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Blue Saint: Self-Tanning Lotion Review


It’s nearly impossible to find a self-tanner you won’t be disappointed with these days. That was, until Blue Saint Instant Self-Tanner hit the market. The unique formula is made with Italian probiotics and plant-based ingredients which makes it a standout in the self-tanner category. The product is 100% organic and Blue Saint attributes its “Zero Orange Guarantee” to its ingredients. 

The result is a natural-looking, beautifully bronzed glow and no one would ever assume it came from a bottle. The self-tanner begins working immediately and gradually darkens over the course of a few hours (some skin types may achieve the color even sooner). It won’t streak, stain or smell like that funky self-tanner smell we all know so well. It’s also fast drying so you won’t need to sit around and wait before getting dressed and on with your day.

Blue Saint Instant Self-Tanner can be purchased at:

Who it’s Meant For:

Truly anyone can use this product because it is safe for every skin type. Everyone from teens to adults, men and women can (and does) use the product and it’s easy to see why. There is no gamble on what the “bronze” will come out looking like. It blends with your natural skin pigments to achieve the best-looking glow for you!


One of the best things about the packaging, is that the box shows before and after photos along with images of the tan lines from real people who have used it. It’s incredibly compelling and gives you hope and excitement that your tan will turn out just as beautifully! It’s branding reflects the name, blueprint on what packaging. (Even the pump style bottle replicates this). 

The packaging also features a photo of Aryanna Marie, the 20-year-old female founder of the company. Her golden hue and smile says it all “buy this stuff, it works!” And of course, the packaging also lists the organic ingredients and directions for application.

What’s in The Box:

Surprisingly, the box not only includes the pump style bottle, but a silky mitt for application too! The mitt almost feels like velvet, so when you apply it’s a very pleasant, spa-like feeling.

Feel of Product:

Different from most self-tanners out there, this formula comes in a delightful mousse/foam! Easy for spreading on evenly.

Application process:

After cleansing and exfoliating the desired body parts for application, apply a few pumps of Blue Saint on to the application mitt (1-2 pumps for smaller parts of the body, 2-3 pumps for larger areas). Begin at the thigh and work your way down to the feet, using a downward motion. Be sure to avoid contact with eyes or lips. (For the face, use the Blue Saint Facial Drops).



Blue Saint Instant Self-Tanner is so natural-looking, friends and family will never assume it’s a sunless option. A true stand out, this product is true to its claims and won’t give you the streaky mess you may have long associated with self-tanning products. 

It goes on so smooth, dries quickly and you can continue to apply based on your preference for darkness without going overboard. If you’ve been reluctant to try a self-tanner in the past, Blue Saint will change your mind and convert you after your first application!

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