out and about. Once you massage into your skin, let the product do its work! You can move on without your normal discomfort and pain.


Greek Island Labs is well known for its all-natural products and supplements. Joint Mud, while newly released, is not the first joint pain relief product. If you are familiar with the company, they also manufacture Natural Joint, which is an all-natural supplement that comes in a capsule style. Both can be used for joint discomfort. Joint Mud produces more an instant healing effect, while Joint Pain is ingested and you begin to feel more long-term effects as you continue to take it. If you aren’t a fan of taking a daily capsule, Joint Mud is extremely helpful, but you can only apply it up to three times per day. If you are looking for sustainable, continuous discomfort relief, the two can be used in concert together for maximum effects.


This miracle mud can naturally alleviate your pain and have you mobile again. The organic ingredients, convenient size and easy application tube give you no reason not to treat your pain. Scientists and naturopaths formulated Joint Mud, much like the other Greek Island Labs products and it has been tested thoroughly. The potion literally looks like mud, but has nourishing, pain-fighting properties that can help you get on with your daily activities. 

With Joint Mud you don’t need expensive pharmaceuticals, surgeries, treatments or doctors. True to Greek Island Labs products, Joint Mud is a natural, safe option to rid your joint pain and improve your happiness! If you’re having pain issues with your hands, knees, shoulders, back, neck, elbows, ankles or hips, this topical solution is based on the ancient wisdom of the Greeks, who began using this time-tested mud methodology more than 2,000 years ago.

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